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[age] : 15
The only thing to be noted about my age is the fact that this means I'm in High-school, which means that I do have many hours absent due to school work and school itself, as well as a limit to how long I can stay up on Weeknights for the most part, but seeing as its the Holidays it won't stay that way for long.
[name] : Summer
You can call my whatever you want to call me, Summer or Somebody, or any other name that you choose to. It is good if it has some kind of relevance though as I might get confused during the beginning of the nickname.

[reasons] : My Overall General Excitement
I know for a fact that I'm currently extremely ready for this roleplay and can not wait to truly get this started as it is. I already love the aesthetic of the group as a whole. If you mean to know why you should pick me it deals mostly with my experience and dedication to this roleplay.

[experience] : Pretty High
I have been an avid roleplayer for about 5 years now. I became the moderator of the first group I joined and have since became moderators to numerous other groups. I have also started other groups over the course of my stay here at goodreads.

[suggestions] : The Group If Pretty Much Perfect
But I'll give you suggestions anyways: I think we could try moving along with the plot of the book. We can host competitions with prizes if we chose to. A template to work off of would be nice but I'm sure you just have to make that.

[daily activity] : 4-8 Every Day
Depends on my motivation to do something, If I'm motivated I can be on for close to 8 hours a day but I do have homework. During the Holidays I'll probably be on a lot longer than that for the most part. Could be close to 12 or more hours a day when I get breaks.

[roleplay sample] : Wasn't Sure How Long You Wanted It
Charlotte watched as the clock ticked by, her eyes trained on every inch the smallest dial choose to move. It was meant to be some kind of distracter but the reality was that it only caused the anxiety in her to build up even more. Her legs swigged endlessly from the chair as her fingers tensed up their grip on the arm rest. 13 hours she'd waited here, though it felt like an eternity. The white walls made time drag on for an eon. The hospital staff came in and left periodically though none even spared a glance at her, it wasn't like she could blame them though, they probably saw people like her all the time. She averted her eyes to a Doctor who entered one of the Hospitals blue doors. Once again Charlotte found herself getting on the edge of her seat as he grip got tighter than she even knew it could. When the woman simply walked to another set of doors and left Charlotte settled down, filled with another round of disappointment.

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Dakota | 2 comments

[age] : 14

[name] :Dakota

[reasons] : I'm really excited for this group, and wish to help out

[experience] : I have had a different account but decided to get a new one
recently, so I have some experience

[suggestions] : At the moment I do not have any suggestions for this roleplay

[daily activity] :I will try to be active everyday

[roleplay sample] : Aislinn ran down the street hoping she wasn't going to
be too late for work, and gave a soft smile as she ran into the cafe.
Aislinn knew her manager's patience was running super thin and since it's
been happening so often with her rather shady alarm clock she wouldn't be
surprised if she was fired. Sad and board-line depressed maybe, but ever
surprised. "I'm so sorry I was late.... my brother... he was sick" she said
looking at her boss Wendy." Okay Aislinn but this is the third time this
week." Wendy said giving a soft sigh as she handed her apron. She could hardly
look Wendy in the eyes, she knew she was one of two works and she knew
Jordan could hardly handle the pressure of doing half the work, let alone
all of it for a full hour. "I know, I'm really sorry, it wont happened again"
she said tying her apron on, and making her way to the tables to take peoples
orders. Won't happen again this week anyways... With any luck (for she wasn't
exactly confident in her ability to not be late anymore).

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Tim | 2 comments [age] : 16
[name] : Tim
[reasons] : Well I lived reading the maze runner when it first came out and I was one of the first to see the movie. Also I believe this is going to be a really good group that I want to be apart of.
[experience] : I have run my own group for a year but then it collapsed all the sudden. I have been role playing however for about two years
[suggestions] : A suggestion I would make is that there can only be a specific amount of runners and those are the people who are detailed.
[daily activity] : I'm on for about the whole day except on school days
[roleplay sample] :

Example 1-Group/The Hollows

Shadows hoofs hit the slightly muddy dirt ground,not making its usual sounds of galloping but instead sounding like an army marching down the road. It has been a long journey already but he still had a day or two to travel. He hoped the town he was looking for would just pop out of nowhere before two days. He was weary from it all. He took Shadow near a tree and hoped off of him. He began to dig in the satchel attached to his companion. He found an apple and he tore a piece of bread off a loaf. He fed Shadow the apple which he took in about two bites. Normal from him. Jack however slid down the tree and sat in a dry spot while nibbling on his bread. It had been a week since he last got any food,mainly because there wasn't many people selling it.

Jack heard a scream in the distance,a scream like no other. It wasn't human at all but it came from a human"A Hollow"he says standing. It seemed like the hollow was making its way away from him but why did it scream? He jumped up on Shadow and slid the bread back into his satchel. "Guess eating will have to wait huh boy?"He patted the side of Shadown,grabbed the reigns and let out a heya. Shadow took off at full speed. Jack maneuvered him through the trees and the closer they got the louder the Hollow became. Jack had given different hollows names like for example this one is a screamer to him. They are usually letting out long and loud screams so other Hollows would come to them then the screamers and new Hollows would go somewhere.

Jack saw it though his thought was beginning to drift but as soon as he saw the Hollow all his focus went onto it. Jack jumped off Shadow peacefully. He began walking up to the beast grabbing his two swords from his back"Hey yeah you ugly freak,let's make this quick? You ruined my lunch." Jack began to run towards it and it did the same to Jack. He ran and jumped to the side hoping off a tree and delivering a nasty blow to its side. "Who said Knights can't run?"He knew he wouldn't get a response from the screamer but he made himself laugh. That disabled him to see the hollow run back and shouldering Jack to a tree. The Hollow got close its talons came from his hand."A ripper and a screamer?" He asked himself. He got lose just as soon as the Hollow dug its claws into the tree getting them stuck. "Let me help"Jack says raising his two swords and slicing the creatures arm off. When he was done there he too the sword up to the Hollows chest digging them in and pulling down.

Jack hoped back on Shadown and galloped off,you could hear the loud thump of the hollow falling over. He went back to the dirt road and sat along the fence

(My posts were going against two liners so I began getting less descriptive)

Example two:Pm,Idea:Futuristic Hell

Jack looked back at the door his eyes automatically shut not wanting to see whatever it was. He turned back towards the trees and jogged slightly trying to stay near Hazel. The tree line was a little far so Jack had enough time to view all his surroundings. The forest in front of them,the town behind them. He remembered the hospital was the end of the town so at least they were running somewhere sort of safe. The police station was to their left he knew this because it was where his dad worked. And then the railroads that led to the military base thirty point one miles away was to their right. He created a map for himself for future reference if needed. He could admit and scream out loud that he was scared but he stayed strong. When they got to the trees Jack stopped to catch his breath. He sat down on a rather large cold rock. You could tell it had rained the night before because of the wetness of the dirt under the tree.

"I didn't want to see whatever it was,did you see it? I think it was someone like us but I didn't want to find that out" Jack looked back at the hospital nothing was coming out the door they had run from so whatever it was gave up the chase. That was at least one good thing. Now they had time to rest fully all the stuff that had already happened began to sink in"Why are we alive? Out of 7 billion people in the world we might be the only ones alive." Jacks eyes darted back and forth. What the hell was going on? How did everyone in their town just disappear. He shook his head back and forth to get bad thoughts out of his head. He stood quickly"We need to find shelter it's going to rain soon and it's almost nightfall" he turned to his left. Maybe his dad was alive still at the police station there was only one way to find out.

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