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Located in the middle of the city slums Reece's apartment could certainly be worst. On the outside it looks like all of the other's but he generally keeps it pretty nice, and makes most of the space he has. Similarly he has added renovations to the place over the years, such as replacements of the appliances in the bathroom as well as those in the kitchen. With no dining room to speak of he can often be found eating in the living room or at the counter area in his kitchen unit. He has floor to ceiling windows in the split section of his living room. Windows that are often covered and shaded up with some sort of blinds or curtains. With a daughter most of the time the place seems to small and cluttered, which is why he has a good amount of interest to move out in the near future and to a two bedroom apartment- but certainly not one in the heart of the city.

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Reece highly doubted seeing his face everyday was a bad thing. And it wasn't like it was his fault. He worked at the bar, and sort of undercover for the resistance. As for why he was assigned to Caleb and why the hell they had to spend so much time together... well he would never get the answer to those questions. It also wasn't so easy for him to be around the teenager most of his waking hours, which is why he was thankful for the oasis that was home. Even now the younger man was infiltrating the place Reece lived, so could it even count anymore? The mention of any sort of thank you hardened his resolve to avoid just those words. He wasn't a man to just throw the word around, unless of course it was with Savannah, in which case he couldn't manage to thank her enough. Nevertheless on a small level he was thankful for not having died in that alley in what was only less than an hour ago- of course he wouldn't say that though. Now would he? A soft laugh parted his lips. "Everyone cares what's in the goody bag." Reece told him, "Even you, and if you didn't think about it before, I'm sure you are now. And I'm sure." He replied dryly. If he wasn't calling him Nana Butters, than who else was he talking to? He decided to let it pass though. It didn't matter.
He also ignored being flipped the bird as he inhaled before letting out a long overdue breath. For a moment he let his brain relax before he pushed himself away from the wall he'd allowed himself to lean against for a minute. After a short internal debate he moved down the street. Maybe he could just escape now. It would make things less complicated, and who would really care to comment on his outfit. They could stare, but they'd never comment. Reece also knew for a fact Evie wouldn't even talk the time to process the shirt. So instead of wasting his time waiting around for Caleb he slowly made his way down the sidewalk. He didn't take the time to finish the joint as he put it out before putting it back where he had found it in his pocket.
Unfortunately he didn't make much progress before the guy returned. Reece was determined to keep walking but his body came to a stop anyways. Soon enough he took in the vibrant piece of fabric in his hands and his eyebrow rose in amusement. Was that for him?
With little to no though he placed the change in his pocket as well before giving him a half-hearted grin. "Oh thank you." He said before reaching for it. Eh, it would do. Reece told himself it could be worse... He didn't know by how much, but it could. "I'm sure they will, they'll be like: he's a man of mystery. I wonder what he's packing down below with a shirt like that." Instead of standing there and protesting against the garment he just decided to put it on. At least it would be loose on his shoulders and he wouldn't feel so constricted. With little civility he tore off the nurse shirt. He caught the shirt just in time before sliding that on. Glancing down at himself he refused to show just how much the print annoyed him before he folded up the nurses shirt.
"Let's get this over with." He said with a short nod before he began off down the sidewalk once more. Luckily for him the walk actually wasn't that long back to his apartment.

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ | 493 comments Caleb gave a small frown when he noticed how Reece had been in the middle of walking away, but he decided not to comment on it, though he had to try and swallow down his annoyance. Damnit, he was at least trying to be on relatively good behavior, and Reece was still trying to ditch him? It's not like Caleb didn't know where Reece lived; if he wanted, he could always sneak in his way, whether Reece wanted him to or not. But there were several problems with that. First of all, Reece would probably kick his ass and toss him out, and never let him see Evie again. Which would suck big time. But Caleb also knew when to respect space. He wouldn't just pop in unexpectedly, not without Reece's permission. He had to work with the guy all the time, after all. There had to be some level of respect between them.
Not saying Caleb still wouldn't act like Caleb around the other man.
However, he found himself slightly disappointed when Reece didn't react the way Caleb had wanted him to, lips twitching in slight irritation. Fine. Be that way, asshole. It didn't mean Caleb wouldn't find the same amount of sadistic glee when Reece put on the pretty pink shirt; only that he was slightly annoyed about not getting more of an angry response out of the man. He fixed a crooked grin on his face, allowing the other man to take the shirt from him. "But of course. Anything for you, baby." he drawled with a wink, slipping his hands into his pockets and leaning back onto the heels of his feet. He rolled his eyes at Reece's words, letting out a soft snort but deciding not to comment. He did, however, let out a soft noise of surprise when Reece basically became half naked in the middle of public. "Way to let the imagination run wild, Reecey boy." Caleb remarked dryly with a shake of his head, glancing away and feigning annoyance. He couldn't help but sneak a peek, though, taking in the impressive tattoos decorating the man's muscles. But then Caleb's eyes landed on the newly stitched wound, and his expression suddenly became surprisingly sad, thoughtful. What would have happened, had Caleb reacted just a little later? Would he have been dragging a body with him instead of a cranky partner? Would he be making this walk by himself, trying to figure out what to tell the little girl waiting at home why her daddy was never going to walk through that door again?
Caleb's breath hitched ever so slightly and he ripped his gaze away, schooling his expression into a careful mask as he rubbed subconsciously at his right shoulder. Caleb had reacted in the way he always did, and here he was, arguing with Reece and annoyed that he hadn't gotten the reaction he'd wanted from the shirt. He hadn't failed. He hadn't. Shaking the thoughts from his head, he gave a small nod in return, for once deciding to say nothing as he followed after Reece, the what ifs still weighing heavily on his mind.

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Reece rolled his eyes as he adjusted the shirt just a bit. "Hmm, well we have to let the public get a sneak peek of what's to come sweetie." He told him. Trying not to show how much he disliked the shirt he let his arms hang at his sides instead of crossing them over his chest like he so desperately wanted to. He would own the damn shirt. And the silly little cat that took up his upper chest. They fell into silence and he felt a bit strange. It was so uncommon for Caleb not to be saying something. Deciding against voicing so aloud he lived with it. Silence was fine with him anyways. And it would save him from the urge of wanting to punch the other guy in the face if he was to say some silly things that often bothered him.
The slow pace bothered him though and he was regretting his decision to fight earlier. How much longer would the pain last? Hopefully he'd find some pain meds back at home, though, and everything would feel better. Or at least his brain would tell him that. His breath became labored and he stopped every now and then just to catch himself before he fell flat on his face.
Arriving at his apartment he felt immediate relief. Instead of taking the stairs as he so usually did, he opted for the elevator. It would take longer, but certainly no longer than it would be to take the stairs right now. Luckily for him the elevator arrived just as he pressed the button, but that didn't save him from the long minute it took just to get back up to floor three. Once there he almost sprinted from the elevator and towards his apartment door. Reaching into his pockets he cursed softly when he realized his keys weren't there. He had little time to panic about where they could possibly be as the door swung up and he was greeted by a bundle of limbs crashing into his leg. Laughing softly he crouched down low enough to swing the little girl into his arms. "Hello to you to Evie." He nuzzled her cheek before giving her eskimo kisses and tickling her slightly in the side, earning him one of her adorable little giggles. Walking inside he expected Caleb to follow as he said a short thank you to Savannah, and his friend was on her way. It was uncommon for her to leave so quickly, but he figured it was likely due to Caleb and his presence.
Setting his angel down on the counter that separated the kitchen and the divided living room she pointed at his shirt. "Kitty." She said, her smile wide before she grabbed a fistful of the fabric and bunched it up in her hands.

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ | 493 comments Caleb was so lost in his own thoughts he hadn't fully realized Reece's valiant attempt at pulling off the bright pink shirt. It was, in all honestly, ridiculous on him. Exactly Caleb's intention. Though when Caleb focused his attention more fully on the shirt, he had to bite back a smug smile. The pink was pretty damn bright, making Reece stick out like a sore thumb. The material was light enough that you could make out the outlines of the man's tattoo, and boy, did that kitty cat make Reece look absolutely tough. And yet...There was such a fierceness to Reece's attitude that he was somehow, in his own way, pulling off the ridiculous shirt. He could almost say Reece looked rather...
His thoughts shrieked to a stop, slamming into a brick wall covered in police tap and an electrified fence. Nope. Nope nope nope nope nope. His thoughts had not almost went there. Absolutely not. No way in hell. Letting out a soft huff of annoyance at himself, Caleb continued on in silence, stopping carefully when Reece stopped, sticking by his side in case the other man began tipping over as they made their way towards his apartment.
Once finally inside the building, Caleb said nothing still as they rode the elevator up to Reece's flow, following behind the man more slowly, allowing him the time to greet his daughter first. When the door opened and a familiar figure leapt out, Caleb just couldn't help but melt as the scene unfolded before him. He didn't care who the hell you were; once you saw Reece interacting with Evie, there's no way even a heart made entirely of ice wouldn't thaw even a little. Reece underwent such a transformation, Caleb barely recognized the man each time: his features softened, he smiled more, he laughed more. His eyes sparkled with such love it brought a small smile to Caleb's features as well as he nodded to the woman slipping out of the apartment as he followed after Reece.
He hung back for a few moments, allowing Reece and Evie time to greet each other in their own way. When Evie grasped Reece's shirt, Caleb grinned, and he sauntered over, slinging an arm lightly across Reece's shoulders. "Daddy likes the kitty too, doesn't he?" he asked, finally breaking his silence with a wink at Reece before pulling away, gently ruffling her hair. "How's it going, Peanut? Been eating enough sweets for the both of us?"

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Reece laughed softly letting her tug at the shirt with her little hands. When Caleb approached though she squealed in delight and let go of his shirt. Hearing the word Daddy she looked towards her father before standing up on the counter suddenly jumping up and down in excitement as if she couldn't contain all of her energy in her small body. Feeling the man's arm around his shoulder he decided to ignore it as he watched his daughter in amusement, careful to put his arm up on the edge of the counter just in case she slipped. Of course he could also reprimand her for the fact she was jumping up and down on the counters, but what would be the fun in that? Besides it was best to tire her out before she failed to go to sleep later, when he needed to catch up on her own sleep. He grinned slightly as his daughter moved closer to Caleb. A bit of an attention seeker she quite enjoyed being the object of everyone and anyone's affections. "Yes." She said, with her adorable little lisp before she suddenly stopped jumping and ducked her head as if in shame. "I finish em all today." Evie's words were little more than a whisper before she peered back up at the two.
Reece shook his head slowly, inhaling sharply. "Well why would you eat all of those sweets?" He asked, chucking her under the chin and acting as though he was megally disappointed in her. But he couldn't keep up the facade for long as he saw the signs of tears blurring up her eyes. Quickly he scooped her up in his arms, though. "But we can make more though, right?" He asked, as he placed a kiss on her smooth forehead before setting her back down once more. "For uncle Caleb?" Reece asked raising an eyebrow as his smile was reflected on her face. It was weird to call the man standing beside him an uncle to his daughter, but it would help with the bad habit of Evie calling him a slurry crisp when Caleb wasn't around. After all it wasn't like he wanted her to say it to his face and then all the sudden there would be question of where exactly she'd heard such a saying like that.
Wasting no time he signalled briefly for the other man to keep an eye on her before he made his way over towards the pantry. Biting his lower lip he looked at what he had to work with. While he was known to make things from scratch he found himself reaching for the brownie mix instead. It would make the process much quicker and Caleb could leave right away. No doubt he'd do some more, and real, baking this weekend as well. When it came to his little angelic monster could he really say no anyways?
Reece washed his hands off, hardly mindful of the shirt anymore. Besides when Evie was in the kitchen there was no doubt things would get a little dirty. And mind as well ruin the shirt he had little to no interest in keeping.

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ | 493 comments Caleb grinned widely as the little girl squealed and began hopping up and down in excitement, feeling warmth bubble up in his chest. God, he loved the little munchkin to bits. She was too damn cute. When she admitted to eating all the sweets, Caleb pretended to be sad, ducking his head down and pushing down his bottom lip. "And none lift for me, huh?" he asked, letting out a soft sigh. Then he grinned, running his hand through her hair again. "That's alright. I hoped you enjoyed them." he murmured, glancing over at Reece at his gentle scolding. He watched as the man pulled the little girl to his arms, smiling softly as he mentioned making more. Aw, damnit all if that didn't warm his heart. Plus, he couldn't help but grin at what Reece called him. Uncle Caleb, huh? You can bet your ass Caleb wasn't letting the other man let that down. Not like he was complaining, though; he liked the sound of that. A lot, actually.
He gave a small nod when Reece signaled for him to watch Evie, sliding closer and grinning at the little girl. He growled playfully at her and scrunched up his face, making her giggle and keeping her entertained as Reece puttered around in the kitchen. Caleb glanced over his shoulder, seeing the brownie mix and giving a dramatic gasp. "Graduating from cookies to brownies? I must have been an exceptionally good boy today." Caleb cooed with a grin, giving a soft chuckle as he turned back to Evie. He wanted to hold the girl close, but he remembered that his clothes were still soaked in her father's dried blood. Yeah...Let's not do that. He'd stick to making faces at her.

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Reece hit the man over the head with the brownie box shaking his head. "No, we just don't have any more cookie batter." He told him with a scolding tone, not letting any of it get to his head. Besides, they were just brownies. It wasn't like he was presenting him with a tray of freshly baked goods of all varieties.
He grabbed all the need essentials spreading them across the newly cleaned counters before opening the box. "Evie, you wanna help Daddy with cracking the eggs?" It was always a mess when she did it herself, but it wasn't such a hassle pulling out broken shells. After all she was the only one he ever seemed to have patience for at the end of the day. She toddled across the counter before reaching her hands up towards him for an egg. He laughed at her softly before shaking his head. "First you've got to wash your hands sweetie." He reminded her. The answer he received was little more than a pout as he lifted her up from under her arms. He brought her over towards the stool by the sink wincing slightly as his side reminded him he should probably be resting. He set her down before turning on the water. "Remember ABC's he told her before giving her some soap." The young girl sang softly, occasionally skipping letters all together and going completely out of order. Briefly Reece turned his attention back to Caleb. "If you need another shirt my room is just around the corner." He told him with a shrug. Where his bedroom was seemed obvious enough. And it could hardly be called a bedroom considering how cramped it was.

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ | 493 comments Caleb acted as though Reece had mortally wounded him with the box of brownies before snorting and rolling his eyes, swiping at the man in playful annoyance. "Whatever. You just don't want to admit that you luuuurve me." he teased with a wink, keeping Evie steady on the counter. He watched the other man ready the ingredients necessary, letting Evie go when Reece asked her if she wanted to crack some eggs. He watched her carefully as she toddled across the counter towards the other man, and Caleb leaned back, crossing his arms over his chest and letting a small smile play across his features. Yeah, Reece was a complete cutie when Evie was involved. Any other time? A complete ass. But with his daughter? There was definitely potential.
Caleb shook his head of the strange thoughts, shifting his attention over to Reece with vague surprise at his suggestion. He gave a slight grin, wiggling his eyebrows. "Oh, butter bear. We're graduating to wearing each other's clothes, are we?" he cooed, though it was obvious that they were definitely different sizes; Reece was a little taller and a little more muscular than Caleb, who was shorter and wirier than the other man. Nonetheless, he glanced down at his secretly dirty shirt before pushing off from the counter, rounding the corner and walking straight into Reece's bedroom. Rifling carefully through his drawers, Caleb pulled out the first shirt he found, a green shirt that wasn't long-sleeved but thankfully had longer sleeves than normal. Shrugging, Caleb glanced into the kitchen to make sure the others were busy before slipping out of his dirty shirt, his vicious burn mark glinting in the sunlight bleeding through the windows. Quickly tugging on the green shirt, Caleb frowned at it, feeling uncomfortable and vulnerable. His arms felt cold and the green made him feel too bright. Not to mention it was a bit baggy on him. Letting out a soft sigh, Caleb tied his dirty shirt around his waist before making his way back into the kitchen, cocking his head to the side expectantly. "I call licking the bowl." he declared, a grin stretching from ear to ear as he winked playfully at Evie.

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Reece's lower lip curled at the accusation, that had to be the farthest statement from the actual truth. "Hmm, I don't think my utter dislike of you has changed much over the course of the days events." He told him before turning his attention back towards his daughter who was looking up at him expectantly to turn off the water. Chuckling softly he did just that before tickling her middle, aware that Caleb had disappeared around the corner. He set Evie back down on the floor amidst her giggles. "You can go on and watch some TV if you want." He murmured softly into her ear before standing back up at full height. While she did enjoy making a mess in the kitchen with him she couldn't say no to cartoons, especially considering he rarely let her watch them. They'll rot your brain after all. Spotting Caleb as he walked back towards the divided kitchen he raised an eyebrow. Reece's wardrobe consisted purely of dark jeans, and black and white v-neck t-shirts. Crinkling his nose he shook his head wondering where in the hell he had found that before he was reminded of the pile of clothes that had been growing in the corner of his room and shaking his head. "What a nice color on you." He said with a sideways smirk. Turning on his heels he continued over towards the couch to make sure Evie was situated with the TV before he began on the brownies, presetting the oven to 325 degrees. But just as he was doing so his daughter jumped up from her position on the couch and ran quickly towards Caleb before plowing into his legs and wrapping her arms around them before staring up at him insistently. "No." She stuck out her lower lip in a pout, "That's my job."

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ | 493 comments Caleb watched as Evie ran past him, a crooked grin splitting his features as the little girl plopped down in front of the tv. "More for me, then." he mused with a laugh, making his way into the kitchen. At Reece's comment, Caleb scowled, folding his arms across his chest self-consciously and tugging at the sleeves to make sure they covered what was important. "Shut up, it makes me feel exposed." he complained, leaning against the counter and cocking an eyebrow at the other man. "Then again, I guess I can't complain too much." he mused, snickering as he took in the bright pink kitty shirt Reece was still wearing. "I didn't even know you even owned different colors other than white or black. I'm seeing a new side to you every day, Reecey baby." He watched as the other man preheated the oven when a weight suddenly slammed into his legs, and he glanced down to see a pouting Evie. He let out a laugh at her complaint, stooping down and scooping the little girl up. "Aw, come on. Just a little taste?" he asked with an innocent smile, cuddling up with the little girl and playfully rubbing their noses together. "You know how much I love chocolate. You wouldn't want to make Uncle Caleb sad now, would you?"

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"Oh it makes you feel exposed does it?" Reece said scoffing softly. "I've never seen less skin in my life." He noted before he began to pour ingredients into the bowl. Glancing down at his own shirt he shrugged slightly before shaking his head. "A Caleb-Poo I think it rather suits me. Maybe I should add a few more bright colors to my closet. You like this shirt, don't you Evie?" He asked watching carefully as the other man lifted her up into his arms. It wasn't like he didn't trust him... okay he didn't, so yeah, that was why he kept a close eye. The little girl seemed to shake her head and he rose an eyebrow slightly before realizing the gesture was in answer to Caleb. She held one slightly pudgy finger in his face holding back a smile as best as she could. "One taste. That's it though."
Reece grinned pouring the brownie mix into a ready pan before leaning back against the counter. It would be another few minutes before the oven reached the needed temperature.

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ | 493 comments Caleb made a face at Reece. "Oh, yes. Just add a whole rainbow to your closet. Make you bright and noticeable." he replied sarcastically before turning his attention back to Evie, his eyes automatically crossing when she waved a finger in his face. He pouted for a few moments before he seemed to think about it a little longer, and suddenly a slightly mischievous grin spread across his features. "Alright, alright. One taste." he agreed solemnly, shifting her weight in his arms so she was resting more in one arm. Then he reached over with his free hand, dragging the bowl over to where they were at. Shooting Evie a lopsided, goofy grin, he took his finger and swiped it all along the edge, covering almost his entire finger in chocolate. Then he quickly stuck the same finger into his mouth and let out a dramatic, pleased hum as he pulled it back out, clean. "That was one taste." he teased, smacking his lips loudly and winking at Evie before setting her on the counter next to the bowl, where a wide streak was missing from the mixture.

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Evie's eyes widened in what could only be described as disbelief before a frown made its way across her lips. "That was more than one taste!" She told him, smacking him on his hand- though the force behind the action wasn't all that much, or at least not hard enough to do any real damage. Seeing them Reece rolled his eyes a bit before walking over towards the mixture. "That wasn't so nice Evie." He reprimanded his daughter, running his fingers smoothly through her curls before the little girl just shrugged her shoulders. If it was anyone else he would've told her to apologize, but he couldn't help but to be a little entertained. Distantly he heard the oven beeping - a sign it had reached the required temperature. "It's okay. Besides they're much better when they're fresh out of the oven. Uncle Caleb won't be getting any though." He told her with a serious look before he grabbed his oven mitt and carefully slid the pan inside. Barely paying much attention he momentarily rested his left hand on the rack for only a second. A second was enough as he quickly retracted his hand and hissed under his breath- the action also causing his side to scream in protest. Today was not Reece Masterson's day. Not acting rashly he slowly closed the oven before hurrying off to the bathroom in order to wet a washcloth

(╯`▭´)╯︵ (dǝꓭ ƨ'ɒnɒ⅃) ǝɔnɒꓷ | 493 comments Caleb couldn't help but howl with laughter at Evie's adorable look of disbelief, grinning from ear to ear. "If it fits on one finger, it's one taste." he managed to gasp out, trying to make a sound argument though it was a little difficult to do while wheezing like an asthmatic. When she smacked his hand he grimaced dramatically, gasping loudly and placing his 'uninjured' hand on his chest in fake hurt. "You have wounded me!" he cried, slumping against the counter with a mournful sound. "My little Peanut has injured me!" He slumped his head against his arm and peered up at her, scowling when Reece ruffled her hair and she merely shrugged when gently scolded. "Ouch. I think the mental abuse hurts me more than the physical." he grumbled, straining himself against the counter and waving his 'hurt' hand in front of him, as if to try and gain sympathy points. So when Reece assured Evie he wasn't getting any brownies, he crossed his arms over his chest and huffed. "Excuse me, honey. But I'm pretty sure you were making those specifically because I was here. At least, that's what I'm choosing to hear." He turned to Evie and began making funny faces at her, scrunching up his nose and sticking out his tongue, so he missed when Reece burned himself. He glanced up as the man let out a hiss and calmly closed the oven before taking off, and Caleb frowned before picking Evie up and carefully setting her down on the ground. "Go watch tv. And I promise I won't lick anymore chocolate from the bowl." he told her, gently nudging her towards the living room before making his way over to the bathroom, leaning against the door frame. "You just can't win today, can you?" he mused with a dramatic sigh, shaking his head. "Do you have any aloe? That works best with burns. Though I'm sure you already know that. You're a know-it-all." Caleb pushed his way into the bathroom, bumping Reece out of the way and rifling through his medicine cabinet as if he lived there. "Really, Reecey boy. Get distracted by my smoking hot looks?" he teased with a grin, waggling his eyebrows at the other man as he continued to paw through the cabinet. "Where the hell is your aloe? Boy, don't tell me you don't have aloe in here, because seriously. Not okay."

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Reece pressed his lips together, ignoring the other man's taunts over the brownies. It didn't really matter who got them, he was sure after two Evie would be stuffed, and if she ate any more than that she would complain of a tummy ache which she had the tendency of doing. That simple fact was the only reason it made it any easier for him to even say no to the little munchkin. Holding his hand to his chest he rummaged around in an upper cabinet momentarily, sighing with impatience as all he was able to find were full sized towels. Reece's eyes went to the door as he heard approaching footsteps as well as the distant sound of the television being turned on. "I am a know-it-all, and that's exactly why I was aware of that particular fact." He replied to Caleb with some sort of attempt at a smile, but the final product probably looked so much more like a grimace on his face. "Of course whether or not I have a whole bottle of aloe laying around is another story entirely." Reece carefully took a step back, ignoring the naturally instinct to shove the other man after being moved out of the way. "Yes, I did. How'd you guess?" He asked dryly before continuing. "I want you in my bed and only in my bed for the next week - and then after that I want you to father all of my children." Being referred to as a boy he bit his lower lip before shaking his head, his chest moving slightly as he held in a laugh. "Mmm, I don't. Oops. And If I do recall you're younger than me, so." With that he finally reached into the cabinet as his eyes snagged on a washcloth. Maneuvering around Caleb he turned on the faucet before soaking it with cold water.

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Caleb rolled his eyes at the older man and grimaced right back at him, still sifting through the cabinet and growling when he still could not find any aloe. He snorted at Reece's use of dry sarcasm, giving a small smirk. "I knew it." he mused triumphantly, wiggling his eyebrows. "Though I have to admit, I'm surprised that you only want me in your bed: I had you pegged for the type to be adventurous, such as using showers or dark alleyways or whatever the hell books and television shows tell us these days." Though he had to admit, he choked a little when he thought about Reece in the shower, because please. He was a healthy young man with a healthy imagination. Though admittedly half of the choking might have had something to do with hearing Reece tell him in that monotone voice of his that he wanted him to have his babies. "Mm, Evie might appreciate a little sibling. Let's shoot for a boy. I've been told I've got great birthing hips." he mused, wiggling said hips as Reece admitted to his crime. Widening his eyes, Caleb whipped around, looking aghast. "You don't have aloe? What kind of a man are you?" he scowled, poking Reece in the chest. "And I don't care if I'm younger than you by physical years; I'm an old spirit. One who knows that aloe is the best thing for burns. Sunburns, cooking burns, house fire burns..." He trailed off for a few moments before shaking his head, rolling his eyes in dramatic distaste. "Really, Reece. You may be older, but I'm not the one wearing the bright pink kitty shirt. I'm pretty sure we both know who the man in this relationship is." Disregarding the fact that Caleb himself had bought Reece the bright pink shirt. Details, details. When Reece moved around him and began soaking the washcloth, Caleb let out a disgruntled noise, tsking as he shook his head. "Reece, Reece, Reece. Come on, you're killing me here. You're supposed to submerge the burn in cool water, not just lay a cool washcloth over it. It feels better that way." Caleb reached over with no warning, taking the wrist of Reece's burned hand lightly in his own and shoving it gently underneath the running water. "You'll thank me later." he muttered as he rifled through the cabinet again, this time for something to wrap the small burn wound with to get it clean and dry.

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Reece ignored the gesture before shrugging his shoulders. "Well first I have to be romantic and sweet, and then we get all hot and dirty. Unless of course you prefer that we just skip to the second part and forget about the romancing entirely dear Caleb." He teased, finding it rather easy to do so. Admittedly only a small while ago he found it difficult to have more than one worded conversations with the man in his bathroom, now at least they could joke around. The flirting always surprised him, but it also provided comic relief. Certainly nothing serious. After the task they would share no part in each other's lives anyways. Seeing what he said threw Caleb a little off blanace he smirked a bit, forgetting his mission for a moment before he slapped the wet cloth on the palm of his hand. "They're not so bad." Reece said, shortly scanning the other mans body, "And a little boy would be perfect, someone to take fishing and all that sh*t." He told him with a short nod of his head as if the decision was final. Suddenly being poked in the chest he stared at Caleb's finger before shrugging his shoulders briefly. "Oh, and how many times do you think I burn myself while making baked goods?" The entire question felt awkward leaving his mouth and he couldn't help but to laugh at himself a bit. "The real man is the one who embraces wearing the kitty shirt, not the one who buys it. But I guess since you're not a fan I'll just take it off." With his one functioning hand he whipped off the shirt before throwing it on the counter where he would take care of it later. Figuring that was the end of it he turned to head back out towards the living room before his hand was yanked under the water that was still running from the faucet. Reece hissed a bit at the feel of the pressure against his burn and clenched his free fist trying to hold back any noises of pain. After all this wasn't so bad considering he'd only been stabbed earlier in the day. "I doubt I will." He muttered through clenched teeth, not bothering to pull away though as he felt some sort of relief even as it continued to burn a bit.

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Caleb snorted, rolling his eyes. "As much as getting all hot and dirty sounds like fun, I expect to be properly wooed, Mr. Peanut Man." he told him, shaking his head at the other man. It was kind of flattering, in a way, knowing that before Reece used to be a kind of a monotone jerk who wasn't much use in an actual conversation. Now the man would flirt shamelessly with Caleb and get him all sorts of confused inside. What the hell had he done?
He felt his mouth go dry at Reece's scrutinizing look, narrowing his eyes at the other man's comment. "Now, don't be a sexist pig. You can take Evie out to go fishing, and I can take our boy to go shopping for shoes. I would have thought you were a better man than that, Reece." Caleb declared in a solemn tone, shaking his head as Reece insisted he didn't burn himself that often. Please. Anybody who cooked or baked continuously knew that cuts and burns happened. Hence why Caleb always ate out; he hated anything that could cause a fire.
He snorted out a laugh at Reece's serious expression about the kitty shirt, but before he could say anything the other man had whipped the bright pink material off, causing Caleb to let out a small squeak. But then his eyes fell to the knife wound on his side and he scowled, giving up his search for whatever he had been looking for and throwing up his hands. "And what is Evie going to say when she sees Daddy Peanut hurt again?" he demanded, though his tone was serious and exasperated. "Jeesh, how ungrateful. Put your damn shirt on, because I'm not offering you mine." Which was actually Reece's, but Caleb wasn't like Reece; he would never just whip his shirt off in front of somebody, despite his flirtatious and devil-may-care attitude.

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