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Maggie White Maggie Dec 04, 2015 11:37AM
Maggie White
Ms. Piernicky
Honors/ AP English Language
23 November 2015
Yes Please by Amy Poehler Book Review
Yes Please by Amy Poehler was funny, insightful, entertaining, and well written. Amy Poehler let you inside her own head and once you finished the book you felt like you could actually be friends with her. This is the kind of book that you didn't want to put down even thought it was 11:30pm and you had school the next day. I never wanted the jokes, advice, stories, and random and hilarious lists to end. Amy Poehler gives some great advice, but some of it is cliche and she repeats herself a lot. All of her stories end in the same message: to be confident in yourself. This is a good message, but I got the point in the first chapter.
Amy Poehler is a really good writer, but her book is all over the place. It's messy and disorganized, but I think it works for her. The messy book reflects her own personality and humor. It adds to her crazy ideas and humor. My favorite part of the book was her random outbursts and side notes. Most of these didn't make sense or relate to the topic, but they were all still hilarious. Amy Poehler talks about her childhood, her divorce, all the hard work she put into being a comedian, SNL, Parks and Recreation, and motherhood. I can't say that this book was heartwarming, but it was insightful and important. It was funny while still giving great advice. Amy Poehler let you into her life, but not too much so that she could keep some of it personal. Overall I thought it was a great and entertaining book. It is the perfect book to read when you feel life is getting too hard or sad. Amy Poehler brightened my day every time I opened Yes Please.

Y'all are crazy!
I listened to Yes, Please and it was nothing but fun.

Great review) I really like it very much)

Dale - I was turned off to Tina's book because Yes Please was so bad!!

Dale Pearl I didn't care for Amy's. She tries to be more than what she is. There is a cockiness and arrogance also that come through. That could be her way of de ...more
Dec 07, 2015 06:00AM

You should read Tina Fey's Bossy Pants. I found that one substantially better than Amy's book

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