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Book Chat - December 3, 2015

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message 1: by K (new)

K | 3 comments Thank you friends, for all of the wonderful books you shared last night!
Here are my four recommendations:
1) " Dare to Disappoint: Growing Up in Turkey" by Ozge Samanci, an English-language graphic novel published in America about the educational pressure Turkish students feel from their families.
2) "Adventures in Cartooning" by James Sturm - wonderfully empowering for students as they develop their own voice, with unusual vocabulary delivered in bite-sized bits.
3) "The Classroom Teacher's Technology Survival Guide" by Doug Johnson - super for bringing all of your teachers along on the technology continuum.
4) "The Weird" series by Erin Frankel. These are three books, one title, "Weird," from the point of view of the girl bullied, a second title, "Dare," from the point-of-view of the girl who stands by and watches it happens and is just grateful not to be the target, and a third title, "Tough," which is the point-of-view of the bully. Kids really respond to these titles and they see the whole bullying dynamic and cycle explained.
Thanks for all of your inspiration, friends!

message 2: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Bond (amandabondiicslibrarian) | 7 comments Thanks Karen. Did you add these to our shelves?

message 3: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Bond (amandabondiicslibrarian) | 7 comments Who got the group photo? Can you post it our photos please? I will add a few pics of the cafe. Thanks again for the venue Lesley.

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