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Book Cover Help > Need help to add cover the book that I have just added

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message 1: by Gürkan (new)

Gürkan İndibay | 3 comments I have just added "İslam ve ihsan" book. I need help to add cover for the book
This is the address of the book

message 2: by Annika (new)

Annika | 568 comments Would you mind posting the link to the book you added. I get the following three results when I do a search for the book mentioned above and all of them have covers:

Also, I'm having trouble loading the site to the picture you posted, but perhaps it will work for another librarian or if you could find another source for it?

message 3: by Gürkan (new)

Gürkan İndibay | 3 comments Sorry i wrote the name of the book wrong
İts name is "ihlas ve takva"
Link is

message 4: by Bea (new)

Bea Done. However, usually GR shows only the front cover not the whole book.

message 5: by Gürkan (new)

Gürkan İndibay | 3 comments Thanks for help. i liked the cover

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