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Hermione's Dialogue

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Georgia Carrino Hello
I think Hermione says some very interesting things with an interesting tone.

Hermione obviously talks down to everyone she sees, but she also talks to Ron and Harry in a way that seems like she WANTS to be friends with them. She is always talling them about stuff she knows, AKA bragging about it, and she always follows them around and tells them everything wrong with what they're doing.

I think she is trying to be friends with them by doing this. What do you think?

Jenna Farris I agree. I think that she is trying to get their attention, in order for them to become friends with her.

Jenna Farris Also, her dialogue reveals a lot about her personality. For example, she is always talking about what she does best, which reveals that she is proud of herself. Also, it may mean that she is a little self-centered.

Georgia Carrino I agree! I think that she thought that they didn't hate her and that's why she was in the bathroom while the troll was loose.

Aaron Chu-Carroll I enjoy Hermione as a character. Her evolution in the books was great, especially with the troll, how she took the blame, and they immediately became friends. Her transformation from her know-it-all self in the Sorcerer's Stone, to when she finally started doing what's neccesary.

Georgia Carrino I think that the fact that her tone changes A LOT after the troll incident (taking the blame) just shows that she did want them to be her friends. I also think at that moment she realized that it was okay to lie to protect her FRIENDS which is MAJOR character development for her. And also, that she doesn't have to act the way she acted to make friends. What does anyone else (or someone who already commented) think about this?

Little Talks Ok she may be self-centered but aren't we all at age 11? She never stopped being a know-it-all but that is part of her character. During the troll incident she understood that Harry and Ron risked their lives for her so the least she could do was to take the blame. And she became so loyal friend to then because in my opinion is the first time anybody acted as her friend, (I don't think that muggles appriciate know-it-alls more than wizards...)

Chill I have a friend who was recently diagnosed with aspergers, though at the low end of the scale. Hermione (in the earlier books) reminds me of them.

Kristen I agree, she is trying to make friends, but I think her bragging on herself actually shows her insecurity. It's very important to Hermione to appear smart. Which makes sense since both of her parents are doctors. They probably encouraged her toward academics and intelligence. And she probably just has a natural disposition for perfection in that area.
But I don't ever see her being conceited. She doesn't realize she's talking down to people. She's trying to impress them, yes, but not in a way of 'I'm smarter than you'. For her it's just probably a fear of being seen as stupid or inferior if she doesn't make it known that she's not.
I think you see that alot when she first meets Harry. She doesn't make fun of his broken glasses, she does what she can to help him fix them.
I think there's a period of her learning what it means to be a friend, where she starts to really apply what she's learned after the troll incident.
But if you think about it, she was an only child and still pretty young. At first she probably didn't realize that friends don't necessarily care about how good you are at something or how good your grades are.

Nabiya It's just what I think is Hermione's of trying to make friends. Her attitude and personality does change quite a bit after the troll incident.

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