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Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) THIS DORM IS NOW FULL.

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Grace walked in, she threw her stuff down on her bed.

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) Tamara entered a few minutes later. She unpacked her clothes into the wardrobe and her wool blanket that she kept for sentimentality. Then she set up an icon of St. Nino, her mother's patron saint, that she'd somewhat bent the rules of twenty-kilos-of-luggage only and hand-carried on the flight through the portal to the fairy-tale world. She looked up and saw Grace standing a meter or so away.

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Grace looked at Tamara. She nodded and put her clothes in her wardrobe. She p pulled out a scruffy blue blanket and played in on her bed.

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) Tamara smiled.

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) Tamara gets up from praying in front of St. Nino for the night.
"I'm Tamara."

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) "Yeah. I just got here a day or two ago from Tbilisi. That's the largest city in Georgia, which is a country - I often explain- between Russia and Armenia. We flew out to Ireland in our world and then took the portal in Callaghan's pub in our world to Callaghan's pub in this world, from which it was half a kilometer's walk to St. Catherine's. Here."

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Grace nodded at Bellator. She sat on her bed and stared at the wall.

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Sarah Drea walked into the dorm. It looked as though she was interrupting some bonding moment between her "roommates". A tall, lean girl with long black hair leans her head back as she laughs.
"Sorry..was I interrupting?"

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Grace shook her head.

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Sarah "Oh..well,Okay.."
Drea shakes her head. It's going to be a long year.

Drea puts her suitcases on the only vacant bed and begins to pull out her things.

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) Amal wrote: ""And I can immediately tell which one of you is the talkative one," Bellator said laughing, noticing Grace's standoffish attitude. She understood why Grace wouldn't want to speak much- she herself ..."

"I'm not usually like this, but I tend to say whatever's on my mind," Tamara explains. "My sister Eteri is normally the talkative one, but, well, she's gone."

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Grace looked around the room.

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) Tamara notices that her music player is running out of juice. She'll have to head down to Callaghan's Pub on regular earth to charge it. She sighs and plays another song.

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Sarah "Hey,I'm Drea. I was heading down to the dining room, want to join?"

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) Tamara's mp3 player is out of juice.
"We could go to Callaghan's pub," she suggests, then we can use the portal to go back to earth and charge out devices. We can also go get ourselves some food."

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Sarah Drea turns to Tamara.

"Sure! How's that sound?" Drea asks as she turns to Bellator and Grace.

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) Tamara packs a bag.

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) Tamara opens the door and leads the way down the road
((continue in "Grandpa Callaghan's Pub"))

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Grace layed down on the bed.

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) Elizabeth turns down the hallway. "I thought you guys were all headed to the pub," she says. "To refresh your devices. We have classes tomorrow."

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Grace shook her head.

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) "Tired, eh? Well, I'll be on my way. See you."

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Grace waved.

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((She still hasn't said a single word yet! Lol.))

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) Elizabeth returns to her dorm.

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Sarah "That was interesting..." Drea says as she walks into the room.

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) Tamara follows the group. "I guess it doesn't seem so weird to me when I got here through the portal."

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) "I didn't know anything about magic until my parents enrolled me here," Tamara says. "And then the first magical thing I saw was the portal."

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) ((you mean Tamara, not Elizabeth, she is in another dorm))
"yeah," Tamara said.

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Sarah "Hey, guys?" Drea whispers. The dorm is dark and the sound of crickets echo, cutting any silence left in the room.
"Do you ever wonder what the world would be like without magic? Without having a tangible way of acknowledging any power?"
Only the fast beating of Drea's heart replies.

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Sarah " Sure," Drea whispers, lowering her eyes.

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As soon as Drea and Bellator left, Grace bolted upright. She got out of her bed. She pulled on her black hoodie. She grabbed her backpack and opened the door, she looked around one last time. She closed the door quietly. She was running away, and never coming back.

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) ((I was gone for a couple days))
Tamara stretches on the bed and adjusts herself.

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Sarah Drea tiptoed into the room. The room was dark and the moon light shone through the bay window. To her surprise Grace 's bed was empty. Drea looked back at Bellator, worry flashing in her eyes.

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Sarah Drea was exhausted, she needed a good night's sleep without worrying about Grace.
"Well, we can't do anything about it. We should get some sleep."
Drea walked over to her side of the room and buried herself under the covers. Her eyes heavy, Drea whispered, "Goodnight," and she let imagination drown her.

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) "I heard something," Tamara added. "She left the room, but who knows if she left here or not.

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) "I don't know," Tamara said.

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) "Probably," Tamara says.

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) Tamara rolled back and forth on her mattress.

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) Tamara woke up.
"I heard Elizabeth's out in the woods," she said. "Maybe she went after Grace. Tomoe was saying something about it to Colleen, I think."

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Sarah " No Search Party." Drea mumbled. Her eyelids were heavy and she didn't want to get out of bed but, things had to get done. Drea got out of bed and walked straight to the powder room not bothering with acknolgements.

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) Elizabeth passes by the dorm on the way up from the woods.

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Sarah Drea was ready. For what? She didn't know. She was wearing navy riding pants, suede knee high boots, and a loose silk pleated burgundy top. Bellator was pacing the room.
" We won't send out a search party. It'll only make things worse. We'll go out ourselves and see what we can get done before sunset. Tamara if you're coming, get ready. I'll meet you two in the stables."

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) "Grace ran into the woods," Elizabeth tells Colleen. "I tried to ask her what she was doing, but she just kept riding."

"That explains it," Tamara says, throwing on a sweater.

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Sarah ((Continue in Lawn ))

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Sarah Drea watched silently as Bellator crushed herself to the window. Drea wouldn't completely be able to comprehend the visions she received from Bellator's mind until she fell asleep. Drea doubted she would even be able to- the way Bellator was freaking out, her secrets must be more horrific than Drea had hoped.

Hoping to lighten the mood, Drea smirked, "So, when am I getting that free drink?"

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Sarah Drea crossed her arms and said, " You think I wanted to give him the drinks? We had to get out of there, for our safety at least! We've had a long night, I could practically feel the bags under my eyes emerging. Let's get some sleep and make sure to take a pain-killer before bed." Drea moved towards her dresser and pulled out a cotton white nightgown with small gray flowers.

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Sarah " How do I do it? Huh? I'll tell you tomorrow. Let's have some rest." Drea tucked herself into bed and turned off the light. " Goodnight." she whispered and memories flooded her.

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Sarah Drea gasped as she shot up from the bed, covered in sweat and tears. What just happened? Drea jumped out of bed, grabbed her robe and left the dorm.

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