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All humans with no affiliations with the White Lotus or Demons may be placed here. The template for all characters can be found here

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━── ─ · · ·  C L E O   M A R I A N N E   V A N H A N E N  · · · ─ ──━
××× aɢᴇ ; twenty-three
╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾ ( april 28 )
××× gᴇɴᴅᴇʀ ; female
╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾ ( bisexual )
××× sᴘᴇᴄɪᴇs ; human
╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾ ( neutral )

 green × pale blonde × 5'7" × 130 lbs × multiple ear piercings
────────────  alexandra  tikerpuu  ────────────
[ w ] hoever it was that claimed that a pretty face means an empty head had obviously never been in a debate against Cleo. She's got a sharp mind and a quick tongue, but she chooses not to use it too often. Cleo has always been the type to keep her cards close to her chest, never letting anyone understand just how intelligent she really is, never letting anyone see her full potential, never letting anyone past the careful walls she'd built over the years. She's a private, independent woman, scared of being the one at a disadvantage, even though her life has been a constant struggle of trying to overcome the obstacles she was born with.

Stunning in looks, sensual, smart, and with a stubborn streak a mile wide, Cleo knows how to employ various means of persuasion to get her way. But there are some lines she's never crossed, lines she hopes she'll never have to cross, no matter how rough life has gotten. And it's gotten pretty damn rough. Although she's focused and driven, circumstance has kept Cleo back from achieving everything she hopes to one day achieve. She aspires to a future she's never told anyone about, and although she used to be full of hope, now she just feels increasingly held down, held back. Cleo keeps her dreams close and works hard, because she knows luck sure as hell isn't on her side. It'll be her sweat and blood and tears that will take her where she wants to go.

Quite a few of those, unfortunately. For all her quiet confidence, the grace she walks with on the street, her snappy bravado, her cool, uncompromising eyes, Cleo knows far too well that feeling of defeat, of failure, of hating herself, of hating others. That tightening in her stomach right as the stress and the hopelessness builds up, the empty feeling in her chest afterwards -- Cleo is not stranger to losing herself. But despite this, Cleo is afraid of losing control. She's scared of that moment when she will once again be dependent. But it seems to her that she hasn't lived a single day in complete control of her life -- sometimes, it just feels like one disaster after another.
×××× admires ╾ learning ; cats ; the beach
××× abhors ╾ those who take unfair advantage ; dependence
×× fortes ╾ intelligent ; hard-working ; resourceful ; independent
× faults ╾ stubborn ; emotional instability ; secretive ; unwilling to accept help
[ m ] ost people didn't look at Cleo when she was younger and think that she was growing up in a rough household, in a rocky financial situation, with little support for her inquisitive, fast-tracked mind. Cleo had, even at that age, perfected her quiet confidence and graceful intelligence that set her apart from her classmates -- the best option for a girl who didn't want anyone knowing where she came from. With a missing father and a perpetually high mother, Cleo spent the first eight years of her life as a lonely child, working harder than anyone in her grade to try to be better, to get out. And then Thea was born, and Cleo's mother didn't change a damn thing, and it fell to Cleo to take care of this tiny being, a little malnourished thing that wasn't even her own, but that she would lay her life down for in a heartbeat.

It continued this way for years, through high school, with Cleo juggling her own ambitious studies while taking care of Thea. She graduated valedictorian, got accepted into all her top colleges... But she couldn't just leave Thea alone at home, with a mother who had turned increasingly abusive, with Sarah's constant stream of crass, dirty men, in that tiny house that stunk of dead-ends. So Cleo took Thea with her. It's not like Sarah gave a fuck; she wasn't going to do anything about it. And although she's been getting by -- struggling, but making do -- so far, Cleo's at her wit's end. She had to take years off from college in order to make enough money to pay for both her and Thea's living, and for her undergraduate education. Now she's 23 and in her senior year, so close to making it through, to achieving this first piece of her dream, and things are falling into shambles around her shoulders, splintering, breaking. And Cleo just doesn't know if she can do it anymore -- she doesn't know what to do anymore.
×××× family ╾ father -- unknown ; mother -- sarah ; younger sister -- thea
××× allies ╾ thea ; tba
×× enemies ╾ tba
× lovers ╾ simon -- future


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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 560 comments Mod
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━━━━━━━━━ · · · ( eryka ganessa valu ) · · · ━━━━━━━━━━━
21 ( x/xi ) ▸ femme ( bisexual + single ) ▸ human ( outsider ) ▸ n. america
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( p e r s o n a l i t y ▸
Eryka has always been a firm believer in possibilities. Hopeful, optimistic; call it whatever you want. She believes that there is always a chance that things can go right, just as as easily as they can go wrong. I guess one would attribute her thought process to something akin to an idealist. She likes focusing on the possibility of good, but still prepares for the bad things. She's, in this sense, open to all sorts of things. Experimenting with life has become a habit for her, a careful risk-taking. She wouldn't do anything so radical as putting her life on the line for a rush of adrenaline, of course, but she doesn't let the fear of failure hold her back. She embraces the idea of failure, and sees it as a reason to goo on. Because the possibility of right, is just as strong as the possibility of wrong.

Being absentminded has its ups and downs. Eryka has a tendency to forget things, and usually resorts to writing lists upon lists of things that she may need to do. Even then, she still manages to forget at least one thing from those numerous lists. However, much of her thinking comes in that time when she's not paying much attention to the world around her. While she has been known to walk out into traffic in those times, she does get a lot of what she might need to think about done. It's just that she, well, forgets it all later on if she doesn't put it down in some physical form.

Diligence is the best way that Eryka knows how to combat her absentmindedness. She tries to get as much as she can done in one go, because she knows she's going to forget something if she doesn't. She's a hard worker, truly. There's just something satisfying in knowing that she's gotten her work done and can relax. Sure, she might have left something out without realizing it, but she tends to consult her lists again before she sets everything down.
admires ▸ lists, smoothies, cotton candy, vanilla scented things
abhors ▸ her forgetfulness, nutmeg, iced coffee
fortes ▸ diligent, optimistic, open-minded
faults ▸ forgetful, easily distracted, clumsy

ashley smithblue ▸ blonde ▸ 5'5" ▸ 164 lbs ▸ freckles ▸ gap tooth
Eryka has always been the girl that people would be willing to buy a drink for. With a sweet little southern belle accent, and freckles that pop when she smiles, most people think of her as being fairly cute. The adorable little sister that they want to take care of. But she's always been a little insecure about certain aspects of her appearance, namely the gap in her teeth.
( b i o g r a p h y ▸
For as long as Eryka can remember, she has always felt that there's something else out there. Not the kind with flying saucers and alien lights, but something less tangible. The kind of thing you have to go to church for, which she does. Or, well, she consults with priests about. Her parents were never any kind of religious, and they didn't seem to care that there daughter would prattle on about angels and demons. They thought it was a fanciful nothing that she'd get over.

However, Eryka never did. If anything, her interest in the religiously fantastic only seemed to grow with her. By the time she was ten, she was walking to the nearest church on her own. Everyone has some sort of stigma associated with religion, and as undeclared atheists, her parents were much the same. They hoped she wouldn't become what they assumed was a close-minded bigot, but they really never had much to worry about. They just had to focus on the fact that she was walking a five mile distance alone, sometimes at night.

When puberty hit her like a ton of bricks, Eryka would often hear herself being likened to an angel. And she'd be upset more than flattered. Based on everything that she'd learned in the years, she'd felt like that was an honor undeserving of her. Tears were abundant int hose times, and lord was a gross crier. But, while she understood that they were trying to say this to get a chance to feel her up, she knew that they meant no real harm. Ignorance was bliss, she guessed.

However, her obliviousness to what this meant, all the compliments, may have been what brought her closer to the other spectrum of creatures. The unholiest of the unholy. Some family histories aren't worth knowing, or just should never be known. In the case of Eryka's ancestors, such was the case. Though, if those stories weren't real, she may not even be alive at this point.

Years of clumsiness and obliviousness often had her bumping into others or walking out into the middle of the road as a car sped by. And years would go by that she'd feel a push out of the way. In one such occasion, when she was eighteen,took place outside a bar. The guys were obviously drunk, and not thinking any type of straight thought when they collided with her. Despite her best apologies, they wouldn't leave her be. She can remember attempting to walk away, and then she remembers being home. She doesn't know what happened.

But, three years later, she still trying to figure it out.
family ▸ mother -- Samantha, father -- Aaron
allies ▸ Harold
enemies ▸ None, at the moment
lover(s) ▸

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