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Dialogue- The Candymakers
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In the book "The Candymakers" by Wendy Mass, Philip and Logan are having a conversation that change the tone of the dialogue. Dialogue is when two characters are having a conversation. In the text it says, '"It's a butterfly chrysalis,"' Logan said.'"Haven't you seen one before?"' '"You should take it down,"' Philip scoffed. '"It's diseased. It's going to kill that bush."'Logan moved in front of it protectively(70). By having Philip say these few sentences to Logan, it shows that Philip doesn't care about any ones feelings. This also relates to Philip's character because he has a rude personality, and isn't a pleasant person.

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Yes, I agree. What the characters say show their true feelings and personalities. Even though some of the other characters keep their thoughts to themselves in this book, their dialogue reveals their true feelings.

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