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message 1: by Mike (new)

Mike | 1505 comments Mod
Use this thread to ask for help from other members for tracking down webcomics you've lost track of. You might remember the plot or a couple characters but not the name, etc. We'll be happy to help if we can. :)

Thanks to Summer for the idea.

message 2: by Phantom (last edited Dec 11, 2015 03:56PM) (new)

Phantom Chick | 4 comments Um I've actually lost track of this webcomic myself that i'd just started, it's still in progress, it starts off with the main character (a dark skinned guy with short hair and white wings goes around in regular clothes, jeans and a white sleeveless t shirt) walking across this deserted road with a satchel/radio hung over his shoulder listening to the static and news reports in the background.
He is a half human half something or other.
he's trying to find a way to get to this planet filled with this other species of which he half is with all these special abilities in order to find his younger sister a brunette with a healing ability, who seems to have been taken by them.
war is brewing between the two races, and humans are stripping all of the goblin/whatever population of their rights and rounding them up.

the other race however is desperate to avoid war as they have this great national shame thing, originally their planet was on the other side of the galaxy as opposed to earth, in order to make it easier to get there one of their members messed around with the fabric of space time and flipped them to be right beside it, however all the solar systems inbetween and their inhabitants were accidentally wiped from existence, woops.
the sister (unlike her bro she is white) gets transported to this school type place, she seems to really hate all of their kind having grown up with propaganda against them. they also when they took her killed the third sibling their older brother. winged guy whose name i can't remember can see ghosts and talked to his brothers ghost after he came to and the sis was gone.
she meets this asexual gardener guy who has black skin and is non humanoid but very gentle who becomes her mentor.
also this dark skinned quiet fire guy who shows her around the school.

ah and she gets attacked by some army crazies after hanging out at a bar who distrust her because of her outsider status, she 'does the opposite of what she usually does when she heals people' and breaks all their bones accidentally killing one- freaking her out. she is not liking this race any more despite the few kind people around her trying to convince her they chill.
Winged dude gets into trouble through no fault of his own with the police in this human city. this goblin guy gets him out of it. the goblin guy does not have pointy ears and looks normal (sturdy build slightly shorter than main char dark brown hair) but can turn into a raccoon?
anyways he's also trying to get to the same place as our guy for different reasons, he sees it as a beacon of hope for their kind.
he can also see ghosts but doesn't seem them as well as wing guy.
there's a written description of the events in paragraph form at the bottom of every update.
where i left off was when goblin/wing guy duo meet up with a group of other nonhuman travellers, and winged guy tries and more or less fails to sew goblin guys shirt up because it got ripped. goblin guy explains to the others that he is a softie on the inside.
that's most of what i can remember. hope it sparks some recognition
please help!

message 3: by Phantom (new)

Phantom Chick | 4 comments Um just to let you know- I found that webcomic I was searching for!

it's called 'white noise'


message 4: by Mike (new)

Mike | 1505 comments Mod
Glad you found it! Had never heard of it before. Looks very interesting.

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