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Query abandoned by poster > Children's book of various stories, possibly blue, pages were GOLD-TRIMMED. Read in the mid-90s. Stories such as "The Emperor's New Clothes", etc.

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Katherine Fluty (keikodesuu) | 6 comments I hope I am recalling the same book, as I think there may have been a Disney book just like this. I recall this being a pretty big, heavy blue book and the edges of the pages were gold. The only story I recall was The Emperor's New Clothes, with color pictures on white pages. I had this book probably between the early to mid 90s, but it could be from the 80s. I'm sorry I can't remember anything else about it... thanks in advance for your help!!

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Does the title have something to do with bedtime stories? And does the book also include the Forty Thieves story? Because I think I own this book. It's large (because it's a compilation of stories) and hardcover, and both the hardcover and the discover are the blue, and the title is written in gold. Also on the dust cover is a little illustration from some of the stories, and all the stories are those old classic ones. I hope this is the book you're talking about! If it is, I'll get the title for you when I get home.

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Katherine Fluty (keikodesuu) | 6 comments I honestly don't remember the title or the other stories inside, but the other descriptions you gave sound very promising! It's definitely a hard-cover blue book. The pages are gold-trimmed with old-style colorful illustrations. I hope it's the same book! Thanks for checking, Makayla!

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Lobstergirl | 38241 comments Mod
Katherine, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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No response; moving to Abandoned.

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