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message 1: by Mr. Flame (new)

Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 42 comments Mod

((A dirt road that leads for thousands of miles. Who knows where it will end up.))

message 2: by Tim (new)

Tim | 16 comments Shadows hoofs hit the slightly muddy dirt ground,not making its usual sounds of galloping but instead sounding like an army marching down the road. It has been a long journey already but he still had a day or two to travel. He hoped the town he was looking for would just pop out of nowhere before two days. He was weary from it all. He took Shadow near a tree and hoped off of him. He began to dig in the satchel attached to his companion. He found an apple and he tore a piece of bread off a loaf. He fed Shadow the apple which he took in about two bites. Normal from him. Jack however slid down the tree and sat in a dry spot while nibbling on his bread. It had been a week since he last got any food,mainly because there wasn't many people selling it.

Jack heard a scream in the distance,a scream like no other. It wasn't human at all but it came from a human"A Hollow"he says standing. It seemed like the hollow was making its way away from him but why did it scream? He jumped up on Shadow and slid the bread back into his satchel. "Guess eating will have to wait huh boy?"He patted the side of Shadown,grabbed the reigns and let out a heya. Shadow took off at full speed. Jack maneuvered him through the trees and the closer they got the louder the Hollow became. Jack had given different hollows names like for example this one is a screamer to him. They are usually letting out long and loud screams so other Hollows would come to them then the screamers and new Hollows would go somewhere.

Jack saw it though his thought was beginning to drift but as soon as he saw the Hollow all his focus went onto it. Jack jumped off Shadow peacefully. He began walking up to the beast grabbing his two swords from his back"Hey yeah you ugly freak,let's make this quick? You ruined my lunch." Jack began to run towards it and it did the same to Jack. He ran and jumped to the side hoping off a tree and delivering a nasty blow to its side. "Who said Knights can't run?"He knew he wouldn't get a response from the screamer but he made himself laugh. That disabled him to see the hollow run back and shouldering Jack to a tree. The Hollow got close its talons came from his hand."A ripper and a screamer?" He asked himself. He got lose just as soon as the Hollow dug its claws into the tree getting them stuck. "Let me help"Jack says raising his two swords and slicing the creatures arm off. When he was done there he too the sword up to the Hollows chest digging them in and pulling down.

Jack hoped back on Shadown and galloped off,you could hear the loud thump of the hollow falling over. He went back to the dirt road and sat along the fence.

message 3: by Jared Lance (new)

Jared Lance | 28 comments Blake came riding down the road on a horse that he had picked up on his way out of the city. It, like the strangers horse, was pure black. Blake had decided to call it Blackjack. He stopped at the bodies of the Hollows.
"These bodies are fresh. He's close." he said, before egging Blackjack on. Before long, he came alongside the stranger. He unsheathed one katana and swung at him.

message 4: by Tim (new)

Tim | 16 comments Jack was tired from the days before and all the'killing'of Hollows. This one especially made him weary,but he couldn't help to hear a set of galloping. He wondered whose they were but he decided nothing of it. He stared at the sunset for a long time and then that's when his stomach began to hurt he grabbed his bread and ate all of it. But his pain was still there he felt in danger. Therefore he became even more vigilant then before he would spot a mouse running behind a tree branch in the back of the forest. He saw the black horse coming up on him,it wasn't shadow so he grabbed his long sword on his side and just when the man came up Jack pulled the sword out clashing metal with metal.

He was lucky his instincts worked because if not he would have a slashed arm."Hello newcomer"he examined the man quickly. Light armor and a short katana,that means he is a wanderer. Very agile and great at throwing knives and used to short sword combat. Hmmm he wondered to himself,he had a great sword which was slow so he had to switch out and that he did. When he knocked the katana back at the man it made his horse keep going giving Jack enough time to return his previous sword to its sheath and his two short swords to his hands. He clashed the two together making a deathning sound and got into his fighting stance. He made his swords say 'come at me'.

message 5: by Jared Lance (new)

Jared Lance | 28 comments Blake grinned and removed his cloak. He adjusted his grip on his katana and slowly walked towards the stranger.

message 6: by Tim (new)

Tim | 16 comments Jack cocked his head to the side. He knew this guy had a trick up his sleeve walking so slowly gave him time to think. The world seemed to go slow Jack glanced around looking at every disadvantage or advantage to him. He knew what to do and it was time to execute while he still had the chance just like the hollow he will run using his speed to jump from a tree over the guy. He was hoping he didn't have to kill him. He looked back at Blake,and remembered him from the town he payed no attention to him but he must have listened. But why track him down? He must only want a fight and a fight he will get.

Jack snapped back to reality and with a sudden burst of speed he was off running straight at Blake his swords to his side ready to strike. Two feet in front of him he side stepped put his right foot onto a tree and jumped over him doing a role. "If it's a fight you wanti can dance" he was in a better position. He had surveyed the area minutes before and noticed two figures in a bush they were Hollows that only strike when your not looking,also know as lurkers. Blades back was to them now,maybe he didn't have to get his sword stained with the blood of another man.

message 7: by Jared Lance (new)

Jared Lance | 28 comments Blake, who had followed this, rolled away, turned, and threw two knives. They passed the stranger and flew into the bush, and from the two thuds, hit their marks. He ran at the newcomer and clashed his katana with him.

message 8: by Tim (new)

Tim | 16 comments Jack was impressed that this guy new about the two hollows but luckily for him he had a back up plan. He was so impressed that he forgot about his opponent but he got his two swords up wedging them in between his katana. He got close to the guy"Your pretty good but I'm going to have to end this I'm done with games"he said this snarling a little. He made a long drawn out whistle and took his leg swiping the mans legs out from under him. As soon as he hit the ground Shadow came from nowhere and Jack jumped up on him.

He smirked looking at the man on the ground sure he played dirty but at least he didn't play unfairly. He knew he would still chase after him so he took a paper from his bag with his name on it and let it gently fall. He threw a knife pinning the paper to the ground. All this was done in a few seconds. Soon he was off,he hoped he would chase him.

message 9: by Jared Lance (new)

Jared Lance | 28 comments Blake hit the ground hard. As the stranger sped off, Jack as the paper said, he hoped onto Blackjack and galloped after him. He took out a knife, and aimed at the horse. Not wanting to really hurt the innocent animal, he threw the knife at Jack, knocking him off of the horse. He hoped off of Blackjack and walked over to his fallen adversary.
"Hi. I'm Blake." he said, holding out his hand to let him up.

message 10: by Tim (new)

Tim | 16 comments Jack laughed when the guy stood quickly and his horse was nice as well. Finally a fight that would or may be interesting. He looked foreword not noticing the fact that Blake had a knife in his hand. Jack felt a hit to his right arm and fell off rolling a few times. Luckily his armor saved him. The knife was still in his metal plate so he pulled it out. Just a little more force and he would have been the first to draw blood but nothing bad happened. Other then the fact his leg hurt,it took most of his fall. He was surprised to see the man offer a hand to help him up.

Jack supposed he did not want to kill him so he took the hand and stood."Hello,the names Jack as you already know" the knife that was thrown at him was the same he had used to keep the paper down so he must of read it. Jack cracked his back"You have some good skill,what kind of class are you? I expect a wanderer?" He looked at his horse he looked like a good horse and he had seen the same one from the town he was in earlier"but if I may ask,why did you chase me all this way?"

message 11: by Jared Lance (new)

Jared Lance | 28 comments Blake smiled.
"Yeah I'm a wanderer," he said, before drawing a katana from its sheath and getting into a stance.
"Originally, my goal was to figure out who you were, but now I just want a good fight," he said, before beautifully striking at a chunk in his armor. .

message 12: by Tim (new)

Tim | 16 comments Jack smiled to himself he found himself so smart at times. "I knew you were a wanderer because of your speed and aggression ". When he saw the black blade of the katana getting pulled out he quickly retrieved his long sword. Sadly his two short swords were in Shadows sheath. Jack pulled back enough for Blake to take a chunk of his right shoulders armor off. It was a shame because his armor wasn't cheap.

"If it's a fight you want it's a fight you shall get"Jack raised his sword up so methodically and quickly you would think he was a warrior but if you were thinking that you would not see the fact he was bringing his sword down next to your left ear. Jack sliced the blakes left side'armor from the shoulder to the elbow. He was so precise with his movements anyone that had lived after a fight with him would know that was on purpose.

message 13: by Jared Lance (new)

Jared Lance | 28 comments ((Sorry, I couldve sworn that I responded))
Blake, instead of being stunned, was annoyed.
"Dont you even realize how much cloaks like this cost?!" he asked, before aiming a playful yet powerful jab to his chest.

message 14: by Tim (new)

Tim | 16 comments Jack laughed"This set of armor was quite pricey as well,an eye for an eye as they say" Jack was skilled at reacting quickly so he saved his move for the last second. He dropped his sword to the ground making it drive into the dirt. His hands were gloves and grippy so he used both his hands to stop the blade. It was a very powerful thrust so Jack scooted back some but when he stopped he pushed the blade back at Blake."Your a good fighter did you teach yourself?"he asked picking his blade up out of the ground the light gleamed off of it hitting his opponents eyes. A cheap trick but no one really sees it happen. Jack raised the blade and made a swip towards blakes legs. He obviously jumped over the blade just in time though.

message 15: by Jared Lance (new)

Jared Lance | 28 comments Not only did Blake jump over it, but he controlled the jump so that he came down onto the blade, forcing it out of Jacks hands.
"I learned bits and pieces from others, and the rest from myself," he said, before throwing two knives and Jack's armor-less shoulder.

message 16: by Tim (new)

Tim | 16 comments Jack was even more surprised to see that he had been disarmed. This guy was pretty skilled for being mostly self taught. Jack dodged on knife but the other dug about an inch into his skin. That didn't seem so playful to Jack so he pulled it out quickly not even wincing. He had been in more pain then that before."Very well,you want to see blood? Well so do I" Jack took the knife and dug about an inch into his leg.

message 17: by Jared Lance (new)

Jared Lance | 28 comments "Ow! Not cool!" Blake said as he jumped back. He ran at Jack and jumped over him, taking a swing at his head.

message 18: by Tim (new)

Tim | 16 comments Jack laughed devilishly. No one is going to make him bleed without a consequence. He watched Blake jump over him and metal scraped metal. Luckily his helmet covered him from any damage. Jack grabbed his long sword and ran with all his power towards Blake he came crashing down on his katana breaking both swords in half.

message 19: by Jared Lance (new)

Jared Lance | 28 comments Blake rolled away, turned, and threw a dozen knives laced with poison and bombs at Jack.

message 20: by Tim (new)

Tim | 16 comments Jack dunked hearing the bombs hit the trees behind him. Jack figured the knives did the same but when he stood two were sticking into his armor. He pulled them out seeing a substance on them"I suddenly feel as if you want to kill me"he whistled and shadow came from nowhere once again. Jack retrieved his swords and ran at Blake. He swung at his chest making a big cut on his stomach.

message 21: by Jared Lance (new)

Jared Lance | 28 comments Blake's robes protected him from the cut and he jumped backwards.
"Not kill you. You're the best opponent I've ever faced! The poison on the blades I stuck you with will just paralyze you for about a day or so." he said before throwing smoke bombs every where and running around, throwing knives periodically, faster and faster, until he charged silently, daggers in hand.

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