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message 1: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments Yay! Cool!^.^

So how ya want the profiles to be?

message 2: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments Cool, I'll have the dude up in a few!

message 3: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments Name: Zion Miller
Age: 17
Appearance: http://www.malemodelscene.net/wp-cont...

Hope the pic comes out!

message 4: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments How should we start?

message 5: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments ((Yay!! Awesome. He is rather smexy huh. OH ahhhh, I sort of forgot the deal with Zion and Aspen. They used to be friends, but aren't now? Something like that?))

Zion or Zee as he was well known by his closes friends was chatting it up in class before it started. He went to class a few minutes earlier for this very reason. To talk with some old friends of his and of course to flirt with some new girls he met that morning.

message 6: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments ((That's riiiight! Sorry loads of plots running in my head!! Oh question did he just got there and she doesn't know and came to see him now in class? Or she does know and he and her are not friends anymore? Or is it that they are friends but he's more of an ass towards her now? It's just to be clear of how he's supposed to act around her.))

As he flirts with a specific blonde he leans down closer to her. He of course is in his desk and her in hers, but she's sitting behind him, so he had turned towards her. "You Crystal are very pretty, maybe we should go out some time." he said with a noticeable flirtatious tone.

message 7: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments At the annoyed words expressed by the person in front of his desk, Zee turned. He wanted to know who was butting into his conversation so rudely. "What's your problem?" he said as his eyes focused on Aspens face. Zee recognized immediately.

message 8: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments He did respond immediately, he was way to surprise to react. Plus he didn't even think he would bump into her so quickly in the day. "Yeah, that's what my parents told me I was named." he turns around a little bit more, but still he didn't fully face her. "Why are you so annoyed at my conversation? You do know you interrupted me right?"

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Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments "Its not my fault I look this good." was all he could rspond to her as the teacher called the attention to the class. But his friends had hear his last comment and they chuckled at it as Zee also joined in.

message 10: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments Once class came to an end, Zee grabbed his bag and walked out the classroom with his friends and the girls he was flirting with. The all seemed to be talking about Aspen. But Zee was focus on his class schedule.

It was also gym. He and some of his friends went to gym class.

message 11: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments Zee dressed in comfortable basketball style shorts and a t-shirt that hugged his upper body in all the right places. Showing off his muscular chest and arms. He of course didn't expect to see Aspen around either, but as he began walking backwards as he talked to his friends he ended up bumping into her.

message 12: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments He blinked rather confused, "What the hell is wrong with her?" he asked his friends as he watched her run off.

"He's been like that with you ever since class." said one girl, "It seems she's rather pissed at you."

"Yeah I notice." Zee replied. "I hope my next class doesn't have her in it."

message 13: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments Zee didn't exactly mind that Aspen was ti show him around, but if he could have chosen, it would have been her.

As captain of a dodge-ball game, Zee felt quite powerful. Now deciding who to pick for his team was pretty easy. "Mark! I chose you, come on up here." he said to one of his new best friends. Mark moved forward. Now it was Leah's turn to pick.

message 14: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments "Hey Leah, stop stealing my muscle." he joked as he didn't have many guys on his team now. The last two teens were left and it was Leah's turn and of course she had picked the guy, leaving Zee forced to pick Aspen.

message 15: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments "Are you a good player?" Zee asked as he motions for his team to get ready for the game.

message 16: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments And he didn't remember, but he tried to. He get's ready as the game began. On signal the game started and once it did a ball was sent towards Zee and he dodged it easily, but a girl right behind him didn't have such luck. She got hit and was out of the game.

message 17: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments "What you mean try to keep up? I'm doing great!" he dodge yet another one. He was having fun at that point. He catches a ball one second and the next he threw it to a boy that was about to toss a ball to him.

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Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments Zee couldn't help but laugh with Aspen. The game was a good one and for some reason they were wining the game. Clearly the stars were Aspen and Zee and they were enjoying that. "I'm pretty sure we are winning."

message 19: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments "Hey!" he pulled from her arms and stepped away. "It was a good game, but no need for this kind of affection." he began fixing his shirt once he was far away from her.

message 20: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments Zee steeled a look her way, but didn't bothered to go after her. He couldn't anyway all his friends had surrounded him the next second. "Good game." one said. "Thanks." he answered back.

message 21: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments Things seemed to be going pretty well for Zee he thought. Now he had a free period, to which he decided to use on a trip to his locker. He had to get a textbook. Once there he notice something on the floor. In his hands he eyed the paper. When he unfolded it he realized what it was. A picture of him and Aspen. He sort of frowned, he remembered that day. It was a nice day.

message 22: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments Zee finally walked into the cafeteria stopping in the entrance just long enough to spot his friend. He goes over only to see Aspen sitting there as well.

message 23: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments "Well this is weird." he watched his friends and Aspen just hanging out. So normally. "You guys get along?" he asked still bewildered.

message 24: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments "No I could care less, I simply found it odd is all." he responded as he took a seat only for a few second since a girl had waved him over. She too was sitting at the same table, just further down. "Well enjoy your time with my friends then." he went over to the other girl, Britney was her name.

message 25: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments ((Should we have that they had to work together like on a project or something. So they'll be force to spend time together.))

Zee had become a flirt and he enjoyed the sport of it a lot. And Britney also made it so easy as well, since she giggled at anything he said.

message 26: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments ((Sounds cool))

Aspen and the guys were becoming a little to loud over on his right and it was actually becoming quite annoying. Since it was harder to flirt with Britney. "You know, you guys are pigs." said Zee with a bored tone and shaking his head.

message 27: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments Zee glared at Aspen, "And why don't you grow up. You are such an ignorant child Aspen." He turned to Britney, "Come on sweety lets go." He helped the girl up since she was being a little dramatic. Saying that Aspen was a wild animal. Zee agreed with her and decided to walk towards the next class with Britney.

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Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments Britney actually started to cry and ran off to tell a teacher. While Zee felt anger grew inside him. He decided he hated Aspen. Their friendship was definitely no more since he came back, but that alone, what she did prove to him that he didn't care to get that friendship back. Nor did he care about her. "You are so ignorant Aspen and I'm glad you and I are no longer friends. I dislike you greatly. Stay away from me." Britney was walking back with a teacher. Pointing at Aspen, "It was her, she did it, she hit me! Right Zee?" Zee nods, "Yeah, she attacked us both for no reason at all."

The teacher spoke up, "You have to go to the principals office after school young lady. And you have detention."

message 29: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments After saying his good bye to his friends and Britney, Zee walked to his class. When he got there most of the tables and chairs were taken. The last options where with the weird kid that looked like a frog or ... Aspen. He actually debated this one for a moment. Sitting next to the weird frog boy wouldn't so bad. Then again frog boy was creepy. Sitting next to a girl he grew to dislike in less then a day ... priceless. He gave up and walked towards where Aspen sat. he took the chair next to her, but didn't say a word to her.

message 30: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments He lazily looked her was, "If you stop acting like a child we have a deal."

message 31: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments "Exactly." he mumbled. "I'll try to be nice to you. Okay?" he began taking his books out of his bag. This was his least favorite class.

message 32: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments "Yeah well that's because I really hate this class. But I have to make sure I keep my grade up." he opened his textbook but didn't bother to read anything. "This class is so damn boring."

message 33: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments "The way I am right now. It's boring and it makes me go to sleep. I take you like it?"

message 34: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments "Why?" he truly didn't understand why anyone would love something so damn boring.

message 35: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments "No cursing." he raised his eye brow, he was joking tho because he curses a few times as well. But hearing her doing so was a little surprising to him.

message 36: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments He chuckled, "Yeah, your secret is safe with me." he realized that he should try to do the work, so be begins reading the chapter just to understand it a bit more.

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Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments "So I assume you understand the material then, right?" he didn't, not one bit. And it was driving him up a wall.

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Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments He leans to her a little bit, just enough to get a clear view of what she was doing. His eyebrow lifted, "What are you doing?"

message 39: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments "Nothing?" he didn't believe her, but he letting drop. "Okay." and he went back to his reading, hoping and wishing the bell would ring soon.

message 40: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments "Nothing?" he didn't believe her, but he letting drop. "Okay." and he went back to his reading, hoping and wishing the bell would ring soon.

message 41: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments He watched Aspen go for a few minutes before he decided to walk outside. He walked down the halls to his music class since he didn't take art.

message 42: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments Zee loved to play the guitar and the drums, so choosing music over art was a no brainer. And he loved the group he was with as well. Most of his friends were here. He took a seat in between two blonde girls.

message 43: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments Zee's whole class stood up to check what was the cause of the sound. And most of them actually went into the art class to see for themselves. One 'cause they were nosy and two they were curious. Zee was one of the curious ones. "Hey, you okay Aspen?"

message 44: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments Zee still decided to check on her. He moved closer and eyed her ankle. "That does not look okay."

message 45: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments "Would you like me to help you to the nurse?" he had followed her to her seat.

message 46: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments Zee crossed his arms over his chest and simply looked at her. "Your ankle looks like crap and you still say you are okay. Last time I'm asking, would you like me to walk you to the nurse?" if she said no this time he was simply going back to his classroom and chatting it up with the girls and his friends.

message 47: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments "No shit, that's why I offered to help you." once she was somewhat stable on her good foot, he wrapped an arm around her holding up most of her weight. He begins to guide her out the classroom and towards the hallway leading to the nurses office.

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Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments "How the hell did you hurt your foot anyway?"

message 49: by Mzzie (new)

Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments "Okay. But then why didn't you want to go to the nurses office?"

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Mzzie (mezle) | 243 comments He at that point was a bit clueless to what she was feeling other than the pain in her foot. But when she gazed at him again he had to asked again, "What? Something wrong?"

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