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message 2: by Ciayrra (new)

Ciayrra The Scorpion Flower | 930 comments Mod
You are Charlie Bucket
You are a sweet person with the best intenions . You try to do right by this world and are very trust worthy.
You deserve a lot but you aren't one to put yourself firs. You are always looking out for others.

message 3: by Sidney (new)

Sidney | 2357 comments Mod
You Are Charlie Bucket

message 4: by Kaitlyn (new)

Kaitlyn I got Charlie Bucket too.

message 5: by Kaitlyn (new)

Kaitlyn My cousin got Veruca Salt

You are the type of person who wants it all, but that doesn't stop you from wanting a bit more out of life.
You aren't afraid to ask for (really, demand) what you want. And you'll punish anyone who doesn't give it to you.

message 6: by Loubird (new)

Loubird | 43 comments You are Mike Teavee!

You are a real brain, but not in the traditional sense of book smarts. You become obsessed with your hobbies and interests.
In fact, it's hard for people to pull you away from the things you love best. You often have a one-track mind about your passions.

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