Lev (Shot Callers, #1) Lev question

Liked to know what you thought of the book?
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I loved this book and found that it was refreshingly wonderful, warm hearted and a pleasant,change from the usual romance novels. Lev and Mina were a tender and sweet couple. Lev,was strong ,not the everyday billionaire, dark brooding hero in this warning LOVE story.

Loved it!

I love this book and re-read it a few times a year.

Any other book with similar character like Lev? No emotion stuff.

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I loved this book. read it 5+ times. the best part is that Lev isn't you topical hero. he is different from all others

Really enjoyed this one.

Everything Belle Aurora writes is pure gold. I loved Lev. He has a heart of gold, it was difficult to NOT fall for him ❤

I loved this book, I never read a male lead like Lev, he was a hot anti hero who had Asperger's. This book is what led me to the Friend Zone books and I laughed my ass off with those books. I am read 2nd bk of Phenominal X... LOVE it

I have liked everything by this author. The Friend Zoned series is about the cousins she meets at the end. The second one was my favorite so far. But her best book so far is probably Raw.

I really liked Lev though. I guess I like the ones that are a little off.

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I liked the first seven chapters of the sample. but buying the book in my opinion was kind of a mistake. It would have been good if Mina didn't get too comfortable too quick and didn't use the term sweetie at all or a million and one times. I rated it a three and got to 57 percent but it got to be too much for me to continue on.

Shockingly, I loved this book, I didn't expect to.

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really enjoyed it as well

Loved it.

Loved it

Loved it!

It was good.

This was one of my favorite books of 2015. Lev is unlike any book boyfriend I ever read about. I would love if there was more to the story as in spinoffs of the secondary characters.

I really loved this book

Loved Lev.

I really enjoyed this book as well.

loved Lev... would have loved more insights to what he was thinking though than that of Mina but in all the book was simply AMAZING.

I really loved this book and i wasn't really expecting too.

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I have not read the Thread but I will check it out.

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