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Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) "Yeah," says Tamara. "Our entire plane had to wait outside before we entered here and went through the portal." She passes a group of locals chatting over beers and finds the group an open table.

"Any drinks?" asks a waitress, holding a bottle of beer.

Tamara cringes a bit. She's not supposed to drink but had a little wine the Christmas after she turned eighteen. The smell of beer, however, makes her feel sick.

"Tea please," she says. "And a roll."

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) ((Did you realize you're posting the same message twice every time?))

"Over here!" Tamara calls to Bellator. Her corner of the room is fairly peaceful on the pub-adjusted scale. She finishes her roll.

"Anyone else need to charge devices?" she asks.

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) "okay," Tamara walks outside the building, savoring the fresh air. Two steps. Three. She feels the sewer cover. The portal. Another step, a mutter of guttural gibberish, and she's in, traveling so fast, her body threatens to throw up the roll and all that tea.

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Sarah | 345 comments "Bellator, there's a cute guy to your left that keeps staring at you!" Drea nudges Bellator as she directs her eyes to the gentleman staring at her roommate. The Pub was crowded and reeked of alcohol.

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Sarah | 345 comments Bellator drops to the floor.
"Bellator-Bell!" Drea yells as she shakes Bellator.
"She needs water! Give me some water!" Drea yells at a passing waitress.
Drea sprinkles the water on Bellator's face and shoves the remaining liquid down her throat.
Bellator wakes up with a jolt.

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Sarah | 345 comments Drea relaxed.

"Are you sure it was the portal? I think it was the lad." Drea winks.

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) Tamara finishes charging her player.
"Hey guys," she says.

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Sarah | 345 comments "Yep, the portals force..Bellator's right we should get going, its getting late."
Drea reaches for Bellator.

"We're going to have to use the portal, its the only way." Drea crunches her eyes, uncertainty flashing through them.

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) Tamara steps on the sewer cover.

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) "You step on it and use a spell. If you can't use spells, well, you can't use it," Tamara says.

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) Tamara pushes the sewer cover and descends down. It is not as dizzying as the first time.

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Sarah | 345 comments Drea follows Tamara, giving an encouraging smile to Bellator before descending.

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Sarah | 345 comments The Pub was just as crowded as Drea remembered. Sweaty bodies rubbing against each other and wild men undressing women with their ravaging eyes. It was disgusting, but the Pub had a decent beer. Drea consciously pulled her khaki wool cardigan over her shoulders as she took a seat at a table far right.

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Sarah | 345 comments As soon as Bellator left, Drea got up and walked straight to the powder room.

She held her nose as she walked in, doubting her decisions. Drea reached out to pull off her cardigan only to remember Aaron. Aaron's kisses, his care, and especially his love- which she so strongly returned back.

"What's wrong with me? Have I no dignity? No self-control?"

Drea looked down at her body with such loath and disgust. She grabbed her things and stormed out of the loo, hoping to get to the table before Bellator.

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Sarah | 345 comments Drea reached the table just as Bellator came back, blushing head to toe.
"Didn't we agree that the loser would pay for the drink and not a flirting bartender? Drea smirked- Bellator smiled to herself as she set the drinks on the table and reached to sit down.
"Are you considering him? Or is it just an infatuation?" Drea asked as she chugged down half of the beer.

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Sarah | 345 comments Drea swung her head back and laughed."Are you babbling? Oh Lord, Bellator, you're hilarious!" Drea noticed Bellator's annoyed expression and swallowed up her laughter. "Okay, okay, I'm sorry. But..Is there someone special? You know, back home?" Drea asked.

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Sarah | 345 comments Drea noticed Bellator's change in mood and decided to dig deeper- maybe discover a few things without the help of her abilities.
"What do you mean, was?" Drea asked politely. Drea caught herself, " Am I intruding? I truly am sorry but, if you want to share anything, know that I'm here for you." The girls had bonded in ways Drea could not understand.

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Sarah | 345 comments Drea laughed, a full belly laugh. "You? Powers?" Drea wiped a tear from her eye. She looked over at Bellator who looked as though she may puke. It must have been the drinks. "Okay, enough with the jokes. What actually happened?" Seconds passed and Bellator didn't reply, Drea paled. Was she speaking the truth?

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Sarah | 345 comments " What do you mean powers?" Drea whispered after a few breaths.

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Sarah | 345 comments "Okay, cool. So, since you didn't buy the drink how about you just get me a coffee some other time?" Drea asked as she swallowed the last of her drink and looked straight into Bellator's eyes.

((They have way too similar powers...use your original one but with a different origin, maybe? And does Alaska exist?))

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Sarah | 345 comments ((Nice!!))

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Sarah | 345 comments ((No. I'm just using the original reply.))

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Sarah | 345 comments "Nope. Not at all. What could I say? That you're a monster? I doubt you chose your gift." Drea replied. Drea straightened out her clothes and got up to refill drinks. " I think we both deserve a few more drinks. Let's see if anyone's willing to pay." Drea winked as she waved and walked toward the bartender.

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Sarah | 345 comments Drea whistled, attracting the attention of others. "What are you pugs looking at?" Drea asked with a growl. She turned around to see the bartender sweating as he poured the drinks. " Look here, lad. You need lessons on flirting. If you want a girl, be respectable about it. God, open flirting is horrifying!" Drea exclaimed throwing up her hands. It was getting late and she doubted they wouldn't be hungover tomorrow morning.

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Sarah | 345 comments Drea jumped in between them. " Sorry. We truly are sorry. You could have the rest of our drinks- on us." Drea said to the man and grabbed Bellator's hand as she pulled her towards the portal. She could hear the men's shouts as they jumped through, not preparing themselves for the coursing power that transported them to a world so far away.

((Continue in Bellator, Grace, Drea, and Tamara's Dorm))

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Sarah | 345 comments Aaron put his head down on the table, a headache brewing. Aaron swung in and out of consciousness for a minute when he heard Josiah speaking to the two girls next to him.

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Sarah | 345 comments "Grand." Aaron mumbles sarcastically. Josiah looks over at him with worried eyes. "I'm fine, I'll finish my beer and head back. You have a good time."

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Sarah | 345 comments "Neither are you. Let's not question loyalty." Aaron growled, got up and left. He'd had enough.

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Sarah | 345 comments "Truth? What are we? We've known each other for three weeks and you want me to tell you all my deepest secrets? Be rational, please." Aaron was getting moody, and he knew it.

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Sarah | 345 comments Aaron chugged down two more beers before heading out himself.

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Sarah | 345 comments ((Continue in Dorms))

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Sarah | 345 comments ((St.Catherine's))

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Sarah | 345 comments Aaron rolled his eyes as Drea stifled a laugh. Bellator and Josiah were just adorable and the bartender? Even better. Bellator scowled at Drea as she turned the corner, Josiah following her, his hands still formed into fists. "Fro-yo?" Drea asked, Bellator nodded and they stepped out of the Pub.

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Sarah | 345 comments "I can't believe you're blaming him. Wake up Bellator! Go over exactly what happened that night in the chapel. Last time I remember, you said no." Drea walked away, folding her arms.

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Sarah | 345 comments Aaron picked up the food and walked over to Josiah, Drea, and Bellator. Bellator's eyes were puffy and Drea looked exasperated. "Shall we?" Aaron asked opening the door and exiting. Summer's humidity heavy against their skin.

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Sarah | 345 comments ((Continue in Ice-cream Parlor))

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