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message 1: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Beduhn | 1 comments Book Review
The Glass Castle, an autobiography by Jeannette Walls, is an inspiring and emotional story of Jeannette’s rise from poverty. Jeannette and her family spend their time roaming the United States with little money and possessions. Jeanette faces many struggles besides poverty such as sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and hunger. The book is told from the point of view of Jeannette as child. This really helps readers understand how Jeannette responds to and views traumatic instances from the innocent mind of a child.

The Glass Castle is full of excitement and emotion. Living in abandoned houses, the Walls family travels to Arizona, California, Nevada, and West Virginia. Jeanette’s parents, Rex and Mary Rose, and their addiction to excitement are the reason why the Walls family never stays in one place. This distresses their children who yearn for a normal life. Even though Rex and Mary Rose are reckless and fun-loving, the Walls children’s behaviors contrast from their parent’s behaviors.

Jeannette is a remarkably smart, responsible, and intelligent individual. Her character in the book is well defined and likeable. Her siblings share many of the same characteristics. Because of the Walls children’s moral and responsible behavior, readers will find themselves rooting for Jennette and her siblings throughout their challenges in life. Unfortunately, one of the Walls children’s largest struggles is dealing with their negligent parents. Mary Rose’s parenting philosophy is that children should be free to do as they chose and not restrained by rules, therefore allowing the young children to get into mischief. Rex struggles with alcoholism and is never there to support his family.

Once Jeanette reaches her teenage years, she becomes sick of her parent’s irresponsible behavior and plans to save money to go to college. Her ability to get a job, create a budget, and stay level-headed after all that has happened to her will astound readers. Suspense builds as she attempts to escape to New York and start a new life for herself. The Glass Castle guides readers through the development, hardships, and experiences of Jeannette. Because of her likeable attributes, readers will become attached to Jeannette and hope for her success.

message 2: by Mrs. Raabe (new)

Mrs. Raabe (molly_raabe) | 12 comments I already feel an attachment to Jeannette and her siblings! Thank you for this detailed review. It seems like a difficult, heart-wrenching story but one that people should read. I have had this on my list of books I want to read. Your descriptions have motivated me to move it to the top of my list. Thank you!

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