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Clara 1-Tyrion wasweak and hurt after the battle, but alive! I was so worried about him the first time. I found it sad he didn’t want to cry because of his father, and how he kept saying he was a lion and shouldn’t cry. This chapter was overall sad.

2-He dreamt a lot in this chapter, and his first dream was quite interesting. All the dead he saw, how there was no color and how the banners changed. I forgot about that. He forgot why he killed them, but once he knew. I got the impression he felt guilty. He had no mouth, and he run to the city gates, but the gates were closed. Interesting he thought he couldn’t live without his mouth.

3-After he woke up, he dreamt again, of what happened, Mandon and all that. He asked for help, first to Jaime, then Shae, his mother and even Tysha. I always wondered if she would ever appear at some point, Tyrion doesn’t know what happened to her after all. He then dreams of Tywin and Cersei looking at him, frowning. How nice of them. He thought he was a dream, he didn’t know his father was there, but maybe it wasn’t. He saw Varys and Littlefinger too. I wonder why Littlefinger went to see him.

4-I really liked he was relief he was getting his wits back, he knew they won the battle, otherwise he would be dead. This was good, his wits were all he had. Pod run when he saw him, that boy! I always think how different he is from Illyn. Tyrion noticed the lower half of his face was bandaged, maybe that’s why he dreamt he had no mouth. He had holes to bread and eat, and it sounds awful.

5-There was a new Maester he didn’t know, who kept gaving him milk of the poppy. Tyrion had another dream, when he was the hero and his brother made him a knight. His father was smiling, so definitely a dream. The right side of his body hurt a lot as well, por Tyrion. He remembered Mandon tried to kill him, Cersei’s doing of course. He noticed he was not in his chambers, and thought they moved him there to die. But it’s probably true.

6-Tyrion had another dream, one about Tysha which was really cute but sad as well. I always had my doubts about him. She told Tyrion she loved him, and I always wonder why. She was a whore after all, she didn’t need to tell him so. And by marrying him maybe she thought she would be a lady or something, but I always wondered what really happened, how she really felt. But it went probably like Tyrion thought, she was a whore, a gift from Jaime and nothing more. But he keeps thinking about her from time to time, which makes me think he never forgot her.

7-Tyrion almost choked the Maester, named Ballabar, and told him he didn’t want milk of the poppy anymore, and ordered him to take his bandages out. Ballabar kept saying how unwise it was, but Tyrion wanted them out. He realised the Maester wasn’t Cersei’s, he could have killed him when he took the bandages out, but didn’t. Still, he didn’t know him at all. The Maester explained he had broken one rib, and got him with an arrow in his shoulder, so that’s why his right side hurt so much. Man, his face and now this.

8-Tyrion asked Ballabar for a mirror and wine, and he got them. He drank some wine before he looked himself. His face was horrible, he had a long cut, lost most of his nose and part of hi slip. I felt so bad for him, it must have been awful. He remembered Jaime told him Mandon was the most dangerous after him, and Tyrion thinks he shouldn’t have trusted Mandon or any of the Kingsguard, they were all Cersei’s after all. Sadle, he realised that too late.

9-The Maester told him he was in Maegor’s Holfast, near Cersei, she wanted him close. Tyrion also figured she wanted to keep him sleeping. He found out Tywin is the Hand now, and he asked for Pod. He wondered how he could be so brave in battle but like that around him, I wonder that too. Tyrion asked him to bring him dreamwine, and see Maester Frenken do it. Does he know how dreamwine and the milk of the poppy are made? Anyway, Tyrion asked for Bronn, who was now a knight. He told Pod to say nothing about Ser Mandon and what happened. Before going back to sleep, he wondered how Tysha would like his face now, which I found so, so sad.

Vicki Kalb | 310 comments Your point 3, I sometimes wonder about whether or not Tysha will make an appearance in the series. I wonder how that would go down.

1. Tyrion’s not dead yet! But he’s certainly fucked up, lol. He seems to drift in and out of reality. Everything he sees is either black, white, or grey, and there are so many corpses. He hears men pitifully whining for death and for their mothers, how sad. He sees the Silent Sisters taking care of the dead. They must think he is dead, too. When he finds he has no mouth we know it is a dream and he’s running back to the castle.

2. He wakes again in the castle in his own bed, recovering. He’s too weak to do anything so he goes back to sleep. He thinks he dreams his sister and father are watching him beside his bed, both frowning. I wonder if it was real? They’re probably frowning because he’s not dead yet, lol. He sees other people coming and going too, but cannot comprehend their words. His head went through blunt force trauma, so he needs to give it some time.

3. He wakes again and sees Podrick beside him. The boy runs away when he sees he’s awake but Tyrion still can’t talk; he wants him to stay. The boy is probably getting a maester. He touches his face and realizes the lower part of his face is heavily bandaged. That’s why he doesn’t feel like he has a mouth; it’s all bound up in plaster. Yep, Pod returns with a maester who gives him milk of the poppy so he can rest more.

4. Tyrion dreams he’s at a victory feast and he’s the hero. :) The singer sings of his great deeds and even his father is smiling, proud of him. Awe. Jaime knights him and Shae is also there. Happy dreams.

5. He wakes again, feeling something is wrong. He tries to get up but realizes he’s a lot more fucked up than he originally thought. He is frightened when he remembers Ser Mandon Moore. He remembers the knight tried to kill him but Pod saved his life. Then he realizes he’s not in the Tower of the Hand anymore, they moved him. Yeah, because Tywin wanted that spot, urgh...

6. He dreams again, of Tysha. Poor guy. It is a happy memory that made me smile, especially of those honeymoon kisses. Then he remembers she’s a whore and a lie. :(

7. The maester tries to give him more medicine but Tyrion stops him and croaks “no more.” That’s a good sign! He rips off the plaster from his face and gets the maester to help him. Apparently Cersei wanted the thing on him, making Tyrion want it off even more, ha! The maester cleans his wounds and explains they found him in the cellar where they put the corpses and found he was still alive. His ribs were broken, he took an arrow in the arm, and he was slashed in the face. He wants to see himself in a mirror. The maester brings one to him and Tyrion sees his face, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, awe. The sword left a huge gash across his face and took 3/4 of his nose off. A chunk of his lip was sewn back on. Ha, he calls himself pretty. :) Well, he was ugly to begin with, so it can’t get much more shocking. He realizes now his sister must’ve paid Ser Mandon to finish him off.

8. The maester says he’s in Maegor’s Holdfast, so he’s close to family. He says the queen wanted him close by her side so she could watch over him herself. Of course she would! The maester explains his father is Hand now; he made it to King’s Landing and saved the day, “gods be praised.” Ha, the bitter irony. Lol, Tyrion wants Podrick Payne and the maester calls him the “Odd boy.” I thought that was cute.

9. Podrick comes to see him and Tyrion tells him to get Maester Frenken to treat him, not this guy, and bring his own guards. Pod says they made Bronn a knight. Gods, they’re stealing Bronn away from him it seems. He tells Pod never to mention anything about Ser Mandon and him on the ship-bridge to anybody. Maybe if Cersei knew that Tyrion knew she tried to have him assassinated she would try harder to make sure the job gets done. Plus there is no way to prove it, and that is a serious accusation. Better to keep quiet for now.

10. The good thing we’ve gathered from this chapter is that Tyrion survived! He’s the first Hand of several in a row that hasn’t been killed, so that’s great! What a hardy little dwarf!

Clara About your point 2, if it really happened, they would probably frowning because he wasn't dead, like you said. They are both awful, so I wouldn't be surprised.

Hey you are right about your point 10! It didn't occur to me, but he was a Hand, and he survived! That's really good :)

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