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❧ кαтнєяιηє ☙ (jukeboxheroine) Advertise groups and make announcements here! Most announcements will be by mods and this must always be checked. You wouldn't want to miss something important!

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This is a Hunger games group in which I am mod. We are not advanced and we don't have many members, and if you are interested you should join

❧ кαтнєяιηє ☙ (jukeboxheroine) Tribe healers are now available!

❧ кαтнєяιηє ☙ (jukeboxheroine) Our dear friend Emma has passed away due to committing suicide. She had characters claimed, some with important positions. The characters that are important are allowed to be claimed by someone else, preferably someone without many important positions.
Thank you. Let us not forget the times we had roleplaying with Emma.

❧ кαтнєяιηє ☙ (jukeboxheroine) The Overview has been updated! Please look at it! If you have any more ideas for it, comment below or message me.

❧ кαтнєяιηє ☙ (jukeboxheroine) Hey guys! I decided it's time for me to change my name quote. I make them up myself and was looking for help this time around. My previous one, if you didn't know, was 'The world is an ocean and I am but one fish.' Any ideas?

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❧ кαтнєяιηє ☙ (jukeboxheroine) Hey everybody! Our wonderful member Emma has created a wolf that is the leader of a groups of loners called the ShadoWolves. It needs members, so join up! Have fun!

message 9: by Emma (new)

Emma Bullington | 36 comments I made a Roleplay group recently that is called New Warriors: Roleplay, if you guys are interested!

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Emma Bullington | 36 comments 'Lost in a sea of faces' might be a good future quote...

❧ кαтнєяιηє ☙ (jukeboxheroine) The overview has been updated! Make sure you've red ALL of it!

❧ кαтнєяιηє ☙ (jukeboxheroine) The Wolf Mythology has been updated! Go check it out!

❧ кαтнєяιηє ☙ (jukeboxheroine) Some of you have claimed wolves in the rank claim you haven't made! Go check and see if you're missing a wolf you promises to create! I know I am!

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Eoraptor  (Mortus) | 28 comments I have two groups if you guys our interested

This one is mostly dead, but anyone interested in reviving it can go right ahead.

This one's fairly new and active, but new members our always welcomed.

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Assassins R Us I created a new group! It has some dark themes, but I hope it will be fun! Reason why it is dark, is well, it is an Assassin rp!

❧ кαтнєяιηє ☙ (jukeboxheroine) Here is a group about a town that is haunted by spirits (not all are evil). You can rp here normally without the spirits part since most humans can't see them, or you can be a Seeker- a human who can see the ghosts and monitors them. Or you could be a spirit. What will you be?

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