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Clara 1-Luwin told Theon he should yield, they could already see the scouts outside the walls, and he got no response from his uncle or father. I really liked Maester Luwin in this conversation, how honest he was. He said he serves the realm, which reminded me of Varys, and Winterfell. Theon didn’t hear, and told him to send more birds. I mean, he has to know he will get no response, no matter how many birds he sends.

2-Theon asked the men who will fight Rodrik with him, and none moved. It was really harsh for him, he had to acknowledge he was not loved by his men. Wex moved, that kid is too good for him, and then other men followed, moved by their shame in my opinión. Theon got 17 men, all her sister’s men went away. It’s blow after blow for Theon in this chapter, but well, he deserves it.

3-I liked Theon didn’t kill the people of the castle, like he was suggested. The odds were not in his favor, he got 17 men against at least 1000. Not good at all. Cerwyn was with a peace banner, Rodrik wanted to talk with Theon Turncloak. He didn’t like that name, but what did he expect? He lived ten years with the Starks, and it seems people of the north considered him a Stark like his father did.

4-Theon knew he would die friendless and abandoned, but well, he brought this upon himself. He went and talked, and of course the northmen wanted him dead. Rodrik was ashamed he taught him how to fight, what a hard thing to hear. Both sides wanted the other to surrender, but Theon had Beth with a noose around her neck. He could tell Rodrik was not surprised, and he was sad about it. But then again, what did he expect with all the shit he did? Rodrik offered to trade himself for his daughter, but Theon refused. Before he went back to the castle, he said Beth would hang by sunset if they stayed, and he would hang hostages at sunrise and sunset, until they leave. I wonder if he would have done so.

5-Theon knew they would attack, for much love Rodrik had for his daughter, he was a knight, and the castellan, he couldn’t do nothing. He kept thinking how he fought with Robb and how he saved Bran, and I had the feeling he thought what was happening with him was unfair. I don’t know what he thought the men would do, thinking he murdered the Stark kids.

6-Maester Luwin tells Theon he should take the black, Rodrik would let him do so. Theon considered it, and thought he could get to Lord Commander, lol. But Reek came with his men, and were fighting Rodrik. I forgot Theon named the Dothraki, and how they thought the stars were spirits of valiant dead men. It was interesting he remembered that though.

7-There was a man with a fine armor, and red helm, who brought Rodrik, Tallhart and Cerwyn dead, and it made me really sad, just like the first time. Theon was saved now, but felt empty. Well, maybe because the men who were the closest he had to friends were dead.

8-It turns out the man with the red helm was Ramsay Snow, Bolton’s bastard. He brought his father’s own garrison. I wonder if Bolton knew about it. Ramsay made Rodrik believe they were with them, so it was easy to kill them all. The real Reek died, not him, and I can’t even imagine what they were doing to those girls when they changed clothes. Ramsay asked for Kyra instead of Palla, I forgot that. Theon said no, and Ramsay broke his cheekbone, just like that. Then Theon saw how his men were killed, how Luwin was attacked and ended up with a spear between his shoulders, and how Ramsay asked for the Freys to be alive. I forgot why though. The bastard ordered to burn it all. This was a chapter full of emotions!

Vicki Kalb | 310 comments Your point 3, I hadn't thought of it like that before but I agree with you, most people considered Theon like another one of Ned Stark's sons. The only person who didn't feel that way was Theon, lol.

Your point 8, I think Roose Bolton knew this would happen. It seems too coincidental that Ramsay takes over Winterfell while Roose conspires with the Freys. They probably have been sending ravens between Harrenhal and the Dreadfort and that's how he knows. As useful as Ramsay is for him, I still think he hopes to have a trueborn son take over the Dreadfort when he's gone, simply because he's lesser evil. Ramsay would want the Freys spared because it would piss off their alliance with the Freys if they died.

1. Maester Luwin begs Theon to yield. Theon hasn’t been able to sleep and he’s losing his nerves. The Greyjoys are not answering his call for help and all seems lost for him. He accuses Maester Luwin of wanting him killed but Luwin says he serves the realm and Winterfell; it is his job to council him now and he wants him to see sense. He cannot hold Winterfell, so he must yield. His father will not help him; he’s concentrating on Moat Cailin. Luwin says he can still survive this if he yields but is interrupted when Theon commands him to write more letters to his father.

2. Haha! Theon gathers his men and tells them they are free to leave if they want, or they can stay and fight by his side; no one at first steps forward, lol. Finally Wex stands by him and soon more follow, not wanting to be shamed by this boy. Seventeen stay with him but Urzen and Stygg still refuse to join, along with all ten that came with Asha. He tells them they are free to leave, not unkindly. So it seems Reek abandoned him. He never came back with that little army he promised.

3. Black Lorren says as soon as they fight the castle folk will immediately turn on them, so Theon orders their deaths by hanging. That isn’t what Lorren meant. :( He realizes the only reason these men stayed behind is to have noble deaths; no one expects a victory. That is incredibly brave, in my opinion. Even now Black Lorren has contempt for Theon.

4. The northmen are already circling the castle on all sides. He counts well over a thousand! They brought catapults and scorpions as well. Among them are the Cerwyns, Tallharts, Manderlys, Flints, Karstarks, and Hornwoods, but no Glovers, Boltons, or Umbers. Interesting.

5. Ser Rodrik wishes to speak with Theon Turncloak first before they begin their siege. He’s not looking forward to speaking with Ser Rodrik because the man once led his father’s longships to attack Lannisport, I’m assuming this was during Robert Baratheon’s rebellion. Black Lorren advises him not to bother parlaying with him; knights will honor other knights but not outlaws. Theon ignores him and commands him to bring out “the girl,” which I’m assuming means Beth. The way Lorren looks at him tells Theon that even he has turned against him. Well, he can’t say he doesn’t deserve it...he has everyone believing he killed Bran and Rickon.

6. As Theon goes to meet with Ser Rodrik he feels a deep chill in the air and all eyes on him, even the dead boys’ eyes. Creepy. So many men are there, watching him with archers at the ready. They all want him dead.

7. Lol, Theon greets Ser Rodrik by saying he is sad to meet as foes. Ser Rodrik, of course, says he’s only sorry he has to wait a little longer before he can hang him. Theon says he has always been a Greyjoy, not a Stark; he was a prisoner here for ten years, oh gods...he’s playing that card again. Ser Rodrik says perhaps Lord Eddard Stark should have kept him in chains, then, ha! He tells it like it is. Ned Stark raised him up with his own children, two of whom he had murdered. He demands Winterfell be taken back. All who had nothing to do with killing those children are free to walk away but Theon is subject to Robb’s justice. Theon offers his pathetic terms, empty words basically. Ser Rodrik calls him vain, says he has near 2,000 men with him, and he only has 50. So they don’t know he only has 17, lol.

8. Theon shows Ser Rodrik his daughter Beth, close to being hung over the walls. Ser Rodrik is not surprised but still scared for her. Theon says this is how he felt for ten years and realizes as he says it that it’s true. Awe. :( He threatens to kill Beth if they attack him. Ser Rodrik offers to swap Beth for him as hostage. That’s noble, but Theon doesn’t take it. Ser Rodrik says he must take Winterfell back; he swore an oath to Lady Catelyn and House Stark, even if it means Beth’s death. Theon says he will hang a hostage for every day they do not leave and goes back into the castle. A desperate move on his part.

9. Despite his efforts, Theon is sure they’ll still attack. Ser Rodrik loves his daughter, but he is still castellan, and a knight besides. He thinks if it were him in the noose and Balon Greyjoy had to choose, he would have already been hung, awe. He thinks about Robb and the Whispering Wood. Those memories seem to haunt him now. Poor guy. I really like this sentence: “It was one thing to go into battle surrounded by friends, and another to perish alone and despised.”

10. Maester Luwin councils him again. Even now he is kind to him. I applaud Luwin for that. Perhaps he pities Theon’s great folly. It’s here Luwin suggests he yield and ask to take the black. (I’m surprised they talk at length about it. Perhaps one day Theon will end up on the Wall by the end of the series?) Theon thinks hard on it. He hadn’t thought of this option before. Luwin says Ser Rodrik has always served House Stark so he will not deny his wish to join the Night’s Watch if he requests it. Theon knows he’d be giving up a crown, lands, wife, and children, but he’d still be alive, and there’s honor to be found there. Haha, imagine what would happen if Theon joined the Watch and Jon Snow saw him. He’d probably take a beating! Even now Theon is planning how it will all go in his head, of him rising high in ranks to become Lord Commander one day. The arrogance...it’s pathetic at this point. But I do feel for him. He feels like a nobody and wants to be something great. Who doesn’t?

11. Just as Theon seems about to say yes, one of his men informs Theon a mysterious batch of northmen are attacking the 2,000 standing outside the castle. :( It seems the Boltons have come to help aid Theon; Reek came through for him after all. Though they are less in number, they wipe the army out by taking them by surprise.

12. By nightfall the men of the Dreadfort have nearly won and Theon tells Lorren the Dothraki believe the stars are spirits of the valiant dead. Black Lorren says savages believe all manner of foolish things. This scene seems oddly placed, but I just realized that Theon loves horses and he may look up to these horselords he’s heard about from so far away. It’s neat how George Martin casually links these two continents that are worlds apart together.

13. Some time in the night a knight with a group of men rides up to Winterfell and presents to Theon the dead bodies of Ser Rodrik, Leobald Tallhart, and Cley Cerwyn. :( Poor Luwin is beside himself with horror. Theon, however, is relieved, but still feels empty. Now he is glad he hadn’t yielded to take the black...so close... Theon lets his saviors in. :(

14. The knight still hasn’t introduced himself yet, which I find odd. He says they only lost about 20-30 men. His armor is shaped to resemble a flayed man in pain, gross. He says Ser Rodrik made the “common mistake” of assuming they were allies; that’s how they took them by surprise. If it is your first time reading this and you haven’t figured it out by now, the Bolton’s are awful people.

15. The knight turns out to be “Reek,” rather, Ramsay Snow, Roose Bolton’s bastard. He explains what really happened to him. The real Reek posed as Ramsay, who was shot to death on his horse, as Ramsay pretended to be Reek. He delivered the army like he said he’d get for Theon, now he wants his girl that was promised him, ugh. We know what he wants to do with her now. Ramsay likes to hunt them down for sport. Gods, Theon agrees to it. He did save him, after all.

16. Theon doesn’t like the way Ramsay and the Dreadfort men look at him. Ramsay wants Kyra now, not Palla the kennel girl. When Theon objects, Ramsay bitch slaps him with the steel glove he’s wearing. Ouch! It’s too late now for them to close the gates. The Dreadfort men slaughter his 17 and take the castle for themselves. They even kill poor old Maester Luwin. :( Ramsay tells his men to spare the Freys and to burn it all down. What a horrible ending for Winterfell!!!

Clara Yeah, I think Bolton has to know, I don't think his men would have followed his bastard son. And I thought about he spared the Freys to keep the alliance with that family. I honestly can't remember if the Starks find out Ramsay did this, and if they do, what Bolton said about it. One thing is, clearly you can't trust the Boltons.

About your point 8, I felt a little bad about Theon when he said he felt he had a noose around his neck all those years, but I was so mad at him at this point, I didn't feel that bad.

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