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Clara 1-It seems Bolton likes heads in spikes like a lot do in the series. And the reasons he had to kill them, well, no comment on that. Arya wondered if the crows missed the maester who was killed. This made me sad, I don’t know why. Harra was there too, and I’m not sorry about it. Poor Pia and other women who had been with Lannisters were left in the middle of the bear pit for men to enjoy, how awful and cruel! I really don’t like Bolton, at all.

2-Amabel told Arya she would be in the pits next, Tywin would come back and punish the disloyal, and she knew what she did. And the broom, wtf tthis woman. Arya knew if she told Bolton Amabel’s head would be next to Harra, but she didn’t tell him. I wonder why, maybe she didn’t know how Bolton would react to it.

3-Gendry was mad at her for what she did, Bolton was way worst in his opinion than Amory. Well, none of them are nice, but Bolton wins in cruelty. Vargo and his captains were to villages to find traitors who helped the Lannisters, and he knew some. I think he just likes to kill, and doesn’t give a shit about Lannisters or Starks. A man named Qyburn works with black magic according to Gendry, and I think he later has a strongest role, but I can’t quite remember.

4-Rorge looked at Arya a lot, which is really scary. I wonder why he didn’t do anything to her, Jaqen was gone after all. She thought the coin was useless, it was all lies like Jaqen’s name and face, and she even throw it away. I’, glad she picked it up though. It must be really frustrating for her, all the situation.

5-Elmar, Bolton’s squire who is a little bitch and I don’t like him at all, asked Arya to help him, and then treated her like she was less. Arya scared him with the leeches, lol. Bolton was naked, as you do when you have leeches all over it seems, while discussing a posible attack from Tywin. He speaks really low, which scares me and must be really annoying, and said he won’t be sieged. Tywin had matters in King’s Landing´and won’t march on them. I wonder if they already know how the battle went, or how Bolton was so sure about Tywin don’t marching.

6-Poor Arya heard about her brothers’s deaths when she was there. She had to hold the tears, and told herself it was Lannisters lies. I feel so bad for her! She must have a lot of control of herself, she then took the leeches from Bolton’s hairless body, which I found weird. I don’t remember if he has facial hair.

7-Bolton wanted Tallhart to kill his captives and burn the Darry’s castle, and it was an order from the King. I’m not sure about it for some reason. He said Dunksdale wasn’t touched by war, and it should. It doesn’t sound like Robb to me. Arya wanted the castle to burn, it was where Lady died and when she felt really bad. Bolton told her to answer his wife’s letter, who apparently writes always the same. He was off to hunt wolves who’d been attacking, and there were direwolves apparently. It’s weird they are so far from north. Everytime I think it’s Nymeria.

8-She was cleaning Bolton’s chamber like he ordered her, and while doing so she thought if Winterfell was gone, would Harenhal be her house and she would be Nan from no won. Really sad, she’s just a girl and has to deal with so much shit.

9-She later practiced with her wooden sword, and said the names in her list. She was especially mad at Joffrey, she thought he attacked Winterfell. She said Valar morghulis to the tree, even though she doesn’t know what it means. When Bolton came back, he did with nine wolves, two of them pups. He meant to do a blanket and golves. This made me so mad! She asked Bolton if he would take her with him, but he said no, she would stay there with Vargo. The way he reacted to her question was really scary. I don’t like him at all.

10-Arya saw Elmar outside, who was sad because he won’t marry his princess. She told him about her brothers, and she didn’t care, what an asshole! She told him she hoped her princess diez, lol I would like to see his face.

11-She was praying, and remembered what her father said about how the lone wolf doesn’t survive, but the pack does. She thought there was no pack anymore, how sad! She heard the lonely howl of a wolf. The moments the howls could be heard were really interesting. She decided to break her wooden sword then, and be strong. Yes!

12-She thought the wolves were calling her, and she decided what to do. She woke up Gendry, and told him to get swords for them and Hot Pie, and to go wake him. It seems Hot Pie doesn’t talk to her that much now, she thinks he might be scared of her, or he hates her. I think he’s scared. She would get the horse. Arya told Gendry to convince him that Vargo would cut the left foot of everyone so they wouldn’t try to escape. Well, she made that up but I wouldn’t be surprised if he does it.

13-She took Bolton’s map and dagger. Arya asked the stable boy for three horses, saying Bolton wanted them. She wished they didn’t hurt him after, but they would do it probably. So, Gendry and Hot Pit arrived, and I forgot besides the swords Gendry had his hammer. She would howl when she gets rid of the guard, and I liked her decision.

14-I loved she felt Jaqen, Jon, Yoren and Syrio were walking with her. She walked openly to the guard, like she had nothing to hide, which was smart. She noted he was from the north, and probably knew Bolton. So, she said Bolton sent him a silver. Arya took Jaqen’s coin and dropped the coin, and stabbed the man in the neck. Really interesting she said Valar morghulis in that momento now that I know what it means! There was another howling, and she thought the rain would wash the blood of her hands. How awesome end for Arya’s chapter!

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Vicki Kalb | 310 comments Your point 7, you're right, it doesn't sound to me like it came from Robb either. I think this guy is getting haughty.

1. So I guess ravens are larger than crows, and crows would scatter when ravens come to eat at the heads on the walls. Lovely. It’s interesting how Arya wonders if the dead can speak to the ravens in some secret language the living can’t hear. Odd that she would ponder this.

2. So many people are killed for serving the Lannisters; that is cruel and sad. And for the girls who slept with the Lannister guards...locked in stockades, naked, free for anyone who wants them. Life certainly is brutal in this world.

3. As she’s getting a bucket of water for Roose Bolton, Goodwife Amabel tells Arya that Tywin Lannister rescued King’s Landing and when he comes back he’ll kill Bolton and lock her up in the stockades to be had for what she did with the soup. Why is this woman not dead like the others? Arya hits her with the bucket and tells her never to touch her again. She thinks to herself Lord Bolton would have Amabel killed if she told him what she said to her, but Arya doesn’t tell him. I wonder why. That woman has been cruel to her from the start.

4. Gendry is still angry with Arya for helping Roose Bolton win Harrenhal. He blames her for the deaths of Lucan the blacksmith and so many others, but Arya says that’s not her fault. Gendry says with Lord Bolton things have gotten worse. The Brave Companions are now on Bolton’s side and as horrible as ever. They even eat with Bolton.

5. Elmar Frey is Roose Bolton’s squire; he’s no older than she is. Wasn’t she supposed to marry him when they get older? Anyhow, he seems nice when he needs help with something, but isn’t so much when he remembers she’s just a serving girl. Psh, the irony. He boasts how he’s going to marry a princess one day. Haha, he’s afraid of leeches. She calls him stupid. Typical Arya.

6. Ew, she walks in on Bolton who is naked as he’s being leeched. This man is obsessed with leeches. There are multiple Freys on Lord Bolton’s council. They are concerned Tywin Lannister will starve them out of Harrenhal in order to get it back. Bolton doesn’t seem concerned. The Freys seem convinced Robb Stark will never beat the Lannisters, not with Highgarden on their side now.

7. Oh man, Arya just now finds out Robb lost Winterfell and her little brothers are dead, which we know they aren’t, but still. It takes everything in her to remain calm. Poor girl.

8. Bolton dismisses the Freys and has Arya remove the leeches off his body. What a job, man. Qyburn informs Bolton his wife sent another letter, of missing him and such. She is also a Frey. This man has submerged himself in Freys, lol. Qyburn wears maester robes but not a chain; it is rumored he was stripped of his chain for dabbling in necromancy. Hmm...

9. I forgot Ser Tallhart took over the castle the Darrys held. Bolton tells Qyburn to write Ser Tallhart telling him to kill everyone in the castle and burn it down, and then join forces with Robett Glover and strike east to Duskendale. They haven’t been touched by war yet and he wants them to have a taste. I think he just wants their crops. Arya wants the Darry’s castle burned too, because it was there the queen had Lady killed. From what I remember, the Darrys were good to Daenerys, so this sucks to be them.

10. Bolton wants to hunt wolves down; he can’t stand their howling in the night. :( Odd, since his king’s sigil is the direwolf. You’d think he’d otherwise treat the creatures as sacred, indicating he’s not entirely on the Stark’s side. He says it’s queer to see common wolves so bold south of the neck. I wonder how he’d know, being a lord of the north. I suppose it’s not technically illegal to kill wolves, but symbolically it just seems off.

11. I don’t understand why Arya burns Lady Walda’s letter. Does Roose Bolton not like to keep her letters? He does seem like a dick like that.

12. As Arya’s cleaning Bolton’s chambers she finds a map of the riverlands and looks for Riverrun. She’s happy to see it’s not so far from Harrenhal.

13. She gets done early so she heads to the godswood for some “needlework” and tells the heart tree “Valar morghulis.” :) She likes the way the words sound when she says them, even though she doesn’t know what it means yet. She really hopes her brothers aren’t actually dead.

14. The hunting party returns with nine dead wolves, two of which were only pups, awe. :( Bolton wants them skinned and made into a blanket. Damn. What an insult to the Starks.

15. Arya is summoned to the kitchens to get Lord Bolton’s dinner when she sees Hot Pie. He is sullen around her and she realizes he hates her too for what she did. Interesting she is more sad than angry by this. Her only two friends are not happy with her.

16. Something possesses Arya to ask Lord Bolton if he will take her with him when he leaves Harrenhal. He seems like he’s going to scold her but answers anyway, saying he’s giving Vargo Hoat Harrenhal when he leaves and she’s staying here. She starts to object but he tells her to go now and he’ll forget her insolence for speaking out when she wasn’t asked. That was brave! He could’ve had her tongue cut for that.

17. Arya is heading toward the godswood when she sees Elmar Frey sitting outside the Wailing Tower, crying. She asks what’s wrong and he says his family has been dishonored. They received a letter from the Twins, and we’ll eventually find out what happened, but not here apparently. He says now he’ll never marry that princess, lol, the irony. If only he knew she is his “princess” and if she knew she was supposed to marry him... Typical of a highborn to say something rude about a servant’s family like they have no feelings. In response, she says she hopes his princess dies. :( I hope that’s not a bad omen!

18. Now Arya prays to the old gods when she gets to the heart tree again. She wants them to tell her what to do. There is a faint howling sound and she hears her father’s words: “When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.” :) *SPOILER FOR A FEAST FOR CROWS* (view spoiler) She tells the voice there’s no pack anymore and she doesn’t know who she is. He reminds her she’s Arya of Winterfell, and she has the wolf blood in her. This boosts her spirits. :) *SPOILER FOR A DANCE WITH DRAGONS* (view spoiler)

19. That night Arya slips past the guards and into Gendry’s sleeping space to wake him. How awkward that he’s naked as she beckons him away from his sleeping companions to talk to him. She tells him she wants a sword. He balks but she tells him Lord Bolton is leaving Harrenhal and leaving the Mummers here alone. Gendry wouldn’t like that one bit. She begs him to run away with her, and tell Hot Pie to come too, with food. He’ll bring the swords and she’ll get the horses. They’ll meet up at the Tower of Ghosts. Haha, he begrudgingly agrees.

20. Arya quietly puts on a bunch of clothes and steals the map from Bolton’s solar. She gathers three horses and hurries to the Ghost Tower where she’ll meet up with Gendry and Hot Pie, hopefully. A storm is coming; that could be either good or bad for their escape. She waits and luckily they show up. Arya is going to get rid of the guard at the gate and I love how she tells Hot Pie she’s not an owl, she’s a wolf, and she’ll howl when she wants them to come. :)

21. I also love how Syrio, Yoren, Jaqen, and Jon Snow are with her when she strides to the gate. That little girl is so brave! The guard is a northman but not a Winterfell man. He belongs to Roose Bolton and it makes her nervous. In the end she tricks him into picking up the coin Jaqen H’ghar gave her off the floor when she drops it, and as he does so she stabs him clean and silently in the throat. Nice. She tells him “Valar morghulis” as he dies, drowning in his own blood. That girl is scary sometimes.

22. She opens the gate, howls, and lets Gendry and Hot Pie through. Hot Pie is so innocent, lol. He didn’t expect her to kill the guard. I am just so happy they’ve finally escaped Harrenhal!

Kristi (longshotshrink) | 6 comments Like Vicky said, it was Arya that howls in the end Clara, a long and loud howl.

Clara Kristi wrote: "Like Vicky said, it was Arya that howls in the end Clara, a long and loud howl."

Yes, I read it again and I wrote it wrong in my notes, thank you!

Clara I fount it odd too, in your point 10, when Bolton went to kill wolves. I could be symbolic though. And I imagine he is used to wolves, he lives in the north after all.

I can't remmeber is she was supposed to marry Elmar, I don't remember his name. But it would be so ironic if he was the boy, like you said. And how she said she hope his princess died. I hope it doesn't happen either!

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