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When Invisible Children Sing
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message 1: by Jenna (new)

Jenna | 2 comments In 1996, fourth year Harvard Medical student Chi Cheng Huang took a year off his schooling to help Bolivian street children. Today, Dr. Huang is the chairman of the deparment of hospital medicine at the Lahey Clinic Medical Center. He is also an assistant professor in internal medicine at the Tufts School of Medicine, as well as the assistant professor in pediatrics at Boston University School of Medicine.
In 1997, after spending a year among people of Bolivia, Dr. Huang sat down with a prostitute on a roadside in La Paz. Wondering if he had even made a difference in the lives of the hundreds of street children he had helped since his arrival in the country, Dr. Huang asked the young girl next to him, “What do you want from me?” Expecting a request for sex, money, or drugs, Chi Cheng was surprised when she simply asked him to be present in his life. She wanted him to build a home for the street children in Bolivia. Finally, she asked him to tell others about her life and the lives of other orphaned, homeless children she lived among. Ten years later, Dr. Chi Cheng Huang honors his promise to the young girl by writing his autobiographical novel.
When Invisible Children Sing portrays five street children Dr. Huang served while living in Bolivia. He writes in the introduction to his time in La Paz saying that, “Over the past decade, the street children and I have changed one another. In the end, I want this story to be about them and not about me. I have only lent you my glasses so you can see the children” (Huang xv).
When Invisible Children Sing is a heart-wrenching novel portraying the lives of of children on the streets of Bolivia. It opens the reader’s eyes to the horrific realities of what life is like for someone living outside the comfort of the United States. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to expand their knowledge of a life outside their own.

message 2: by Mrs. Raabe (new)

Mrs. Raabe (molly_raabe) | 12 comments Jenna,
You have written a very good review of When Invisible Children Sing. It is important to look beyond your life experiences and see the world through someone else's eyes. It seems to reflect our Marian core values and would be an important read for our seniors. Thank you.

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