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B I've been thinking... i would really love to hear clover and fairweller's story in more detail... i have a feeling he would be an extremely deep character, and there's so much rich backstory that could be explored and developed.

Makenna Agreed! I wish that there was an actual movie based on that with real actors, now that would be awesome. She should also make other books on maybe all of the sisters, and just make that a series.

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B that would be super cool! i wish she would :)

Brittain *Needs a Nap and a Drink* I think it would be difficult to turn this book into a movie simply because of the number of characters. You have to compress a large amount of character development for a lot of similar looking girls into 2 hours. It would be interesting as a mini series or as an animation though. I keep imagining how it would look as a kdrama and I'm sort of in love with the thought.

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