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Hera's Cabin

- Zero Obsidian
-Kaia Marksman
-Skylar Blue

((shouldn't have any but it's RP so whatever))

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Anastacia (ana3) | 21 comments Kaia opened the door to her cabin, a bag on her shoulder. She looked around at the other bunks, noting that only one bed seemed to be in use. The young girl decided to chose a bed far from the bed in use.

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Skylar opened the door softly. She timidly stepped inside, bringing a blue suitcase with her. "Hello?" She called out gently. Everything she did seemed to be gentle.

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She shrugged and towed her suitcase to a bed. She opened it and began putting things neatly away. When she was done she sat on her bedspread and grabbed her hairbursh. She began to brush, humming as she did.

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((Yaysies! Do you have a character? If not, make one!!))

Alex Danvers -Athena's SlytherClaw Daughter ((I do... It's an Athena Camper... Let me lok again.))

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((Then have her come in))

Alex Danvers -Athena's SlytherClaw Daughter ((Okay...))

Alex wasn't sure what she was doing coming into the Athena cabin but she had been told by Jax that she should so she walked on in and smiled at the girl as she did so.

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((This is Hera's cabin))

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Skylar stopped brushing and looked up. "H-Hi.." She whispered.

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((Gotta go sorry))

Alex Danvers -Athena's SlytherClaw Daughter Alex smiled and stopped at an appropriate distance so the girl wasn't uncomfortable or scared.... "Afternoon, I'm Alexis. My friend told me that there was a new camper in here and I'm guessing he meant you.... Need any help?" she said kindly

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"Actually, I so have a few questions..." Skylar said timidly.

Alex Danvers -Athena's SlytherClaw Daughter ((Yay!!))

"Okay!... Ask away.." Alex said as she smiled and leaned against the way with a smile as she waited quietly for the question to be asked and tried to be as sweet and kind as possible

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"Are people friendly here? Because i get lost easy." Skylar asked her first of many questions.

Alex Danvers -Athena's SlytherClaw Daughter Alex thought about he question and then answered, "Some people... Most people are unless you get on their bad side... But I can given you a tour of you want and stay by and check up on you until you feel comfortable walking by yourself... If you want." she said sweetly

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"Thank you. Very much. I might just bless your wedding." Skylar smiled.

Alex Danvers -Athena's SlytherClaw Daughter Alex laughed, "Thanks.... But I have no intention to get married anytime soon.... And I don't even have a crush so thanks, But it might be a while." she joked happily

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"Well, when you decide to marry. Another question: Are there anyone who could possibly be counselor?" Skylar asked.

Alex Danvers -Athena's SlytherClaw Daughter ((What is Skylar asking?? The wording is a little confusing.... Sorry.))

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Seeing Alex's confused face, Skylar said, "I have been suicidal for many years." She rolled up the sleeves of her sweater and showed her the scars. "Is there anyone who would be able to counsel me? To help me through my suicidal mode?"

Alex Danvers -Athena's SlytherClaw Daughter The second Alex saw Skylar's scars she understood, but she didn't show any emotion other than recognition as she remembered a friend who had died from such cruelty and torture of herself and she nodded before saying something. "Yes... A lot of the elder campers have been trained to help.... I have too actually." she said

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"Great thanks. My dad sent me here because of this. Alex my life isn't worth living. This body... It means nothing." Skylar sighed as she rolled down her sweater sleeves.

Alex Danvers -Athena's SlytherClaw Daughter "All life means somethings... And just because you hadn't found out what is means doesn't mean that it doesn't mean something." Alex countered gently as she smiled and briefly hugged Skylar before backing off in case she didn't like hugs

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Skylar grimaced slightly. "Sorry, it's not the hug." She said quickly. "It's this." She lifted her sweater a little, revealing a long red angry scar along her stomach. "I really should not be around weapons." She deadpanned.

Alex Danvers -Athena's SlytherClaw Daughter ((Is this real?))

Alex examined the scare and nodded tab he voice inside her head that was accessing the scar as well before speaking. "Well if you want to get rid of that there are some spells and gels that I know and have that can take it away." she said with a smile

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((I do have a scar on my stomach but it was by accident. No matter how bad things get I would never consider hurting myself.))
"Scars show bravery. I would rather put up with the pain. If you don't mind." Skylar smiled graciously.

Alex Danvers -Athena's SlytherClaw Daughter ((Thank goodness!))

Alex nodded and stepped back, "Okay... Makes sense, but if you ever need any medical attention just go to an Apollo camper.... or me. I know quiet a good amount to help our." she said

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"Thanks. One more question if I may.. Is there anything to do?? I'll go stir fry crazy in here all day." Skyler cocked her head.

Alex Danvers -Athena's SlytherClaw Daughter Alex laughed and nodded, "There is Sooo much you can do here. So much... I'll even show you around if you want, but I suggest you get unpacked because when you get back tonight you'll probably just collapse onto your bed and sleep." she said

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((sorry had to cry))
"Good idea." Skylar giggled a little as she looked at her suitcase, which still had some things in it.

Alex Danvers -Athena's SlytherClaw Daughter ((What?? Why??))

Alex laughed and smiled, "Want some help?" She asked as she looked at Skyler's suitcase and then back at the girl as she waited an andeer

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((Everything reminds me of Arella))

"That would be nice. You're the first person who's been genuinely nice to me in a long time. For that, I owe you a debt of gratitude." Skylar bowed her head.

Alex Danvers -Athena's SlytherClaw Daughter ((Awwww!!! *hugs* hoe are you?))

Alex beamed and grinned as she bleeds back and then chuckles as she crossed the floor and helped Skylet unpack her stuff from the suitcase and talk about what activities could be done

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"When I got here I signed up for designing jobs. I'm pretty good with a needle and thread. Sewing machines I'm pretty handy with too" Skylar mentioned.

Alex Danvers -Athena's SlytherClaw Daughter ((Why??))

"Cool!! Where did you learn to see and use your hands that way?" Alex asked, Intrigued with what attributes this girl carried, especially being a daughter of Hera

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((Ya know, just post crying stuff))
"Well, it all started when I was 8. Since I obviously wasn't into sports considering I am pretty graceful, I signed up for sewing classes. I picked it up quickly and soon I was a pro. I can make and do pretty much anything." Skylar grinned. "It also takes my mind off suicide." She added in a low voice.

Alex Danvers -Athena's SlytherClaw Daughter ((Ah yes... I do know.))

"Wow! Thats great!" Alex exclaimed and then nodded and smiled at the second part as she stores that away jju

Alex Danvers -Athena's SlytherClaw Daughter To store that away for later here she needs to
Use it.

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Skylar shook herself. Her dull hazel eyes brightened as she lifted out a book. "A Tale of Two Cities. My favorite book." She held the well worn book against her chest.

Alex Danvers -Athena's SlytherClaw Daughter "Ahhh!" Alex said as she recognized the book in Skyler's hand and smiled, "I've never read the book but I have heard of it and all that. It said to be s good one. A classic. It's on my list to read" she saddes

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"I will have to lend it to you! It goes like this, after eighteen years as a political prisoner in the Bastille, the ageing Doctor Manette is finally released and reunited with his daughter in England. There the lives of two very different men, Charles Darnay, an exiled French aristocrat, and Sydney Carton, a disreputable but brilliant English lawyer, become enmeshed through their love for Lucie Manette. From the tranquil roads of London, they are drawn against their will to the vengeful, bloodstained streets of Paris at the height of the Reign of Terror, and they soon fall under the lethal shadow of La Guillotine. My dad used to read this to me." Skylar said excitedly.

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Alex Danvers -Athena's SlytherClaw Daughter Alex smiled and listened to Skyler explain the story, glad to see the girl happy and excited. "Wow! I'll definitely have to read it now!... Good thing I have a copy of it in my book pile." She said with a smile as she leaned against the wall again and then smiled more

Alex Danvers -Athena's SlytherClaw Daughter ((Sorry!!! I was helping my mom with something.))

((Anyway, be safe and happy! Guten Nacht!!))

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((It's OK I just got tired))
"I also have brought with, The Time Travler's Wife. Another one of my favorites." Skylar pulled it out as well. "It's meant for adults, but I'm mature." She smiled.

Alex Danvers -Athena's SlytherClaw Daughter ((Oh okay!.... Guten Morgen Evie!!))

Alex smiled wider at the sound of a familiar book and nodded, "It is, but I've read it too. I only read it once, last summer, but it was good. Not at all similar to what I usually read but still somewhat in the range and all." she said

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"My dad wanted me to grow up and be smart so i would have a good life. So he read me classic books that were beyond my age level. I miss him." Skylar said quietly.

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