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Aspen & America or Maxon & America?
Jennifer Jennifer Dec 05, 2015 04:40PM
I am curious to see what other people think about Americas relationship with Aspen and Maxon. I personally think Maxon is the better choice.

America and Maxon! I feel like they have more in common.

deleted user Maxon and America! They are an awesome pair......they are really made for each other! America and Aspen....i knew they wouldn't work out from the seco ...more
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Maxon and America, they just complement each other.

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I think Aspen and America loved each other at first, and they continued to do so later. But while I felt for Aspen, I shipped her with Maxon. I think Aspen and America can relate to each other, and they each other so well. But Maxon and America....understand? each other more, in a way that makes absolutely no sense at all when you try to put it into words XD.

I think it's amazing how they fight over ridiculous things, but they are so willing to forgive each other. Also, Maxon has more respect for her boundaries. Where Aspen views it as a if-he-wins-I-lose-and-vice-versa type thing.

Secret22 Right from the start I wasn't sure about how real their relationship was... but Aspen's a good guy. ...more
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Maxon and America for sure!

i totally ship america and Maxon.Duh.

I have only ever thought of it being Maxon and America! I loved them together so much, even when they fought over so many stupid things.

America and Maxon all the way! I don't think America will ever get over Aspen, but I definitely the better choice!

I really wanted Aspen and America to be together. I don't understand why they didn't end up together. #cryingsosad I think Maxon is stuck-up.

S to the p to the o-i-e-l-e-r-s, my post as a few spoilers!!!

I ship America and Maxon. I find it stupid that Aspen dumped her then came back towards the end saying he loved her. You can't just do something like that! And Maxon respects America's boundaries, wanting to rush her.

I love Aspen but I think Maxin and America are the true couple. My heart broke for Aspen but at least he got his HEA.

Well, it is pretty clear that Aspen was America's first love, and considering how things ended between them I was unsure if I wanted her to end up with him or Maxon. Yet, at the end of the first book if I were her I would have chosen the Pince with no hesitation. C'mon, what's not to like in that guy! I'm just glad she made the right choice, after all it is really unlikely that your first love will also be your last, and Aspen ended up falling in love with another person anyways so everyone got a happy ending.

I feel like America and Aspen didn't really love each other, they were just each other's escape from the everyday brutal life of being in the lower castes. You know that what America and Aspen felt for each other was real because neither America nor Maxon panned to or wanted to fall for the other. At the end of The One, I felt sick to my stomach when she was with Aspen outside her door. I just KNEW that Maxon was coming. I was also screaming at her to tell him about her and Aspen before anything HAPPENED between them. At the banquet the next day, I was chanting at the book." omigawd omigawd this isn't happening what's gonna stop it okay, okay, just relax the book is called the one so she has to be the one right she's ina white dress and smiling so okay it's okay everything will be OKAY"

I am in love with Maxon and America! MAxon and America FTW!

Maxon definitely

I agree! I've only read The Selection and I'm hoping America doesn't mess up anything between her and Maxon! No spoilers please!

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