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Lauren (laurenrva) A journal/diary of a woman's solo thru hike in the 60's or 70's. I think it was printed in her own handwriting, definitely illustrated with her own sketches. I remember a story where she met up with a man who had a small plane and took her for a flight and she drew a picture of the plane. I can't remember any other specific illustrations. I think she took a break at some point due to injury and started back up at a later time. That's about all I can remember. There are so many memoirs now of thru hikers...I've searched every variation of keywords on google that I can think of but have had no luck so far. I'm hoping someone else here has read it! I loaned it to someone years ago and never got it back. Thanks in advance if you can help me find this book again!

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Lauren (laurenrva) I FOUND IT! Wow, just typing out that description finally gave me the right keywords to find what I've been searching for. In case anyone is wondering, it it "A Woman's Journey" by Cindy Ross. :-)
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