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Jessie In the book Like No Other by Una LaMarche there are many examples of dialogue. To focus on dialogue you need to focus on what is being said and how it is beings said. One example of this is on page 7 the author writes; " Him? its a boy?' Jacob says with a wide grin, looking like the nineteen-year-old rabbinical student he is, and not the not the cranky old hell-bent on becoming." this means that they joy of having a baby is changing Jacobs perspective on life. He is usually grumpy and not in a good mood but once he finds out that his baby is being born a boy he becomes happy and excited. This is only one example of dialogue in this book.

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Isabelle Kellezi Dialogue in all books help the reader go into the charcaters story world and expierence things that the character is expierencing. For example "'Him? It's a boy?' Jacob breaks into a wide grin" (7). This piece of dialogue makes the reader hear the suprisement in his vioce. They can picture his tone being sarcastic and suprised at the same time trying not to laugh. All in all dialogue puts readers into a storyworld.

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