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[[ Harry Potter Roleplay ]]


Now this is an MxF right?

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I do, can I be the female?

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Well I was thinking this idea:

Miss Lord Voldemort

Muse A is the daughter of the one and only Lord Voldemort, she's cunning, she's daring, she's clever, she's brave, she's deathly, and she's gorgeous. Muse A is invited to attend Hogwarts, she's eleven years old and young, Muse B ( Aka Draco Malfoy ), is invited to attend as well. Muse B, is just like Muse A and they have never even met, never have they bumped into each other, never have they even fought each other in a battle. Muse A has been placed in the boys dormitory, only because she has to be, after a tragic accident when she was in elementary school for wizards, anyways, Muse A is placed with Muse B, in whom she has begun to hate.
Muse B, is completely the opposite, being placed with a girl, is different for him, but it has always been is dream, I mean what boys dream isn't that? Right?, well Muse B is placed with Muse A, in whom he had begun to fall for. Now everybody knows who Muse A is, but they all know she's different, despite the fact that she's the daughter of a enemy, what's odd is that she's the cousin of Harry Potter, Muse B's enemy.
Muse B tries very hard through out the years to win Muse A's heart, but has no luck due to the fact that she's heartless and cruel and doesn't fall in love easily with other guys, but as they grow up, Muse A suddenly finds herself falling for Muse B, and she doesn't know how or why, until a very special message comes to her, telling her it's her destiny to fall for Muse B.

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We should start out from when they meet, but I'd like to make Muse A first, so give me about ten minutes and I'll have Muse A's character profile up

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It would be a help if you did make Malfoy, so yeah, could you?

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(view spoiler)



♚♚Alias Identification♚♚

** Full Birth Given Name ** River Rufus Narmonta Voldemort

^^ First Name Meaning ^^ Derived from river (a large creek, a river).
^^ Middle Name Meaning ^^ Red; Red haired
^^ Last Name Meaning ^^ Unknown

** Nicknames ** Mate, beau, Drachen

^^ First Nickname Meaning ^^ Given to her by her parents
^^ Second Nickname Meaning ^^ means Beautiful in French, mainly used by every other Slytherin
^^ Third Nickname Meaning ^^ means Dragon in German, only used by Malfoy

{ Preferred Name } River
{ Hated Name } Beau
{ Preferred Nicknames } Drachen
{ Hated Nicknames } Mate


♚♚Birth Identification♚♚

** Gender ** Female

** Birthday ** February 14th
^^ Birth Place ^^ Paris, France
^^ Birth Time ^^ 12:00 AM
^^ Birth Season ^^ Springish Winter

** Age ** 11

** Nationality ** French
** Race ** White
** Languages ** French, German and English
** Blood Type ** Type - B


♚♚ Magic/Status Identification ♚♚

** Blood Status ** Pure-Blood
** House ** Slytherin
** Patronus ** White Lion

** Income Status ** Rich
** Family Status ** Narmonta's are rich stubborn people, her dad is Lucius Malfoys best friend
** Her Status ** She's a Pure Blood rich girl who's real father is lord Voldemort


♚♚Appearance Identification♚♚

** Face Claim ** Lily Collins

^^ Images ^^


(view spoiler)

** Hair ** Brown
** Eyes ** Light, Bright Hazel
** Height ** 5' 9"
** Weight ** 120 lbs
** Other Marks ** Deatheater Tattoo, Rose Tattoo on Bicep, Dragon Tattoo on her back, and Snake Tattoo on her neck
** Dressing Style **


♚♚Personality Identification♚♚

** Personality Traits **
^^ Summary of Traits ^^
River is exactly like Draco, she's like him down to the brown, there is no way you can meet River and say she isn't like Draco at all. The rest of the personality will be role played more.

** Strengths **
Getting Good Grades
Her Father
** Weaknesses **
** Secrets ** She had a sweet side
** Fears **
Loosing her father
** Flaws ** None! XD


♚♚History Identification♚♚

** As A Baby **


** As A Child **


** As A Teenager **



♚♚Family Identification♚♚

** Main **

** Mother ** Alexandria Susan Macus
** Adopted Father ** Rufus Ryan Narmonta
** Real Father ** Lord Voldemort
** Brother ** Justine Narmonta
** Sister ** Landon Narmonta
** Brother-In-Law ** None
** Sister-In-Law ** None
** Nephew ** None
** Niece ** None

^^ Others ^^

^^ Grandmother ^^ Unknown
^^ Grandfather ^^ Unknown
^^ Grandmother #2 ^^ Angelica Narmonta
^^ Grandfather #2 ^^ Joseph Narmonta
^^ Aunt ^^ Unknown
^^ Uncle ^^ Unknown
^^ Cousin ^^ Jack
^^ Uncle #2 ^^ Martin Narmonta
^^ Uncle #3 ^^ Lucio Narmonta
^^ Cousin #2 ^^ Alexander Narmonta

## Pets ##
Grove - White Snowy Owl


♚♚Relationship Identification♚♚

** Sexuality ** Heterosexual

^^ Crush ^^ None (( When Nearing the end of her first year it will become Draco ))

** Status ** Single
** Husband ** None
** Wife ** None
** Boyfriend ** None
** Girlfriend ** None

** Friends ** Will Be Slytherins and Deatheaters
** Non-Friends ** Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws
** Enemies ** Gryffindors


♚♚Other Information♚♚

% Allergies %
% Theme Songs %
AM - One Direction
Mirrors - Justin Timberlake
Sorry - Justin Bieber

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Sure, I shall start at Platform 9 ¾.


River stood next to her father, well her adopted father really, who had an arm around his daughter, she stood close to her father, not wanting to be caught in anything and not wanting to bump into anything. She looked up at her father and watched as he tried looking for someone through the crowd, she instantly guess and hypothesized who he was looking for, ' Lucius Malfoy,' River thought as she watched her father.

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" Dad I'll be fine on my own, please just leave already," River begged as she held her bag and looked up at her red haired father, who just looked down at her and chuckled slightly.
" I know you can take care of yourself River, always has and always will, I told you I'm waiting for someone as well," her father, Rufus, replied as he kept looking, then he spotted the man he was looking for.
" Lucius," Rufus called.

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" Yep, I see you have brought your son, let me guess attending Hogwarts as well?" Rufus says with a small grin, River watched carefully, totally confused, she had never met this man before, or has she?...she looked at her father, waiting for an introduction of the man. When not receiving one, she tugged on her fathers trench coat, making him look down at her, once seeing her look of unknown and curiosity, he laughs, " Oops, I'm sorry River, this is the one and only Lucius Malfoy, your godfather and my best friend since our times in Hogwarts," Rufus say, his voice gruff and there was no smile on his face as he introduced his daughter to his friend.

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" No I do not remember, my mind has been foggy since my accident you know," River replied to Lucius before looking straight at Draco, she took a step back before then extending her hand and slipping it into Draco's. " Hello," River responded curtly, she then removed her hand.
" Ah yes her accident, stupid muggles and they're ideas to play in old trees," Rufus mumbled as he looked down at his daughter and Draco, wishing his daughter didn't have such an attitude, he grabbed his scarf and wrapped it around his daughters neck, just before anyone saw her tattoo.

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" Oh thank heavens, i though my dad was gonna climb into my bag and come with me, god he's such a worry nut, but I can't say I blame him at the same time, I mean who would want to leave they're children at a train station?" River says as her father then led her and Draco to the train that had just appeared
" I know of some parents who do that River, now why would I climb into your bag when I can just clearly invade your body?" Rufus teased his daughter, making her gag.

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" That goes for you too River," Rufus says, as he placed a hand on both of the children's backs, leading them to the train that just arrived.
" I know daddy, I promise I'll be a Slytherin," River replied truthfully as she let her father lead her and Draco to the train

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River waited until the two of the adults were out of sight, she turned on Draco completely, " My dad might be friends with your dad, but I for sure ain't gonna let a Malfoy ruin my status, me and you are never gonna be friends, and don't even think about talking to me when we are at Hogwarts," River hissed as she walked onto the train and disappeared into the a female train car department.

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River sat next to an annoying girl who's name she found out was Pansy, she groaned and she used the earplugs she got and put them into her ears, she then sighed in relief when she couldn't hear Pansy anymore. River then sighed as she began reading a book, her life was gonna go great without Draco ruining it, she knew that he would tarnish her rich powerful status, she hoped that she would become the best Slytherin of all.

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River watched Harry and Draco, she shook her head, ' Why the hell does Draco want to become friends with Potter for, he's the reason I had my accident,' River thought as she then continued to read and not listen to Pansy who was still rambling on, suddenly a word caught River attention.
" What about Malfoy?" River asked.
" Well he obviously has a crush on me," Pansy replied.
" Crush? On you?" River says with a laugh.
" Draco has a crush on me! Go ask him!" Pansy yells at River, and she turned white as she watched River stand up, River walked over to Draco.
" Excuse me Draco, but I was wondering, so you like pansy?" River asked.

(( Everyone would know who, who is, cause it would make no sense to roleplay this if they didn't ))

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" She put me up to nothing, she simply said to me that you, Draco Lucius Malfoy, has a crush on her," River says with a shrug, she then simply walked back to her seat.
" Draco, does not and has not ever had a crush on you," River simply states to Pansy as she sat down next to her.
" Yes he does! He just doesn't want to admit it!" Pansy yelled.
River stood and she got close to Pansy, " Draco will never like you like that, he never has and never will, now shut your mouth before I shut it for you, Draco doesn't belong to you and you shouldn't be making false statements," River growled deeply.
" Why are you sticking up for Draco?" Pansy hissed.
" Despite the fact that Draco is a spoiled brat, he's still an acquaintance of mine and I will not allow an ally of mine to be talked about when nothing the person says is true," River hissed before moving to sit in the boys compartment instead, she sat right across from Draco and said nothing as she put her earplugs in.

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River looked up, she took an earplug out, " No problem Draco," River says before then going back to being the stubborn, Pushy, cunning girl she was before, she continued to read and she read on until they reached Hogwarts.

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" Draco, we're here," River says nonchalantly, she gathered her stuff and decided to walk away from the entire train, she molded in with he rest of the crowd of boys and she walked off the train with the help of another boy, she thanked him and they walked away together.

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Pansy scoffed, " Why don't you go check with your little girlfriend," Pansy says as she hurried away from Draco, not wanting to talk to him, she might've liked him, but she would never have the guts to talk to him.
River then slowed down until her pace matched Draco's, " Hey Draco," River says.

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" I can choose wether or not when I get to talk to you, don't go mouthing to me about what I said, and no he's not helping me, I have only one bag, now why I'm the world would you want to be friends with Potter?" River asked, and she spat Harry's name like it was poison,

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River sighed, she lifted her pony tail up and on her neck was a large scar,she showed it to Draco " He's the one that caused my accident," River replied as she looked at Draco.

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" One, Of course I gave him one, two his scar that I gave him is right above his happy place, thirdly, it's not weird," River says as she looked up at Draco.

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" She kept making false statements about you, saying that you had a crush on her, and she got mad at me for stick up for you," River replied as she walked along side Draco, she pulled him to the side when he almost tripped over a rock.

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" If I had not done what I just did Draco, you'd be Dirtco, as in you'd be face down on the dirt," River explained as they followed the group towards the Hogwarts castle, she looked forward and saw Pansy glaring at her and Draco.

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Pansy rolled her eyes and walked over to the two of them, " What do you and your girlfriend want now Malfoy?" Pansy growled.
" I'm not his girlfriend and neither are you, so keep that attitude in check," River replied.

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" Well," Pansy says, " She keeps acting super nice to you and she barely knows you, and well I've known you longer," Pansy says quietly.
River rolled her eyes, " Draco, I'll be off hanging with some of the other boys, if you need my help, scream or die trying to save yourself," River says as she walked quickly away.

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Pansy sighed, " No thanks, I'd rather spend my Hogwarts life hanging out with people I trust," Pansy says curtly before walking away, as she walked past River, she pushed River aside. Resulting in River falling to the ground, her face millimeters from the ground.

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River ignored his hand, she stood with the help of Ron Weasley, she thanked Ron, " Who the hell cares for Pansy, at least I have a heart to forgive someone, I bet she never even apologized for what she said," River muttered as she walked away with Harry and Ron.

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River sighed as she walked at Harry's side, Harry had begun to flirt with her, but she didn't flirt back, she looked over at Draco and Pansy, she shook her head and sighed softly, she couldn't believe she was such an bitch towards him.

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River sighed, she told Harry to shut up and she looked down at the ground, tired and hungry, she was a little angry and in a bad mood.
Pansy scoffed, " Just leave me alone Draco Malfoy," Pansy says.
River sighed and yelled at Harry to shut up for once about living Voldemorts wrath, she then walked over to Pansy and began apologizing to her about earlier and all, that's when Pansy forgave River easily and began bouncing around her, asking her questions.
" Woah Pansy, calm down," River says before she then answered her new friends question, " I don't know Draco well, at least not in the way you think, I have supposedly met him one other time, and all I also know is that his father is my god father, and that our fathers are best friends, mine and Draco's," River says.

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River smiled, " Think we'll be in Slytherin?" River asked Pansy.
Pansy ignored Draco, she looked at River, " Oh but of course, I mean your Voldemorts daughter, why wouldn't you be in Slytherin, by the way, I've been meaning to ask, why did your birth dad give you up?" Pansy asked carefully.
" My birth dad gave me up because he didn't want me to get in the way of his life, so he gave me to his cousin Rufus Narmonta, right when I was a baby," River replied.

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" I wasn't talking to you Malfoy," Pansy hissed, she linked her arm writ Rivers and led her away from the platinum blonde haired boy, she fhen walked with the rest of the group to where they'd going to be sorted. River gave Draco a small smile, she didn't really want to leave his side and all, but she couldn't help being dragged away by Pansy.

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River sighed as the sorting ceremony began, she was first.

" River Rufus Narmonta Voldemort!" The sorting hat called.
River cleared her throat.
" My apollogies, River Rufus Narmonta!" The Sorting Hat calls as it was held in Mcgongals hands.
River came up and she stood right under the hat.

" Mm, Oh you may not think I'm pretty,
But don't judge on what you see,
I'll eat myself if you can find
A smarter hat than me.

You can keep your bowlers black,
Your top hats sleek and tall,
For I'm the Hogwarts Sorting Hat
And I can cap them all.

There's nothing hidden in your head
The Sorting Hat can't see,
So try me on and I will tell you
Where you ought to be.

You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve, and chivalry
Set Gryffindors apart;

You might belong in Hufflepuff,
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true
And unafraid of toil;

Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
if you've a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind;

Or perhaps in Slytherin
You'll make your real friends,
Those cunning folks use any means
To achieve their ends.

So put me on! Don't be afraid!
And don't get in a flap!
You're in safe hands (though I have none)
For I'm a Thinking Cap!," The a Sorting Hat began, then it began to hum as it began to think.

" Any day now," River murmurs, although she allowed the Sorting hat to do its thing.
" SLYTHERIN!" The Sorting Hat screeched, making River to cover her ears, she grinned thought and rushed over to Draco, " I'm in Slytherin! Dad is gonna be so happy!" River says.

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" Oh don't worry Draco I'm sure your next," River reassured as she looked up when Pansy was called, it took mintues, but it seemed like hours until he hat finally screeched ' SLYTHERIN' Pansy came over and she jumped up and down with River.

" Draco Lucius Malfoy!" The Sorting Hat called.

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River then smiled, she hugged Draco tightly, " Oh thank gods, if you were put into another house, I don't know how I would stay alive, with pansy and all," River says into Draco's ear.

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Pansy rolled her eyes, " Yeah, yeah, just leave me alone Draco, I fther be you and all but we are not friends," Pansy says.
River smiled at Draco, one arm still around him, then removed her arm.

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(( What was the last dialogue sentence suppose to say? ))

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* Sorry, what it says before your post is that I forgive you, not what ever it says(( and I'm talking about my post where I was saying that pansy forgave Draco ))*

River smiled and then says, " Yes, come on, I'll show you where my father showed me the dorms," River says as she led Draco along with the other students behind them.

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" Unlikely Malfoy," Pansy says.
River says nothing, she pretty much expected Draco to ask why.

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" It's not that Malfoy," River says softly, " It's because I have to be put into the boys dorms," River says.

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" Something so terrible that I'd rather not speak of it," River murmured, pansy came to Rivers side and hugged her slightly, River shrugged off Pansy and instead leans on Draco a little bit.

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River sighed, she couldn't believe she was ever such a bitch towards Draco, " Hey Draco, I'm sorry for way earlier, I didn't mean to act like such a bitch towards you," River murmurs as she then perked up, she then showed the first years they're dorms before then leading Draco to they're dorm that they shared.

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" Everyone shares a dorm, and I guess I got put with you," River says with a smile as she looked at him with a nervous scratch of the back of her head.

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River nodded, " Yep," River replied, she walked over and picked the right bed as her side of the room, she sighed and set her stuff down on the bed.

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" What's funny?" River asked as she laid down on her bed, she turned on her side and looked at the platinum blonde.

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River nodded, " Can we like not talk about crushes right now?" River asked softly turning away from Draco.

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( Le time skip )

It was the first day of classes and River had gotten an head start on the day, she had already gotten dressed and gotten freshened up, she walked over to the sleeping Draco and shook him gently awake, saying it was time to get up, she then stroked his hair as she waited.

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River shrugged, " I would've and could've cared less if you saw me when I was changing, and I'm stroking your hair to wake you up doof," River replied and she smirked as she then ruffled his hair as she stood up.

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" Snarl at me again Malfoy, and you'll be late for you classes tomorrow, also I don't know what you have, but I have Potions with Professor Snape," River replied as she sat on the bed and waited for Draco to come out of the bathroom.

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