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message 1: by Krysta (new) - added it

Krysta (krystafig) | 4089 comments Happy December!
Here is where we'll be discussing Semi-Charmed.
There was a tie this month for our Adult title, so this is only one of our two December Adult Books of the Month.

Feel free to rate, review, and chat. Please be courteous and hide any and all spoilers with the appropriate HTML tag.

Gabrielle (gabbilupe2012) | 18 comments Im super excited for this one

message 3: by Whitney (new) - added it

Whitney (whitneychakara) | 80 comments oh its free on unlimited and .99 otherwise in the US.

L.E. Wilson I LOVE this author! I've read both Semi-Charmed and Semi-Human. They're two of my favorite reads! Great pick!

message 5: by Krysta (new) - added it

Krysta (krystafig) | 4089 comments This has been nominated so many's about time it won!!!

MadameZelda Krysta wrote: "This has been nominated so many's about time it won!!!"

I agree. I voted for it so many times too! I have Semi-Human on my TBR shelf. (Can't read it at the moment. I am on a mission to complete a series that's in KU before the gifted KU subscription expires.)

message 7: by M.A. (new)

M.A. Levi (malevi) | 14 comments This seems like it'll be an amazing read. I'm glad it won!

Gabrielle (gabbilupe2012) | 18 comments too pumped it was free when I got and discounted audio for under 4 dollars

Larissa (rissareadsromance) | 43 comments I bought the book this morning and started reading it right away. I am really enjoying it so far!

Gabrielle (gabbilupe2012) | 18 comments Im reading it now. The format/writing style is funny. Im reaing it and listening to the audio book the narrator makes it sound like a satire. Im wondering if its considered one?

message 11: by Mary (new)

Mary | 4 comments I was disappointed. I couldn't connect with the characters. I couldn't really get into their attraction for each other. It felt like it happened too fast. I did however like the set up for possibly another book about Hunter and Mishka.

Gabrielle (gabbilupe2012) | 18 comments finished this a day or two ago. it's definitely a satire type so you can't take the formatting writing or dialogue too seriously. I did find the romance weird and quick. it's like girl you barely know this guy. I'd consider reading book 2 just for kicks :) the audio wasn't spectacular the narrator voice wasn't my fav, but it did help me get through the book faster, although it's a quick read anyway

Jenna | 20 comments I loved this book! I thought the characters were awesome and hilarious. I've read so much romance that I guess I'm accustomed to the fast-moving relationships--but even so, I thought this one was handled well. It started out as insta-lust, but didn't develop into love until later. (And it's a paranormal romance, so all standards of what's realistic are kinda out the window anyway) Long-story-short, I loved the book and thought the sequel was awesome too Semi-Human (Harper Hall Investigations, Book 2) by Isabel Jordan

Gabrielle (gabbilupe2012) | 18 comments definitely adding the second to my TBR

message 15: by Meghan (new)

Meghan (moorebooksplease) | 12 comments LOVE IT!!

Farren (mmmcookies) This book was ok. I expected more out of it. Especially when I noticed immediately it was all Buffy and Sookie influences (both of which I love.) So it was too unoriginal in my eyes.
I also thought at the end that it went from Twilighty love declarations to 50 Shades of Grey super fast lol
I may have enjoyed Mischa and Hunter's story more than the main one actually...

Cheryl La Pa (cheryllp) I loved it and the sequel was even better.
Here are my reviews:

Jacey | 8 comments This book is one of my favorites. Love the humor and quirky characters. I also loved book 2 in the seriesSemi-Human It's a fun, light read. Definitely a winner!

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