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message 1: by Laurie (new)

Laurie (lauriewjn) | 10 comments I wrote and self-published a short story last year, and my daughter thinks I should make it into a full length novel. So far it has gotten some good reviews. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in reading my story and letting me know if you think I should try to extend it to novel length. I am especially interested in feedback about where you think the story can go. It is a historical fiction piece that follow a locket through five generations of women in the same family. Here is the link to the story, Let me know if you re interested in reading it and I will send you a pdf or gift you a copy on Amazon. Thanks so much

message 2: by Soraya (new)

Soraya Soraya (sorayabooks) | 2 comments Hi Laurie please do not be offended by my refusal - I am in the middle of book two and three of a trilogy that I am writing but I know how hard it is to get reviews - the ones I get are fab but for some reason peple email me persoanlyy to tell me it wonderful yet dont click on the amazon link - as a last rsort I sent up a mailing list on my website and offered a free gift - then messaged some and sent the pdf to those who expressed interest in reading it - do you have a website even if you have I suggest that you use wordpress as it has a contact button that you simply add to your blogs - that has helped me - I know others have paid for links like this but I feel I would rather not pay until I am earning enough to justify the outlay - I am happy to help in any other way except reading - but get in touch anytime and if I can help I will
Bklessings Soraya

message 3: by Laurie (new)

Laurie (lauriewjn) | 10 comments Thanks Soraya - I'm not actually asking for reviews, I have some already, I am asking specifically for some advice about taking my short story and making it into a novel. I am wondering if anyone else has done this before, and I would love some feedback about my story and whether it has good potential to be a full length novel.

message 4: by Soraya (new)

Soraya Soraya (sorayabooks) | 2 comments Oh sorry I misunderstood - I would go nack onto the beginning and extend the narrative - look at each chapter and ask "what if " see what comes to mind - The programme is one of i suppose manny programmes designed for new authors and it may help you to plan things out. I checked it out for you and its running a promo at £18 just now
I hope that helps and I am sure others will offer more advice Blessings soraya

message 5: by K.B. (new)

K.B. Stevens (KBStevens) | 1 comments Laurie- I was hooked from the first sentence (who doesn't love fire, torches, and an angry mob :-). It sounds to me as though you are having more of a, "fear of commitment" issue than lack of ideas, or faith in the expandability of your short story. As it is already well reviewed and your daughter has given you the green light to keep going, I guess it all comes down to your willingness to commit to transforming it into a full length novel. Feel free to pdf me a copy at:
and I will offer any feedback I can.

message 6: by Laurie (new)

Laurie (lauriewjn) | 10 comments Thanks so much - I will send you a copy

message 7: by Vincent (new)

Vincent Morrone (vincentmorrone) | 3 comments I'm not much about Historical fiction, but let me ask, how long is the story now?

message 8: by Laurie (new)

Laurie (lauriewjn) | 10 comments Vincent wrote: "I'm not much about Historical fiction, but let me ask, how long is the story now?"

Thanks Vincent - right now the story is only 63 pages

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