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message 1: by Ryn (new)

Ryn Would you want to be a shadowhunter if you had the choice to??

message 2: by Indya (new)

Indya | 24 comments Yes but then I would be terrified cause I might die the first day

message 3: by Ryn (new)

Ryn I would most definitely become a shadowhunter like who wouldn't?? You get to train and kill demons and then you have this different world to explore.

Now would you say yes and then become this awesome badass??

message 4: by Indya (new)

Indya | 24 comments I would love to become a badass like Izzy she is the queen and doing it in 7 inch heels

message 5: by Ryn (new)

Ryn I would like to become Jace you know but he can sometimes obnoxious but he fights like hell.

message 6: by Indya (new)

Indya | 24 comments Also his heavenly fire would be cool to have

message 7: by Ryn (new)

Ryn Yeah, that would be awesome actually.

message 8: by Ryn (new)

Ryn But it was sad that he couldn't touch skin.

message 9: by Indya (new)

Indya | 24 comments Maybe Magnus can make some special magic gloves

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