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Tyler & Amber

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Amber | 347 comments Here we are.

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Nice. Anyways, did you have a specicic idea?

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Amber | 347 comments No

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Well, what all are you comfortable with?

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Amber | 347 comments Anything really. I just don't like it when people are hurt in rps. And as long as I'm a female I'll be happy.

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Would you be alright with a sibling rp?

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Amber | 347 comments Sure

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Amber | 347 comments Oh and one more thing I don't do zombies or apocalypse

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Amber | 347 comments What's your siblings idea about?

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Maybe she can come i to his room ome night cause she had a nightmare and one thing leads to another?

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Amber | 347 comments Okay that sounds good

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Amber | 347 comments Do you want to make characters or jump in? And do we want to start with the nightmare or the night/day before?

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At night would be good

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Amber | 347 comments Okay what about characters?

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Unless youd rather skip them, maybe just a short and sweet template


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Amber | 347 comments Okay that's fine I'll put mine together. How old will your character be?

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Lets say 18

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Amber | 347 comments Name:

Lay, anything your character wants.



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Would you like to star5

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Amber | 347 comments What about the rest of yours?

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I was just going to skip mine

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Amber | 347 comments Oh alright... Yeah I can start.

Layla came home late from a party and threw her keys on the counter. The only reason she had even gone was because her parents weren't home and she didn't tell her brother. She opened the fridge and started scrounging for food.

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Amber | 347 comments ((If you want more writing I can do more.))

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Derrick was asleep in his room after the exhausting day at work he had. Sometimes it felt like he pushes himself too much, but he reallt needed the money

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Amber | 347 comments After munching on an apple Layla went up to her room stopping in her brothers first. "I'm home," she said peeking her head in his room.

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He didnt say a word where he was asleep. He was always a deep sleeper

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Amber | 347 comments Layla smiled and went to her room. After sliding her jeans on and putting on an oversized shirt she climbed into bed exhaustion taking over her body. She melted into the sheets but it took her a while to fall asleep.

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Derrick continued to sleep throughout the night. Soon it was almost three in the morning

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Amber | 347 comments Layla woke up and almost screamed, the memory of her nightmare remained swirling in her mind. She climbed out of bed and went to her brothers room. She crawled into bed next to him quietly, trying not to wake him, but she kind of hoped she did.

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He immediately was able to realize the movment kn his bed which was enough to wake him up from his sleep. After seeing who it was, "Layla, what are you doing?" He asked her as he rubbed his eyes

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Amber | 347 comments "I had a nightmare," Layla whispered. "Sorry for waking you up," she added. "I can go," she mumbled.

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"No, youre already here now" he told her softly and scooted over a little so she could lay there. He knew how bad her nightmares could get, so he didnt mind it usually

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Amber | 347 comments "Thanks," Layla replied and moved closer to him. "Go back to sleep I'll be fine," she instructed him. She knew he was probably tired since it was so late.

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He put his arm around her like he used to do and soon started to go back to sleep

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Amber | 347 comments Layla sighed and lied awake for a while. She fell asleep but once against jolted awake from her dreams. She decided to give up on sleep for the night.

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He wasnt fully askeep yet and his eyes opened when she jerked a little. "Youre fine. No need to worry" he told her not knowing her bum was really ckose to his crotch

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Amber | 347 comments Layla flipped so she was facing him. "I think I'm gonna get up. I don't think I'm gonna get sleep tonight and I don't want to keep you awake," she said quietly.

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"You wont keep me awake, now just lay down" he saod softly as he adjusted himself, scooting a bit closer to her

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Amber | 347 comments "If you insist," Layla said. For a reason that was unknown to her her breath caught when he moved closer. She rested her cheek against Derrick's chest and sighed.

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It didnt take long before his eyes were just and his breathing began to even out, about to fall asleep again

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Amber | 347 comments Layla stayed quiet and listened to Derrick's breathing. She wasn't going to try to sleep but if it came she would accept it.

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((Is she going ti try something?))

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Amber | 347 comments ((I figured he was...))

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Amber | 347 comments ((Yeah..))

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((Was she drinking at the party))

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Amber | 347 comments ((No she drove home.))

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((Oh. Darn lol. Hmm, im thinking lol))

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Amber | 347 comments ((Okay.))

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