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diolague and conflict

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Sam Well, this is a great book. its like all books with a plot. a beginning middle and end. But what drives the plot in all books? The answer is dialogue and conflict. Dialogue is when a person is talking. If a person didn't ever talk, than there could not be a conflict in a book. The conflict in this attempt at a Utopian society is a where there are two very different classes of people. Knox and Syd both talk to each other, and this conversations bring out the inner feelings of each of them, that therefor drives the conflict.

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Sam The external conflict in this book is obviously that Syd needs help g going to the reuters, but he encounters many things a long the way

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Sam Another very big external conflict is that sys has the virus in him to save the system. That creates conflict because it builds up the readers thoughts and it gives mystery.

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Sam There are many internal conflict in this book. One is Knox doesn't know who he wants to side with because he is loyal to his mean dad and sys though.

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Sam Another one is that Knox is getting older, so he needs to get more mature. When he was a kid, he was irresponsible and reckless and a delinquent getting into all sorts of trouble but as he gets older and more conflict come i not his life, he has to change.

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Sam Knox and Syd are foils for each eachother. They are polar opposites, therefor they are foils. They attract the good and bad qualities of each other. And each of there different actions make the pother one think a different way.

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Sam A internal conflict in this book is that Syd is gay, but he doesn't want to come out about it.

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Sam Knox's father and Syds guardian are also foils for each other. Knox and Syd are very different, but these two people are even more. The bad action of Knox's make the good actions of Syd's look that much better.

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