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Sarah Drea's eyes blurred as Bellator brought her into the apothecary. Glass bottles of all shapes and sizes adorned the walls. Bellator yelled for someone and Drea saw a flash of red and orange silk before everything went black.

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Sarah Aaron and Josiah entered the apothecary just as a dark-skinned old woman emerged from the back. She wore layers of orange and red wrapped around her body. "Put her on the table." The old woman pointed her ring covered finger to a smooth oak table. Aaron ran towards Drea, lifted her out of Belllator's hands and laid her on the table- his premonition coming to life.

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Sarah "She needs rosewood- It'll ease the pain but, nothing will cure her." Aaron whispered. "She's gone. I lost her." Aaron dropped to her side and said," Drea, my sweet Drea what has he done to you? Don't leave me. Please, I'm begging you. Don't leave.." Aaron covered his head in her dress, inhaling the sweet scent of cotton and lemons.

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Sarah "Yes, yes she did." Aaron lifted his head from where it had been resting. He looked curiously at the old woman before realization hit him and fell to the floor in prostration. "Hygieia, Daughter of Asclepius. " he whispered.

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Sarah The old woman shifted back into her true form, a pale woman stood before them now with unnatural beauty. Her blonde hair was braided into crown above her head and her eyes were dilated as if they were of a snake's. She bent down to where Aaron was kneeling, lifted his chin and said,"Yes, child." Her tongue belonging to that of a serpent slithered back into her perfect lips. Bellator and Josiah gasped as they noticed the large snake wrapped around Hygieia's body. "Isn't he lovely?" Hygieia asked with a feral smile.

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Sarah Aaron lifted his head, his eyes looking over the goddess with curiosity. " I don't know." Aaron said confidently. The goddess was coming closer to him and with every step he clenched his jaw. "Aren't you a charmer. Beautiful." Hygieia laid a wistful finger on the tip of Aaron's chin and forced him to look into her eyes. "If you are lying, Oh what a joy that would be!" She released a high-pitched giggle. "Now tell me, what deal did she strike?" She glared at Aaron with such fury it was bound to turn him to stone.

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Sarah " A deal far out of your power," Aaron replied spitting at her feet. In one swift motion, she grabbed Aaron from his collar, pulled him up and growled, "One more word and your woman dies, understand? I can cure her, if not permanently but long enough for you." She turned, her silks swishing as she enclosed around Drea, shooing Bellator and Josiah in the process.

"Apó to aíma kai ta ostá , ta dákrya kai tis lýpes , sas díno to fos , ton aéra , tin anapnoí," She chanted an Old Greek hymn, blowing on Drea's face and finally reaching to Olisthima who dug its fangs into Drea's arm.

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Sarah Hygieia threw her hand up, stopping Bellator. "Yes child, you were chosen by me. I saved you, blessed you. You should be grateful!" Hygieia turned back yo Drea, who's eyes began to flicker. Aaron ran to her, "Cmon. You could do this. Wake up. Please." Drea threw her eyes open and her luscious hazel green eyes were replaced with a black abyss, so dark the brightest stars couldn't be seen.

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Sarah Hygieia waved her hand in dismissal. "She is already saved. Give her a moment and time will tell."

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Sarah Drea's eyes paled, slowly turning back to it's original hue. She gasped as she looked up and around the apothecary. Drea noticed Aaron dozing off by her knees and Josiah and Bellator wrapped around each other on the floor. The vast room where she was being held was illuminated by candlelight making rays of orange dance around the room. Drea began to hum which evolved into a light song. Aaron lifted his head, his face worn and tired, making him look ages older. When he noticed Drea awake he began silently cying, running his fingers over her arm, her stomach, her face. " Mārā Drea," he whispered.

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Sarah Ignoring the tears that flooded down her cheeks, Drea continued to sing, louder this time with much more emotion. She sang about her fate, about the people around her, and finally for what would happen them all.

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Sarah The syllables of the song vibrated against Drea's lips and tongue. She heard the sobs escaping from both Bellator and Josiah's throat. Aaron was staring at her with such wonder and awe and Drea returned the look. What was going to happen to us?

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Sarah Drea turned towards Hygieia, not fully comprehending the fact that there was another person in the room. She turned towards the beauty, a pale gorgeous woman wrapped in ivory silk with a snake-like appearance. When Drea's eyes focused on her face she gasped and in no time, her shock turned into a burning fury.
"You! How dare you? How dare you touch me? Welcome me? Cure me?" Drea screamed pointing a weak finger at Hygieia.
Hygieia giggled, "Remember me, sweetheart?"

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Sarah "Of course! Sh-She's Erobos' !" Drea screamed.

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Sarah "Get away from me!" Drea screamed backing away from Bellator. She turned towards Hygieia, who had a smirk on her face. "Oh Darling, everyone down under is calling you that now. My title is gone-not that I'm too happy about it," Hygieia said.

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Sarah Aaron grabbed Drea, holding her in her arms. "It's time to go." Drea looked up at Aaron with blurry eyes and slowly nodded a sob threatening to escape. Aaron took large steps out of the apothecary, hoping for...a future.

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