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Frank.Uli Conflict in Alex Rider: Scorpia Rising

When Alex finally gets away from M16 and isn't a spy anymore for them. The terrorist organization Scorpia creates a plan to get the Elgin Marbles back in their clutches. However the British Government has them locked up and the plan for Scorpia is to kill Alex Rider and blackmail the British to give back the marbles or they will release the news that 15 year old Alex Rider has died. This will create a lot of conflict and nobody will trade or communicate with Britain anymore.

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Frank.Uli Another conflict is that Jack's father is ill in the hospital and she feels that its right to go see him. In order to do that however she needs to leave Alex rider. If she does he will have nobody to take care of him, not even family.

Frank.Uli A third conflict is that Alex and Mr.Smithers are being targeted by Scorpia and almost got killed.

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