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So this is my rant thread. Commenting allowed, but no spam and stuffs. I will talk about things that mean a lot to me and also things that need to be said.

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I have something to say, and honestly I don't think I'm the only one who feels like this and has situations like this.
This is to the boys who sit in front of me in class, making jokes about cutting and suicide: I don't think you're funny. Not at all. I don't think YOU think you're funny. Your jokes? They aren't okay. There are people out there who really do cut themselves to feel better. That is what they use to pull themselves out of the darkness, as they push themselves even further down and when you laugh and make jokes people get hurt. I'm not laughing and neither is anyone else.
But even more so, joking about suicide isn't even remotely funny and I have zero respect for you. I don't think you'll ever read this and I don't care. I think someone else might need to read it anyway. Suicide isn't funny. There are people who constantly battle themselves suicide every single day. Who question their worth and think all they want is to die. Still funny?
Even more to go with that there are people who are forever hurting because they lost friends and family due to suicide. Imagine losing your best friend or close family because they killed his or herself. You sit there and ask yourself why and think it's your fault and there's so much unsaid and you just don't know. But it's soooo hilarious, right? Didn't think so.

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Upcoming Rant: Religious Hypocrisy

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Yeah no, probably will just kinda post on here like a journal, except longer posts cuz I'm too lazy to type rants XD

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