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Ashley (xanthax) | 525 comments ~~Lady Ashley's Quest~~

Level Four || 4/16 HP || Sword Level 5 || Staff Level 0 || 39 EXP


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Ashley (xanthax) | 525 comments Work in progress.

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Ashley (xanthax) | 525 comments LEVEL OF SWORD:

Level One:
Calling Me Back 103 pages

Level Two:
Calling Me Away 124 pages
Life's a Beach 223 pages

Level Three:
Calling Me Home 101 pages
Angelfall 288 pages
Alienated 344 pages

Level Four:
Dark Lightning 248 pages
The Calling 298 pages
Beguiling Trickery 328 pages
The 5th Wave 457 pages

Level Five:
Forbidden Surrender 218 pages
The Fire Children 272 pages
Flight 349 pages
Golden Son 442 pages
The Fellowship of the Ring 531 pages

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Ashley (xanthax) | 525 comments Encounter 1: Dec 6
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Encounter 2: Dec 6
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Ashley (xanthax) | 525 comments Quest: Hello, My Name Is...

"You wish to advertise your services as a proper knight so the citizens know who to call if they have trouble.

Introduce yourself or post a link to your existing introduction to earn an easy +3 Exp."

Introduction posted.

Reward: 3 EXP

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Ashley (xanthax) | 525 comments Quest: Alchemy

"You come across an old book of magic. Within it's pages is a recipe for transmuting lead into gold. You try, try and try again. Finally, the spell works! The lead bar shimmers into gold and melts all over your book, obscuring the recipe forevermore. You've learned a valuable lesson in life.

Read 3 books with "lead" (grey/silver) colored covers. Then transmute the lead to gold and read one book with a golden cover. For learning your life lesson earn 5 Experience."

Incarceron (Incarceron, #1) by Catherine Fisher Oct 15, 2015
The Jewel (The Lone City, #1) by Amy Ewing Sept 11, 2015
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children, #1) by Ransom Riggs June 29, 2015
A Million Suns (Across the Universe, #2) by Beth Revis Sept 26, 2015

Reward: 5 EXP

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Ashley (xanthax) | 525 comments Quest: A Toy for Hadley

"A father is looking for a gift for his young child Hadley. He asks you if you've come across anything in your travels that might entice a young girl.

Read a book with a shape word in the title (star, circle, square, cross, triangle, heart, etc). Then use spell-it-out rules to spell the shape you found to create the toy. (+2 Exp for finding the shape, +1 Exp per letter spelling it, +2 Exp for completing the toy."

The Ruby Circle (Bloodlines, #6) by Richelle Mead Sept 23, 2015 - Circle

C - Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein (Aug 30, 2015)
I - I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga (Aug 21, 2015)
R - Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard (Aug 13, 2015)
C - Confess by Colleen Hoover (Jul 13, 2015)
L - Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo (Oct 12, 2015)
E - Eden's Ore: Secrets by B.V. Bayly (Jun 13, 2015)

Reward: 10 EXP

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Ashley (xanthax) | 525 comments Quest: The Queen's New Clothing

"The Queen calls you in and since it's the Queen you of course drop everything and rush to the castle. When you arrive she pulls you aside and confesses her current disaster. "I'm set to go on another date with Prince Archer and I have nothing to wear!" Alarmed at the emotional distress of the Queen, you assure her that you'll work on the problem right away. As you start to back away, she pins you with a glare. "And I've heard about what those swindlers did to that Emperor who wanted new clothes so don't think you'll be getting away with that scam." You stammer a response and then flee to investigate new fabrics and ribbons.

Read 3 or 5 books from 2015 or with clothing on the cover to acquire a nice selection of fabrics to construct the Queen's new clothing. (Find Items Potion works for this quest.) Fashion must always be done in odd numbers. (Earn 3 experience for 3 books or 6 experience for 5 books)"

School Spirits (School Spirits, #1) by Rachel Hawkins (Jun 4, 2015)
The Selection (The Selection, #1) by Kiera Cass (Aug 1, 2015)
Significance (Significance, #1) by Shelly Crane (Oct 22, 2015)
Slammed (Slammed, #1) by Colleen Hoover (Oct 30, 2015)
Starcrossed (Starcrossed, #1) by Josephine Angelini (Nov 8, 2015)

Reward: 6 EXP

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Ashley (xanthax) | 525 comments Quest: Time for the Dead

"Nick the Necromancer finally has his huge pile of bones. He starts trying to cast spells but they keep fizzling. Trying again to avoid having an angry necromancer on the loose, you suggest that maybe his antique hour glass might be a few grains short of an accurate time piece. You offer to make him a brand new clock for timing his spells, even though you are starting to wonder at the wisdom of having a somewhat inept necromancer working magic in your town.

Read 12 books, each one initially published in a different month. (Example: January: Uninvited published Jan 2014). +1 Exp for each book read. +1 Damage Potion for completing the clock and unleashing the necromancer on your town. (Bonus +2 Exp if all the books are from the same year.) (Find Items Potion works for this quest.)"

January - Vampires of Manhattan (Aug 10, 2015)
February - The Deal (Sept 21, 2015)
March - The Assassin's Blade (Aug 3, 2015)
April - To All the Boys I've Loved Before (Nov 14, 2015)
May - We Were Liars (Aug 27, 2015)
June - This is Not a Test (Nov 10, 2015)
July - Four: A Divergent Story Collection (Jun 6, 2015)
August - Throne of Glass (Jun 10, 2015)
September - The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer (Jul 22, 2015)
October - Snow Like Ashes (Oct 17, 2015)
November - The Soul Thief (Oct 20, 2015)
December - Zodiac (Oct 17, 2015)

Reward: 12 EXP, 1 Damage Potion

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Ashley (xanthax) | 525 comments Quest: Two Empty Halves of Coconuts - IN PROGRESS

"An important step in any young knights life is his first horse. Actually, once you get a horse you don't take nearly as many steps. So maybe it's really the beginning of the end of steps is acquiring a horse. No matter what, it's a good thing to do.

To acquire a horse you must have perseverance, persistence, perspicacity, performance, perfume and various other per related things.

Find all the items to receive your very first horse.
1) Gold to Buy Horse - Read a book with a mainly gold cover or one set in an era where gold is used as the main currency.
2) Riding Clothes - Read 3 books under 200 pages.
3) Horseshoes - Read a book with horses as a main part of the story or one set on a farm.
4) Horse Armor - Read a book over 600 pages.
5) Saddle - Read a book that has 2 d's in the title.
6) Sugar for Treats - Read a book that's sweet (chic lit, romance, cozy mystery, etc.)
7) Apples for Treats - Read a book with a mainly red cover or one featuring a teacher.
8) Carrots for Treats - Read a book where someone dangles a reward to get someone else to do something.
9) Hay for Feeding - Read a book with the title starting with the letter H.
10) Bribe for the Stable Master to allow you to pick your horse - Read a book where someone takes or gives a bribe or where the main character is a thief.

You may choose 1 of two horses. You may also name him as he is now your horse.
Horse 1 is a American Quarter Horse built for speed. He will speed up your common monster respawn time by 1 day (6 days instead of 7).
Horse 2 is a Baroque Horse built for attack. He will give you 1 extra attack to both your weapons."

1) The Kill Order (Jul 14, 2015)
4) Dreams of Gods & Monsters (Aug 20, 2015)
5) Daughter of Deep Silence (Jun 7, 2015)
6) Hopeless (Jul 23, 2015)
7) Ruby Red (Nov 16, 2015)
8) Cruel Beauty (Oct 5, 2015)
9) Hallowed (Jun 3, 2015)
10) Heist Society (Sept 19, 2015)

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Ashley (xanthax) | 525 comments Quest: The Kindness of Strangers

"You continue your trek and come across a stranger who needs your help.

A wizard named Cruamros is a bit of a clumsy wizard and has cast a spell on his pet cat. The cat has turned into a toad. To help the wizard restore his cat to its former self, you need to provide Cruamros with one of the following items which will help him cast his reversing spell on his cat:

1. A mushroom
2. A flower
3. A stone

You need to read a book that has one of the items above on the cover, as part of the title or is mentioned in the book (provide page number and sentence the word is used in)."

Perfect Scoundrels Kindle Location 440, "There were black shutters and flower boxes on every window."

Reward: 1 EXP, Minor Poison Potion

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Ashley (xanthax) | 525 comments Quest: Everybody Lies - IN PROGRESS

"You have a terrible rash.... well everywhere. It's itchy and scratchy and is stopping you from your love of murdering small fuzzy smelly sewer rats. You've been to Dr. Trowel over in Papeville and Dr. Winchester over in Novelette and even visited the local healing mage Mr. Smile. None of them were able to help. At your wits end you go over to The Academy Teaching Hospital to visit Dr. Cottage the best diagnostician in the region.

Dr. Cottage comes to the door, sneers at you and lets you in. You fumble with your hat then step inside.

"Ummm... Dr. Cottage.... I was told you would be able to help me with my rash. I haven't done anything to cause it!"

Dr. Cottage tells you to sit then storms out of the room. You look over to a whiteboard in the room with the words "signa, causae, curae" scribbled across the top.

Awhile later a young lady comes out and says "Hello, my name is Twelve... I mean Miriam. We think you have too much blood in your body. We're going to suck some out with leeches."

Treatment 1: (treatments must be completed in order)
Spell out the word LEECH by using Spell-It-Out Rules and read a book about blood sucking vampires.
Receive 2 Healing Potions for trying the leech treatment.

The last leech pops off with a *pop* after filling it's belly with blood. Shuddering you look at your skin and sadly you are still covered with rash but now have additional leech bites. Twelve comes back into the room. "Well... that wasn't the issue but we read your horoscope and you need some Gillyweed extract."

Treatment 2:
Gillyweed is a magical plant native to the Mediterranean Sea. Read a book set in a country that borders the Mediterranean Sea to find some.
To make the extract read a book on the list of crush books.
Finally, drink a lot of water to account for your new gills. Read a book where a large part of it takes place at sea.
Receive 1 Major Heal Potion for trying the Gillyweed treatment.

After recovering from your bout of fishiness, Twelve comes in again. "I'm sorry, we've narrowed it down to your brain having too much evil and it trying to seep out of your skin. We're going to need to perform a trepanation. It's a simple procedure where we bore a hole in your skull to let the evil spirits out." Your eyes go wide. "Ummmmm" you reply. "Could we maybe just try the marigold rub I heard about?" Twelve sighs, "Ok, we can try that first but you're risking your life by leaving all that evil inside."

Treatment 3:
Read a book where the cover is bright yellow to collect the marigolds.
Then read a science book to bring medicine into the 15th century.
Finally rest a week to recover your health. (Resting one week prevents the adventurer from participating in battles but battle wait timers will still tick and quests may still be turned in.)

After receiving treatment 3 you're cured! Gain 8 experience and heal your hp to max."

Treatment 1:

L - Lo-Melkhiin in A Thousand Nights by E.K. Johnston (Sept 6, 2015)
E - Ethan's Secret by Patrick Hodges (Aug 15, 2015)
E - Eden's Ore: Revelations by B.V. Bayly (Jun 19, 2015)
C - Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas (Sept 14, 2015)
H - Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas (Sept 17, 2015)

Vampires: The Forever Song by Julie Kagawa (Jun 14, 2015)

Reward: 2 Healing Potions

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