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Killebrity, a mind bending crime thriller

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message 1: by James (last edited Dec 06, 2015 06:32AM) (new)

James Nowlan | 1 comments I'd like to get some reviews for my latest work, Killebrity (a crime thriller with a zombie sub-plot). It is the story of one Mike Johnson, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, who has returned home to Los Angeles. Suffering from a severe case of PTSD he is unable to find work in law enforcement so he has to settle for a job with a security agency that protects the rich and famous. He feigns an interest in developing contacts in the movie industry and becoming an actor to deflect questions regarding his psychological state.

Unfortunately for Mike, just as he begins his duties as guardian of the stars a mysterious cannibalistic cult of celebrity stalkers embarks on a campaign of terror against them. Our protagonist finds himself powerless to protect his charges from the slaughter inflicted by a foe even more ruthless and resourceful than those he faced overseas. As their brutal tactics erode what little is left of his damaged psyche, contempt for his decadent masters grows within him.

It's available for free on Kindle till 10 December:
but I can also send you a mobi or epub directly if you are willing to review it.

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Joy Killar (joykillar) | 2 comments Mod
Hi James, thanks for the free book. I just downloaded it- do you want feedback directly or amazon reviews?

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Bill Sullivan (tmacsully) | 1 comments It looks interesting and I will give it a read. Thanks for the heads up.

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