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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. New girl falls in love with a boy who has a dark secret [s]

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Sabrina | 6 comments Okay so when I was in Middle School I read this book and I have not been able to get it off my mind (mainly cuzz I don't know what the title is). My memory is a little foggy, mind you I have been out of High School for 4 years and I read this book in Middle School. The book starts out with a girl who is new to this town (the name of the town and the name of the girl has slipped my mind) on her first day of school (do not know the school's name) it ends up that she can't stop starring at this strange young man with black hair (don't know his name either) and he shows that he wants to be wither her but keeps pushing her away. She follows him home one night to find out it's not a home at all, it's a CAVE! well, it's not a home to her, but it is definitely a home to him. When he was a younger boy him and his father (can't remember what the father's name is) ventured to this land (can't remember if they ventured with other people or not) in hope to find a cave. The cave of course was rumored to have riches. The cave they knew was rumored to be cursed. But, of course they fell for the lie of the curse being hoax to keep people away that when they entered the cave. When they entered the cave the cursed made it to where they fell down a trench in the back of the cave and it made it to where any person who ventured inside it's walls were now one with the cave. I'm not sure if they lived in the trench or if they died, but I know the boy lived and had climbed out of the trench. However when he walked outside the walls he found his fate. He is now one with the cave, he is the cave. He can venture outside the walls during the day but has to fast hurry back to the cave before sundown or he would sure be found out. He turns into the cave. That is a far as I can remember, I believe the girl ends up helping him break the curse and they live happy ever after, but I can't remember. PLEASE HELP!!!!

Kagama-the Literaturevixen | 602 comments I believe this is The Stranger by Caroline Cooney

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Emily  (dustsmokeandglitter) Just going off your header, I was going to say that's every book! :D

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Sabrina | 6 comments Awesome Thank You so much Kagama-the Literaturevixen

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