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Mke a prediction: Who does Nick kill? Why? Back up your claim with details from the story.

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message 1: by Kay (new)

Kay Willis | 1 comments Mod
Make a prediction: Who does Nick kill and why? Back up your prediction with details from the text.

message 2: by Drake (new)

Drake | 1 comments I think nick kill his Father because he finally gets sick and tired of him beating him and sister up and get his dads gun and kills him.

message 3: by Victoria (new)

Victoria | 1 comments I think nick is going to kill his dad because in the last chapter, the dad threatens to kill hope and he doesn't want that.

message 4: by NATE (new)

NATE | 1 comments I think Nick kill his dad cuz he Hate Nick He is a drunk on [pg88] Nick Dad beast up NIck Nick dad finds the letter and he gets mad at. On [pg88] Nick said that he is going to kill him and the only person he is talking about is his dad.

Aosullivancherrycreekschools.Org | 1 comments I think that is was Nick's dad because that Nick's dad didn't want Alice to be with Nick because he think's that Nick he was being a troublemaker. This i what i think that had happened to Alice that Nick's dad killed her

message 6: by Julian (new)

Julian Martin | 1 comments nikk kills his dad because he was a drunk and mean all the time and he was laying his hand on them that why he killed him

message 7: by Leo (new)

Leo | 1 comments I think nick is going to kill his dad because his dad might want to beat him up again

message 8: by Kaila (new)

Kaila Mounce-Williams | 1 comments I was thinking nick was going to kill this dad because they were fighting before everything happened and nicks dad was talking about killing hope so nick got upset and he hated his for it and then he went for the gun nicks dad had but it wasn' there so that's why I was thinking nick would kill his dad.

message 9: by Miranda (new)

Miranda Deanda | 1 comments i think nick will kill his dad because they both were fighting each other that his dad said that girls don't like nick but his dad was just saying that.

message 10: by Marlen (new)

Marlen | 1 comments I predict that Nick killed his dad,because he's always getting hit by him."Dad kicked again, his boot smashing into my nose" Nick's dad abuses him a lot and its always calling him names.

message 11: by Kiyata (new)

Kiyata Bloomer | 1 comments I think that nick is going to kill his dad bcus nick is tired of him beating him and hope.

message 12: by Julian (new)

Julian | 1 comments nick was going to kill him because he was hearing the conversation that the dad was going to kill hope so he was thinking of killing his dad. just because he was going to kill hope.

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