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message 1: by James (new)

James | 3 comments I read these bpooks about 10-12 years ago.
There were 2 book that I knew of at the time. The first one had a small group for friends travel to a world strongly resembling the old Norse legends. The main character learns magic and meets a Valkyre(?)who later travels home with him. The one part that sticks out most is during a disscusion on how magic works. The older guy says it's related to song and the younger guy asks "So if i were to sing out a verse like- Beer, beer,
beautiful beer,
fill me up,
right up to here?"
and the older guy replies that 'Undoubtably you would be filled with the beverage in question."
(Not exact quotes except for the verse)
I remember in the next book the main character and the Valkyre(?) travel to a totally differant world.

message 2: by Peter (new)

Peter Meilinger | 475 comments Possibly The Incompleat Enchanter by De Camp and Pratt? I've never read it, but one of the worlds the main character visits is based on Norse mythology.

Joel Rosenberg had a series about a group of friends getting involved with the Norse gods. I don't remember any of your details, but maybe take a look at the covers to be safe. The first one was The Fire Duke.

message 3: by Emily (new)

Emily  (dustsmokeandglitter) I tried google and found this list of norse fiction bookshttp://www.whatshouldireadnext.com/su...

message 4: by James (new)

James | 3 comments The Incompleat Enchanter sounds like it may be it. Thanks.

message 5: by Kris (new)

Kris | 33390 comments Mod
James, would you like this request moved to "Solved" or "Possibly Solved"?

message 6: by James (new)

James | 3 comments Yeah. I'm having trouble getting it to let me move it.....

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