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Ci piace condividere citazioni dai libri che leggiamo!

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Francesco (thekaspa) | 58 comments Mod
“Was it Domi, Father? Did He curse them as they say?”
“Everything happens according to Domi’s will, child,” Omin answered. “However, I do not think that ‘curse’ is the right word. At times, Domi sees fit to send disasters upon the world; other times He will give the most innocent of children a deadly disease. These are no more curses than what happened to Elantris—they are simply the workings of the world. All things must progress, and progression is not always a steady incline. Sometimes we must fall, sometimes we will rise—some must be hurt while others have fortune, for that is the only way we can learn to rely on one another. As one is blessed, it is his privilege to help those whose lives are not as easy. Unity often springs from strife, child.”

Elantris: Tenth Anniversary Author's Definitive Edition, di Brandon Sanderson

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