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Charbel (queez) | 2690 comments This is a read-along for Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami with me and Tracey :)
Anyone is welcome to join of course; the more the merrier.
We're planning on starting on January 1st.

Tracey (traceypb) | 1192 comments Yayyy! I'm really looking forward to it Charbel :)

Charbel (queez) | 2690 comments Me too! The premise of the book sounds very interesting!

Tracey (traceypb) | 1192 comments Everyone I've read I have 'connected' with in some way which could be construed as rather worrying especially if you've read Kafka on the shore ha ha :)

Charbel (queez) | 2690 comments Tracey wrote: "Everyone I've read I have 'connected' with in some way which could be construed as rather worrying especially if you've read Kafka on the shore ha ha :)"


Kristen | 52 comments Hi Charbel and Tracey, I would love to join. I'm a fan of Murakami - read him for the first time last year, but haven't this year. This will be a good way to kick off 2016.

Tracey (traceypb) | 1192 comments Good to have you aboard Kristen :)

Charbel (queez) | 2690 comments Very happy to have you Kristen!

Tracey (traceypb) | 1192 comments I'm wishing the days away to start this. :)

Tracey (traceypb) | 1192 comments I've started this :) Some great quotes already and I'm only at page 35 :)

Charbel (queez) | 2690 comments I'll start this tonight! I can't wait!

Kristen | 52 comments I'm starting this morning. This looks so good!

Tracey (traceypb) | 1192 comments Kristen I'm really liking it though just settling into the journey...

Kristen | 52 comments I've only just finished chapter one, but I can tell I'm going to really enjoy this one.

I love the way Murakami frequently infuses classical music into his stories. I've created playlists from his books that I've read in the past, and I will be doing the same for SS. Always a fun little extra.

He has an extraordinary way of filling the senses with his writing, for example: She held out the fresh glass of red wine a waiter had poured for her, studied it carefully, inhaled the aroma, then took the first sip. The whole series of movements had the sort of natural elegance of a short cadenza a pianist has refined over the years.

Lovely writing.

Tracey (traceypb) | 1192 comments Agree Kristen he certainly has a way with words. :)
I found it difficult to connect to the characters though which made this a more difficult book for me like Norwegian wood another I didn't enjoy as much as say Kafka on the shore or Hard boiled wonderland.

Charbel (queez) | 2690 comments I started this, and I have to say that I'm liking it a lot. I'm very drawn to Sumire as a character, and the writing is lovely like you said Kristen.

I'm really the classical music references since I'm a classical music fan, and every time a piece that I like is mentioned I just get more drawn in :)

Charbel (queez) | 2690 comments So I'm halfway through and I have to say that I'm liking this more than Kafka on the Shore. I read many reviews that mentioned the book being very slow paced until near the end, but I feel that the pace is very adequate.
And the narration is sublime! One of the finest I've come across, along with the description.

For now I feel like Sumire did change significantly after meeting Miu, and maybe I'm wrong, but I sense that she compromised who she was for Miu.

Charbel (queez) | 2690 comments So I finished it last night. I really enjoyed it. Five stars. My review is here, if you're interested.

There's so much to discuss, but I want to make sure that we're all caught up!

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