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Elena Ferrante

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message 1: by annabel (last edited Dec 05, 2015 10:47PM) (new)

annabel | 1 comments Does anyone want to chat about the Neapolitan series or any of her other books? I thought that the end of The Story of the Lost Child felt very rushed and anti-climactic. Not that I wanted this series to have MORE books; about halfway through the third one (I had thought it was a trilogy) when I realized it wasn't going to wrap up I had this sinking feeling "what if there are going to be three or four or MORE of these books?" No matter how beautiful her prose, I don't think I could have read much more about these people. But I am still sort of dissatisfied. Anyone else?

message 2: by Sita (new)

Sita | 5 comments I'm currently reading The Days of Abandonment (my first Ferrante book). I'm loving the prose, it's feels very...solid? I've read too many books recently that have been praised for having a "lyrical language" but they're just flimsy, really. Personally I haven't been in a long relationship and I have never been betrayed or even in love. So I'm having a bit of trouble emotionally connection to her utter despair about her situation. Hopefully it'll get better when the book gets more into the history of their relationship.

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