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Magnus What is your favorite god or goddess? Is it Hestia? Pompona? It can be greek or roman or even egyptian

Ashmita Ghosh Greek: Artemis, Athena, Apollo
Roman: Mars, Apollo, Diana
Egyptian: Ra, Osiris, Anubis(Obvious choice)

Grace Greek: Artemis and Ares
Roman: Bellona and Pluto
Egyptian: Anubis and Isis

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Greek: I really like Hestia, because she is so humble, generous, and kind. She's always unnoticed by other people. I also like Hestia because she's so misunderstood. She's powerful and dangerous, but everyone has the wrong impression of her.
Roman: I don't really know. We weren't given the chance to get to know any of the gods in their Roman forms, but Victoria (Nike) is pretty hilarious. I guess it's her.
Egyptian: Anubis, and Osiris

Mikki Elodie the Ravenclaw Faery 1. Poseidon!
2. Artemis
3. Athena ( She would've been second but I hate how she treated Annabeth and she's a bit too stuck up)

Tiara Amany (A Wave of Vellichor) Hestia, Athen, and Artemis.

Annabel Poseidon
Apollo, I guess, he's funny... ?

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Sydney Oddly enough, my favorite god is Delphin, the god of dolphins. (Because I LOVE dolphins!)

But my favorite god/goddesses that more people have heard of are:
Greek-Posiedon, Athena
Egyptian-Nut, Anubis, Thoth
Norse-Thor, Odin, Vidar.

Hannah Greek - Athena
Roman - Vesta
Egyptian - Bastet

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Sean Poseidon

Jaskson56 Poseidon and Athena. (Ironic because they strongly dislike each other.)

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Maya I really like Hestia and Asteros (the god of unrequitted love)

Idalis Rayne Athena, artemis

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quq Artemis and Hestia
Asteros - thanks for the stars ;)
And Pan! He’s the best!


Bastet all the way!!!!

abbey cait Artemis, Poseidon, Athena!

Sarah⭐ The Ultimate Book Hoarder Bastet, Athena, Demeter, Poseidon, Artemis, Hestia, Anubis e.t.c

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Jeevana Apollo, Athena, Artemis, and Hestia

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Lauren Lanz 1. Hermes
2. Hades
3. Apollo
4. Hestia

I know nobody likes Hades but I think he's cool and I felt so bad when we learned that his brothers told him he wasn't welcome to stay on Mount Olympus. Also Hermes is such an underrated God and I just love him.

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Emma Cool Gal I wouldn’t say anything against these Gods, just in case I’m a demigod like I dream to be and actually end up meeting them (I promise I’m not that hopeless).

Hmmm, is it bad to say that I don’t really like how Athena is depicted? She just felt like too much of a stereotypical ‘badass, feministic female who has no emotions’, not that I have anything against them but I’ve never liked them in books.

I’d say Hestia and Aphrodite, both seemed to know where their hearts were.

I won’t say anything for Roman or Egyptians. Really, the Greek characters were my favourite so I ignored pretty much the rest of them.

thelittlebookishgirl Hestia and Hermes

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1. Apollo
2. Ares
3. Poseidon
4. Athena
5. Hades

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Gyu Cho To me, most of the Greek gods and their Roman sides seem like they are too full of themselves.
So my vote goes to the ONLY immortal in the story that is actually legit caring for us cockroache-I mean humans: Hestia.

Tamsin deleted user wrote: "Greek: I really like Hestia, because she is so humble, generous, and kind. She's always unnoticed by other people. I also like Hestia because she's so misunderstood. She's powerful and dangerous, b..."

I definitely agree. I love how she never takes sides and anyone who goes to her hearth has a sort of sanctuary.

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Esther Allen Greek- Athena, Poseidon, Artemis, Hestia (not in this order)
Roman- Diana
Egyptian- Anubis, Bast, Horus

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Esther Allen I don't really like the roman gods, or maybe it's just that I don't know them really well

abbey cait Yeah, they’re not really a huge part of the series, and we don’t really get to meet them that well

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Ash Definitely Dionysus (not Mr. D, but like actual Dionysus) and the twins (Apollo and Artemis).

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