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Clara 1-It seems everything went back to normal, the people at court were all wearing luxurious stuff as usual. Tywin entered in a fucking horse because that’s how he rolls apparently. His armor sounds amazing. Haha his destrier shit but no one cared. He has such a strong presence.

2-Tywin was named Savior of the city and Hand of the King by Joffrey. Mace Tyrell was given a place of honor. I forgot all the kisses Jofrrey gives, and the chain of roses with a golden dick with the lion of the Lannisters. Loras asks to be a part of his Kingsguard, and of course Joffrey accepts. Garlan, Loras’s older brother, asked the King to marry their sister, Margaery, still innocent because Renly didn’t have time for her. She loved him from afar according to her brother, lol. I just can’t imagine.

3-Cersei said he should, as later says the High Septon. Maybe Littlefinger told them before? Joffrey knew he would be asked so, and refused for a while, until Tywin looked at him, lol. He’s not that smart, so I guess someone told him. He will marry Margaery now, and Sansa felt free. She didn’t smile, she knew people were looking. One good thing Cersei told her. Sansa felt bad for Margaery, I liked that.

4-The men who fought were rewarded with titles and lands. I don’t remember Josnyn Peckledon to appear again, but he sounds like a fucking badass. The captains of the ships were honored as well, and Hallyne was now a lord, but he wasn’t given lands or castles. It was an empty title, just like Varys’s. Sansa’s smart to see that. Lancel, however, was given the lands and castle of House Darry, and was made a lord. I forgot he didn’t appear to accept it, he might die for that wound he has, like Tyrion. I was so afraid for Tyrion, I remember.

5-Littlefinger walked in, looking pleased. He had a lot to do it seems. He was given Harrenhal and named Lord Paramount of the Trident. Sansa was confused, the Lannisters didn’t have any of them to give, so she asked herself why he looked happy. Interesting she thought Robb would beat Petyr too, like in a fight.

6-More than 600 knights were made that day, which sounds exhausting. They held vigil, and that’s worth a knightship it seems. There were only three members of the Kingsguard, so it took time. So, Ser Mandon died. I’m glad though.

7-It was time for the captives, and they were offered everything back if they give Joffrey loyalty. But a Florent caused some trouble. He said Joffrey was an abomination, and when he cut himself with the throne, Florent said the throne rejected him, lol, good timing. Joffrey called his mother like the little bitch he is, and of course she went. Plus three more people, a little too much. Tywin just raised his finger, and Trant killed Florent. The power this man has!

8-Sansa was beyond happy, and she went to the godswood. Dontos was there, and he told her Cersei would never let her go, and Joffrey could have her if he wanted to, and she might get bastards from him. Her hopes and happines just shattered, I felt so bad for her! Dontos told her the day for her to leave was set, it would be the day of Joffrey’s weeding. He then gave Sansa a hair net of black amethyts from Asshai, and told her it meant justice, vengeance and home. Really interesting, I forgot about that! *SPOILER FOR A STORM OF SWORDS* (view spoiler)

Vicki Kalb | 310 comments 1. Everybody is decked out in the throne room and Tywin Lannister most of all. I smiled when Tywin’s horse shits just as Joffrey goes to embrace him and call him Savior of the City. Sure, he saved the city, but did he actually fight this time? Or was he hiding in the rear again? It sounded as if their army was so huge they only needed the vanguard to dispatch Stannis’s army. Joffrey names him Hand, which is no surprise, since he was supposed to be Hand originally.

2. The crowd also cheers for Mace Tyrell and his two sons: Loras and Garlan the Gallant. I forgot Loras had brothers. They’re dressed in green, their House color. Joffrey also embraces them and presents each with a gold chain necklace of roses, the icon being the lion of Lannister studded with rubies. “The roses support the lion, as the might of Highgarden supports the realm.” Oh gods... Why wasn’t Highgarden supporting Robert Baratheon before?

3. Joffrey asks if there’s anything the Tyrells want. Loras begs to be a member of the Kingsguard. I guess Loras got over Renly quickly enough. Joffrey accepts and calls him brother. What a facade that boy wears. Lord Mace Tyrell asks to join his council which Joffrey also accepts. Then Ser Garlan, who is five years older than Loras, asks Joffrey to marry his sister Margaery, who is still a maiden. When Joffrey politely refuses, saying a king must keep his word, I felt for sure this was all rehearsed. Cersei butts in and tells Joffrey the council decided it’s no longer fitting for Joffrey to marry Sansa because her father was beheaded for treason and her brother even now is fighting against them. She begs him to set Sansa aside and marry Margaery instead, who would make a better fit for a king. When I first read this I was so happy for Sansa. Even the High Septon approves, and I chuckled at how they made the Starks into the bad guys. It’s all about perspective!

4. I wonder why Joff looks at Tywin so sullenly? He probably doesn’t want to let Sansa go, simply because he likes hurting her, and he might not get the chance to do that anymore with Margaery in the mix, whom we know so little about at this time. But he finally agrees to marry Margaery instead, feeing Sansa. She tries not to smile because she’s just been publicly dumped and all eyes are on her. She must look distraught but inside she is jumping with joy, awe. :) She feels bad for Margaery, lol.

5. Other heroes come parading in to receive their rewards. In particular, a lesser knight named Ser Philip Foote slew Lord Bryce Caron and in reward he becomes Lord Philip Foote and gains all lands and the castle of House Caron. I believe that is somewhere in the Storm Marches. I suppose this is how smaller houses rise in ranks.

6. Captains of the ships that somehow didn’t catch fire or break apart also gain rewards and honor, for simply surviving, lol, awe. Even Hallyne the Guild Alchemist is rewarded a lordship, ugh, at least he doesn’t get lands or a castle, which means Hallyne is no more a true lord than Varys is.

7. Lancel Lannister is rewarded lands and a castle, though, to House Darry. Well that’s interesting, seeing as Roose Bolton is having it burned down. According to Joffrey there are no more living heirs of House Darry, except for a bastard cousin. I wonder who that is? Lancel doesn’t accept the title, though, on the account of being close to death.

8. Petyr Baelish is also rewarded and gets Harrenhal, haha Tyrion! He is titled Lord Paramount of the Trident. No wonder he looks so pleased! This must have been his chosen reward for helping knit Houses Tyrell and Lannister together. He will now rule the riverlands when the war is over. I like that Sansa thinks Petyr shouldn’t be too happy; Harrenhal is a cursed place. :) Sansa hopes Robb will not let this happen.

9. Holy hell, 600 knights are made that day! But I guess that makes sense, seeing as about that same amount were also slaughtered. Among them Ser Mandon Moore was killed. Good. That asshole deserved it. I guess Loras will be taking his place.

10. Now it’s time to deal with their captives. Among them is Lord Celtigar, old Lord Estermont, Red Ronnet of Griffin Roost (which we will learn more about in Dance with Dragons), Ser Jon Fossoway, and many others. They pardon all who only recently joined Stannis after Renly so long as they swear fealty to Joffrey now (and you know they will...) but those who were always Stannis’s staunch supporters must speak up for their crimes. Only those who still refuse to admit their crimes and beg pardon are beheaded. A few, the ones who accepted the Lord of Light, speak out against Joff, calling him a monster and an abomination of incest. I wondered when that would happen. Man, this Florent guy is really preaching it! It pisses off Joff so much he hurts himself on the iron throne, haha! He squeals for his mother. How funny, and embarrassing for those who call that their king. The Florent says the very throne denies Joff as king, lol. Tywin commands Ser Meryn Trant with a flick of a finger to kill the traitor. There is blood everywhere and that must be a frightening sight to the crowd! Joffrey is led away for maesters to tend to his hurts and Tywin takes over, as if nothing happened.

11. It was a long day and Sansa is exhausted on her way back to her bedchambers. She is so happy she is no longer betrothed to Joffrey, awe. Even the food tastes sweeter.

12. That night she visits the godswood and finds gloomy Ser Dontos waiting for her. She asks why he isn’t excited like she is. Now he tells her the awful truth. Just because Joffrey’s not marrying her that doesn’t mean he won’t continue to have her beaten and raped in the future. “If he wants you in his bed, he will have you, only now it will be bastards he plants in your womb instead of trueborn sons.” :( Sansa is distraught now. Dontos tells her to be brave; he found a way to get her out of the castle now! It will be the night of Joffrey’s wedding feast. There will be so many guests there that no one will notice her slip away.

13. Dontos presents her with an ornate hair net made of thin silver with small black gems Dontos calls black amethysts from Asshai. Well, this cannot be good! In daylight they look purple. Sansa would rather have a ship than a hair net but is polite all the same. Dontos says it is magic, “It’s justice you hold. It’s vengeance for your father. It’s home.” *SPOILER FOR A STORM OF SWORDS* (view spoiler)

Clara *SPOILER FOR A STORM OF SWORDS* (view spoiler)

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Certo | 4 comments 1. Okay. now in the beginning of this Chapter. After the battle, Tyrion was wounded. But it still irked me on how ignorant the people can be. I mean, he practically saved the City and he's given no thanks at all, just disgust and anger by the people. Tywin walks in and Joffrey makes a show of it all with his Family.

2. People cheered for Mace Tyrell and the power of Highgarden and the Lannisters for breaking Stannis Baratheon's forces beneath the Walls of Kingslanding. Again no one mentions Tyrion.

3. More stupid show on how Highgarden supports the Baratheon Royalty(Lannister Royalty), and the entire of Westeros.

4.Joffrey asks if the Tyrells wants anything more and they offer marriage and Joffrey(The drama king), accepts. And no one says no, even the High Septon. Highgarden wins blah,blah,blah.... Of course the High Seton would approve! Unless he wants his head to roll there and then!

5. Now Sansa has the right of it. She's no longer bound to that Sadistic prick. She can feel free alright. Poor Margaery! xD

6. Petyr Baelish becomes lord paramount of the Trident! That little conniving prick! He's dangerous, that one is!

7. A lot of new knights are made, since a lot of them died in the battle. Ahahahahaha.... Ser Mandon Moore is dead! That's right! That no good at all, no deserving knight is in his watery grave!!

8. Lord Celtigar, Lord Eastermont, the Fossoways, and other highborn prisoners were captured and made to kneel, and choose between life and death. One brave soul shouts the truth, but no one pays it any heed. Tywin had the guy killed, right there on the spot.

9. Sansa leaps with joy when her betrothal with Joffrey is null and void. But wait, there's a catch! Her misery doesn't stop there. Dontos tells her that if Joffrey ever wants her in his bed, he will have her no matter what. Also she will then be giving birth to his Bastards rather than trueborn children. She is very distraught and now full of Fear for her future. lol You can see how people looks at illegitimate in that world. Even in real life social status always does affect ones own Personal life. Even know in countries, where ancestry is very important, bastardy is also looked down upon.

As for your Spoiler. It is most definitely the hairnet. Plus Sansa wasn't blackmailed but tricked. That I will say.

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Vicki Kalb | 310 comments Yup, Tyrion gets no recognition for his valiant efforts to protect King's Landing. Tywin throws it off later on like he shouldn't boast about his good deeds, which is true, but everyone praises Tywin Lannister while Tyrion is dying in the other room. It's not right.


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Clara As far as I remember, Tyrion gets no recognition at all. I remember a talk he had with Cersei about the chain and what he did, but vaguely, and I don't remember if I remember it from the show or the books.


Vicki Kalb | 310 comments *SPOILER FOR A STORM OF SWORDS* (view spoiler)

Clara *SPOILER FOR A STORM OF SWORDS* (view spoiler)

Vicki Kalb | 310 comments *SPOILER FOR A STORM OF SWORDS* (view spoiler)

Clara *SPOILER FOR A STORM OF SWORDS* (view spoiler)

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