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Climax and Resolutions

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Aaron Becker Hi my name is Aaron Becker I am doing a school project and I'm doing this for my self too. I would like to ask what everybody thinks about the dialogue in this book I for one think that it is amazing, actually beyond amazing but I want to here what everyone has to say! so start posting the comments!

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Aaron Becker For one I love the dialogue and think its so interesting the dialogue. It really captures the mid evil feel to it which enhances the story.

Tristen Kozinski I, personally, didn't care for the dialogue all the much. It felt forced to me, like the writer was just throwing downs words to get the point across instead of letting the characters speak naturally. There was no real energy to their dialogue, it sounded like bad actors rehearsing their lines.
As to why it sound like this, I think its because, to an extent, all the characters talk the same, they use the same words, speak in the same rhythms and react in much the same way.
This is just my opinion, not trying to bash yours, and keep in mind that its been a couple months since I read this.
Secondly, if you looking for good dialogue try watching His Girl Friday. Its a comedy and has superb dialogue, in my opinion.

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Aaron Becker Thank you for your Opinion. Even though I have other thoughts I do sort of agree with you. It does sound more like a rehearsal for a play or act than a book I doesn't really capture the thought of talking it is more of like a robot reading lines not like a person. Thank you again for the comment

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Aaron Becker but I have to say the dialogue is pretty good

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Aaron Becker Hi I have a New school topic And this time it is the climax of the book and then the resolution so keep the comments coming!!!

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Aaron Becker I believe that the Climax is dragged on a little bit too much and needs to progress faster and although the book my be great in my opinion I think that this part attribute of the book needs attention.

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Aaron Becker Some things that is good about the climax is the suspense which makes the reader on the edge of his or her seat

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Aaron Becker The Amazing Suspense And the Dragged on climax makes an interesting combination

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Aaron Becker The Climax doesn't seem to be enough it is just a big drag on the book but it has lots of suspense

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Aaron Becker The conflict is very amazing and original

Taran Matharu Thank you Aaron!

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