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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments Alaska walked into the coffee shop and muttered, "Nice ambience, but too quiet." She didn't exactly enjoy quietness for company because she herself was one boisterous person and obviously these two things clash. However, she needed a cup of ice coffee to quench her thirst after walking around for so long and that coffee shop was the most convenient one. "One ice latte please," Alaska smiled at the barista and paid her the money, standing to a side to wait for her drink. She realised that there weren't many people there and one person somehow caught her attention. It was a boy wearing glasses, while reading and sipping his coffee. "Absolute nerd," she said, a little too loudly but it was on purpose.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments Alaska didn't look away when the boy made the comment and looked at her at the same time, rather, a smirk crept onto her face and she knew that the boy wasn't' how she thought he was. Alaska grabbed her drink and purposely sat at the table next to the boy, taking a large swig out of it and said, "Moron's too harsh a word, bookworm. You should something like, fantastic or... awesome. Yeah, that makes the cut." She knew it was pretty arrogant of her to say that but that was Alaska, she couldn't keep her thoughts inside her head and they just wanted to come out of her mouth.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments Alaska could literally tell by his body language that he wasn't reading, and it was confirmed when he closed the book with a snap that echoed in the quiet coffee shop. She turned and looked at him as he took off his glasses and realised that he actually looked pretty good without his glasses. Stupid brain, shut up. she chided herself. Then she cleared her throat and matched his glare with a normal nonchalant look, "Really? Prove it then."

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments Alaska considered herself a professional at driving people angry, but she did know when to stop and was seriously considering apologising until the boy said the few lines that made him seem nerdy. However, in the logical part of her brain, she knew that they were both children of Gods, hoping to earn their wings so naturally they had powers. She was afraid he might make her do something she don't want to do if she made the guy too made, plus, she didn't know his real personality yet. Hence, to make peace, Alaska smiled at him, "You're right. Let's start this over shall we? I'm Alaska, and you're not an absolute nerd."

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments Alaska laughed softly and took another sip of her ice latte, quenching her thirst, "I'm not lying, in all honesty. And well, I believe that clears the minor animosity between us right? Nice to meet you Asher." Then she gave him a proper once over and actually realised how good looking he was, not a nerd at all. She felt like a real moron for that matter, but she kept it to herself of course. "Anyways, whose your mom or dad? They come from the God side right?" Alaska asked, curiosity piqued.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments Alaska couldn't help but do a mini victory dance in her head as he returned her smile. Boy, it was dazzling and it made her heart melt but she masked it with another smile of her own. Alaska took another sip of her latte and placed it down on the table, turning her chair fully then to look at him. "My dad's Eros and my mum is human. I hope my dad doesn't shoot arrows at me for this, but I think its a God or Goddess thing that they don't visit their children often. It's not like I care to be honest, but I think they should at least make an effort to visit isn't it? Teach their child some basic demigod survival skills so they don't get skewered and such," Alaska started rambling. This was what happened when she warms up to someone and that was also why she could make new friends easily. She made every conversation less awkward and more friendly.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments Alaska nodded thoughtfully as a smile played on her lips and she ran a finger along the rim of her latte cup. "Well, I was not visited once by that father of mine, and only got here because I fought of a herd of monsters and a cupid decided to enroll me," she sighed, and tucked a piece of loose hair back behind her ear. "But yeah, you're right. We can't depend on them to interfere with our affairs much," Alaska raised the cup to her lips and took another sip. "Are you enjoying yourself here?" she asked, curious.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments Alaska saw Asher's muscle flex when he rolled up his sleeves and fought down a blush while she answered him with as even as a voice that she could muster, "It's fine, really. I just made them see how hideous they are and they ran away." Of course she was joking, they were more than that, but Alaska didn't want to say too much about the monsters. "That's good then, you enjoying academy and all. I enrolled not too long ago, but I'm loving the atmosphere and people. Most are really friendly and.... some are definitely not nerds," she winked at Asher before taking another swig of her cold drink. Water droplets were forming on the cup already and she hurridely asked for a coaster such that she won't wet the table too much.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments "Yeah, I agree," Alaska nodded with a smile as she put the coaster underneath her drink. "But yes, I have this crazy thing that I love to do! Parachuting! It gives me that sense of freedom ya know?" Alaska said, and her eyes lit up at the thought of flying through the sky like a bird, free from all her troubles. "I can't do things that enables me to sit still like study or read a book because I'm just too hyper active. How about you? What are your hobbies?" Alaska asked, a grin forming on her face as she asked Asher. She took another drink of her ice latte and realised that it was finishing soon, which left her a little disappointed but oh wells, all good things must come to an end.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments "Reading and soccer? Wow that's like a weird combination, but I like it! Not many people actually have both as hobbies because they just aren't cool like you," Alaska said, chuckling at the end. "But yeah, see, soccer and parachuting aren't so different. I do it in the air, you do it on the ground. However, both gives us the same amount of happiness and peace because we release our stress whenever we do either of them," Alaska said and finished her latte, returning the glass cup to the counter and the coaster as well. She smiled softly at Asher, thoroughly intrigued by him. She wondered what were his powers, but didn't ask as it was kind of rude to do so and she has already been rude once, she didn't want to do it again.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments "They're just different on the surface level, but the true enjoyment of doing it? That is pretty much what hobbies bring," Alaska replied as she got back and slid back into the seat. "I'm just smiling about how intriguing you are! Don't get me wrong, but I like how you are different from most guys or people that I meet. Well, admittedly, I am also thinking about what your powers are," Alaska answered him, not even attempting to hide the truth because it was nothing shameful by telling Asher what she was thinking. "Which, also, brings me to the whole idea of what would you like to do later? I'm done with my classes for today and I'm terribly bored," Alaska asked, a small smile on her lips.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments "Me? I'm just some girl who doesn't know how to make good first impressions in case you haven't notice," Alaska laughed and raked a hand through her long hair, smiling at him. Then she nodded thoughtfully after he replied. "I have a love perspective manipulation power, which isn't as lame as it sounds because I can make people view each other in different perspectives and all under my control. I obviously have match-making abilities, and let's just say I like playing pranks on people," Alaska told Asher, shrugging. "But yeah, where would you like to go? I'm bored," she admitted to the boy, looking at him and once again, appreciating his looks.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments Alaska fell in step with Asher and laughed as he made the remark of her being crappy at introducing herself. Then when he asked her where she wanted to go, she suddenly had a thought. The girl would not settle for anything less than fun, and studying was definitely not on her list of 'fun'. "Wanna go swimming? We can jump in like that, it'll be extremely fun. And there are games we can play in there," Alaska said, smirking at Asher, as if daring him to a challenge. If he denied, she would still bring him there, if he agreed; all the better, she can show him what being friends with her meant. Loads of adventure and fun-filled days, instead of boring old study dates.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments "Preferably not swim in your clothes, so basically you would swim on a percentage of like 25%! That's perfect, you can I don't know, take out your top or something; 'cause going back to dorm is wayyyy to slow," Alaska told him, smirking and knowing from his expression that he was actually anticipating that answer. She knew it was kind of forceful of her, but she liked adventures, and well, if you didn't swim in your non-swimming clothes at least once in your life time, life pretty much sucks. "But if you're super uncomfortable like you might get rashes or anything like that, please, do swing by your dorm. I don't want to be held responsible," Alaska added afterward, knowing when to be serious and when to be not.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments (( Yeah I will, just go there and the post will be there! ))

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