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Dionysus's Cabin

- Makayla Tindall

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Butterfly Mentions Makayla sits unsure on her bed. She doesn't know what to do. She wishes that her mum would have drunken less and be more the mum she promised to be...Like she used to be when Makayla was little. "I hope I will find some friends here I can trust.", she thinks and looks outside of her cabin.
Makayla arrived deep in the night so she couldn't talk much with others. "I'll go and look around a bit", she mumbles to herself.

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Butterfly Mentions After a little time on the beach, Makayla felt better. It was difficult to forget what happened that night: how she had to run away, not only because of the monsters which lurked in the nearby forest, but the crashing glass and wine which hit the floor, her mother who had one of her drunken tantrums and all the broken promises and tears she shed because Makayla believed her mother that she would change...

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Butterfly Mentions "And all because of my dad who I never met...", Makayla cried. She never hated anybody. But it was difficult to like someone who only brought trouble after trouble even after disappearing.

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Ronand had heard crying and stepped in. "Are you okay?" He said looking confused.

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Butterfly Mentions "I'm ok, thank you...", Makayla tried to smile. "I only wish my dad never would have met my mum...".
"Who are you?", Makayla asked friendly and politely.

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"I'm Ronand." He grinned. He just got here and was already making friends.

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Butterfly Mentions Makayla felt excited and happy that she seemed to have found a new friend. It was such a relief to talk with someone nice. And after all what happened she really needed a good friend.

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"So...your Dad is Dionysus. My Dad is Hephaestus." He breathed out. Ronand never liked telling people that. They asked questions after that....

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Butterfly Mentions "Oh, that's nice. What powers do you have?", Makayla smiled at him. Ronand sounded very nice and sincere. And she was curious to know more about him because he was so kind to her before.

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abi (smith_abigail_i-) | 726 comments Estee walked in to the cabin "oh hi she said as she noticed makayla I don't think weve met im Estee you Are?" she looked up at makayla and then ronand she smiled at him.

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Butterfly Mentions "Hello, I'm Makayla." Makayla blushed a bit and smiled, "It's so nice to meet you both." She looked at Ronand and Estee.

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abi (smith_abigail_i-) | 726 comments "yeah you too." said Estee cheerfully

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Butterfly Mentions Makayla felt glad. "Which cabin are yours?"

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"To answer your question. I have fire, Tech, Locks and forging. And I believe Estee is a Satyr." He looked down. Fire wasn't his favorite thing.

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abi (smith_abigail_i-) | 726 comments "oh sorry yeah what he said." Estee said

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Butterfly Mentions "No, please don't be sorry. I feel so glad that I met you both." Makayla beamed at them.

"You both are so kind and nice to me. I would love to be friends with you." Makayla looked a bit shy, but also expressed her joy for meeting Estee and Ronand.

She knew from the beginning that she could trust them both and that they never would judge her, they already proved by being so gentle.

Makayla only hoped they would accept her as a friend, but because of her shyness and her bad experiences early in her life, she wasn't sure.
She looked unsure on her shoes because Makayla hoped she didn't embarrass herself by asking them.

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