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(roleplay here)

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Silver looked around in awe."beautiful." she muttered

Phoenix~They/Them Cynthia said "I'm not very good at dancing."

Phoenix~They/Them Cynthia giggled and said "I am a little hungry."

Phoenix~They/Them ((Now I am))
Cynthia said "This looks so good."

Phoenix~They/Them ((:D Listning to Locked Away by R City I think I said the song artists name, BTW you character is so much like me except I'm picky about my food.))
Cynthia smiled putting some of her favorite food on her plate.

Phoenix~They/Them Cynthia finishes and steals a cookie and walks over to him.

Phoenix~They/Them Cynthia smiled, she's hung out with guys a lot so she wasn't that nervous being around him, the thing that bugged her was the heels she was wearing.

Phoenix~They/Them Cynthia eats a bit of her food with a smile and said "I've never been to many dances before, me being the...uh...what's that word again when most of the school hates your family?"

Phoenix~They/Them Cynthia smiles a bit having Val tackle her in a hug.

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i come in

Phoenix~They/Them Cynthia says "Your probably confused as to why I said that, not many people liked my family."
((Tis true, someone actually broke Mom's car door window.))

Phoenix~They/Them ((:D))

Phoenix~They/Them Cynthia went back to eating and said "Probably soon I may take some chocolate being someone who loves chocolate." she smiled.

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yells out i need a date or dance

Phoenix~They/Them ((Seriously will do that, you give me chocolate and I'll love you forever. XD))

☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (empress-sera) Charlotte walked in and looked around.

((Hey guys it's me!!!))

Phoenix~They/Them ((HEY SERA!))

☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (empress-sera) ((VAL! CYNTHIA!))

Phoenix~They/Them ((:D))

☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (empress-sera) ((Now rp with me peeps!))

Phoenix~They/Them ((Cynthia is busy))

☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (empress-sera) Charlotte smiles with a little laugh. "Hey!"

☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (empress-sera) Charlotte laughed as she started dancing with Val,

Phoenix~They/Them ((Cynthia is eating food :D))

☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (empress-sera) "You're having fun," Charlotte commented.

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Silver walks to the buffet and puts a bunch of sweets on her plate and walks to a table by herself.

Phoenix~They/Them Cynthia looked around the ballroom with a smile.

Phoenix~They/Them ((My hair's a mess 2day :D))
Cynthia smiled again as she ate her food.

Phoenix~They/Them Cynthia glanced up a bit but smiled and said "Looks like we have somethings in common, we both like food."
((Check out my pictures))

Phoenix~They/Them Cynthia smiled and said "I don't know who wouldn't."

Phoenix~They/Them Cynthia says "I might take some chocolate too." she smiles.
((Thanks and lucky you get Pizza.))

Phoenix~They/Them Cynthia says "Thanks." as she finishes her food and eats the cookie she grabbed.

Phoenix~They/Them Cynthia smiled a bit after all she loves anything sugary more importantly chocolate.
((So true about me :D))

Phoenix~They/Them ((I love chocolate, it's life :P))
Cynthia smiled and watched.

Phoenix~They/Them "Yes." Cynthia says happily as she grabbed a bit of chocolate with a smile.

Phoenix~They/Them Cynthia munches on a chocolate bar happily.
((I am now hungry :P))

Phoenix~They/Them ((I am now gonna eat :P))
Cynthia leans back in her chair with a smile.

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Olea (divergentfourtris46) | 30 comments Hi

Phoenix~They/Them Cynthia watches and says "Val, what did you do?"

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Phoenix~They/Them Cynthia said "Uh....why?"

Phoenix~They/Them Cynthia ate some more chocolate.

☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (empress-sera) Charlotte left the dance floor and walked to Val. "Hey you! You abandoned me!"

Phoenix~They/Them Cynthia giggled.

☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (empress-sera) "So tacos are more important than me?" Charlotte asked drily, faking annoyance.

☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (empress-sera) Charlotte laughed a bit and hugged Val back.

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